developing multiple worksheet and workbook applications n.
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Developing Multiple Worksheet and Workbook Applications PowerPoint Presentation
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Developing Multiple Worksheet and Workbook Applications

Developing Multiple Worksheet and Workbook Applications

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Developing Multiple Worksheet and Workbook Applications

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  1. Developing Multiple Worksheet and Workbook Applications Chapter 8 - Review

  2. Review You can view multiple workbooks on screen by clicking Window and then clicking the _______ command. arrange Group contiguous worksheets together by clicking the first worksheet tab, pressing the ______ key, and clicking the last worksheet tab in the series of tabs. shift

  3. Review Enter the same value in grouped worksheets by typing the expression and pressing Enter. That is also known as _______ down drilling By default, a worksheet you add to a workbook appears where in the workbook? In front of the other worksheets, ontop and active

  4. link link external Review A reference to a cell in another workbook is called a _______, a dynamic ______, or a(n) _________ reference. The disk drive and folders that lead to a workbook are known as the ______. path In an external reference, the workbook name is always enclosed in ________, even if it does not contain spaces. brackets

  5. Review The path, workbook name, and worksheet name of an external reference in which the path or the worksheet name contains a blank must be enclosed in what? apostrophes summary A __________ worksheet is sometimes called a consolidation worksheet.

  6. Review One way to copy a worksheet from one workbook to another is to display the source and target workbooks, press and hold the ________ key, and drag the worksheet from the source workbook to the target workbook. control Add a blank worksheet to a workbook by clicking Insert on the menu bar and then clicking __________. worksheet

  7. name name Review When you press and hold the Ctrl key and then click two or more worksheet tabs in a workbook, you are ________ the worksheets. grouping In a workbook with many worksheets, you can speed up accessing worksheets by assigning a unique range _____ to cell A1 of each worksheet. Then, you can access the ______ Box left of the Formula bar to switch from one worksheet to another.

  8. Review Worksheets that contain cells referenced by expressions in another workbook are called ___________ worksheets. supporting Discuss the fastest way to enter the text Acme Consolidated in cell A12 of seven worksheets. By grouping worksheets and then entering information common to multiple sheets in one operation

  9. Review What is the advantage of a summary or consolidating worksheet? It summarizes data from multiple worksheets creating an outline of yourworkbook.

  10. Review Discuss what, if anything, is wrong with the following expression (assuming that the workbook exists and contains the referenced worksheet): =SUM(C:\My Worksheets for Beco\[Danielli.xls]Sales!B4:B12) Missing apostrophe around path name,since path contains embedded spaces

  11. Review What happens if you change the name of a supporting workbook when the dependent workbook is closed? Excel will not be able make the changes to the links in the closed, dependent workbook.