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Your Skin Specialist PowerPoint Presentation
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Your Skin Specialist

Your Skin Specialist

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Your Skin Specialist

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  1. Your Skin Specialist

  2. A B E S W R E T D A The Basic Concept

  3. The Basic Concept Why Waterbased ? • Smaller molecule for best penetration into skin layer and to provide moisture • It will not seal off skin pores and let the skin breath naturally to prevent ageing WHAT OUR SKIN NEEDS IS WATER….NOT OIL

  4. The Basic Concept The best and effective skincare raw materials are imported from Switzerland

  5. The Basic Concept Why Switzerland ? Switzerland is one of the most famous and experienced country in skincare Plant extracts from Switzerland are from the best source near the Alps, where the purest water is found

  6. The Basic Concept Why Switzerland ? They use the most modern methods and technology in research and production which is complied with ISO 9001 and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The most effective ingredient found with the best tested result

  7. 3 Proper BASIC & DAILY step: • Cleansing • Toning • Moisturizing There is no such a thing called ugly lady but there is such a thing called lazy lady or a lady who doesn’t take care of themselves

  8. Crystal Series Daily basic skincare series from Vie Nature, suitable for all skin types For optimum and effective treatment result, Crystal Series is highly recommended as your daily basic treatment before you start with Vie Nature advanced treatment.

  9. Facial Cleansing Foam, a mild Cleanser for your delicate skin even for sensitive skin.

  10. Toning Water, An alcohol-free toner formulated to soothe sensitive skin.

  11. Moisturizer, especially formulated to hydrates the skin by sealing in moisture and enriches it with absorbable antioxidant.

  12. This is our specialties series with an innovative treatment ingredients specifically designed for oily skin and it’s related problem such as acne. Jade Series

  13. Acne Cleansing Foam, • a purifying cleansing foam that contains the deep cleansing and mild anti-bacterial. 2. Acne Gel, an oil-free gel formulated for healing oily and acne-prone skin Jade Series

  14. 3. Anti Sebum, it helps to reduce sebum production and oily appearance of the skin. 4. Acne Cream, it promote lightening and exfoliation of damaged skin cells from the skin surface. Jade Series

  15. The perfect solution to diminish the appearance of multiple signs of aging

  16. Anti Ageing, it has incredible activity of reducing wrinkles that add years to your appearance. Enhanced Whitening, with a breakthrough formula for lightens uneven skin tone and maintains a clear complexion.

  17. Lifting, a light emulsion cream to improved skin elasticity and firmness instantly. Enhanced Pigmentation, an advanced water soluble formula that smooth away discoloration, dark spots and liver spots.

  18. Enhanced Gel Mask, A leave on mask, contains an advanced formula with tightening, regenerating and soothing effect. Natural Peeling Gel, A gentle and unique peeling gel where NO scrubbing needed. Encourages the development of newer skin by exfoliation of dead and damaged skin cells

  19. Diamond Series This is our Superior Series as a safe and efficient alternative to botox injection. With some powerful active ingredients found in the latest generation high-end anti-wrinkle products. Leaves your skin firm and supple for a younger and healthy glow complexion

  20. Marvel Essence The high quality and extraordinary benefit help to seemingly reduce the length and depth of lines and wrinkles also targets sagging contours. You won’t believe your eyes - younger look, exceptional radiance and wrinkle-free!


  22. Thank You By: Ms Lysa Skincare Product Supervisor TIENS Asia Pacific