pain management services and opioid dependence n.
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Pain Management Services and Opioid Dependence PowerPoint Presentation
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Pain Management Services and Opioid Dependence

Pain Management Services and Opioid Dependence

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Pain Management Services and Opioid Dependence

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  1. Pain Management Services and Opioid Dependence Ph: 646-568-9102 E-Mail: Disclaimer: Information on this page is not a substitute for medical consultation or advice. Please contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss the best treatments for you.

  2. About Dr. Sady Ribeiro • Sady Ribeiro, M.D. is a former rheumatologist who specializes in interventional pain management and rehabilitation.

  3. Individualized Treatment Plan • Your pain management specialist develops an individualized treatment plan specifically for you. • Dr. Ribeiro and Dr. Martino are multidisciplinary pain management specialists from anaesthesiology, neurology, and psychology.

  4. What is an Opioid? • Opioids, also known as narcotics, are chemicals that work in the brain and are often prescribed as powerful pain relievers. • Opioids also affect emotions and can produce the feeling of euphoria or being “high.” • Some opioids such as heroin are illicit or illegal.

  5. What is an Opioid? • Prescription opioids are controlled substances, which means that the government regulates their use. • Doctors often prescribe opioids to treat pain from dental and surgical procedures, injuries or conditions such as cancer.

  6. Opioid Dependence • Opioid dependence is a chronic relapsing disorder that can develop as a result of legitimate use or misuse of opioids. • Frequent opioid use physically changes the brain, so the brain starts to think it needs opioids to function. • People with opioid dependence experience cravings and symptoms of withdrawal when the effects of opioids begin to wear off.

  7. Opioid Dependence • Anyone can be dependent on opioids. • Some people misuse opioids when a doctor prescribes them for pain following a procedure or accident. • Other people misuse opioids recreationally, which means they take them just because they like the way it feels.

  8. People At High Risk • Males • People who suffer from depression or anxiety • Those with a personal or family history of alcoholism or drug abuse • People under 30 years of age

  9. Opioid Dependence by the Numbers • 15 million people around the world have opioid dependence. • In the United States, about 5.1 million people misuse prescription opioids, leaving them at risk to become dependent on opioids. • Currently, about 2 million people in the United States have opioid dependence.

  10. Dr. Ribeiro can assist if you are addicted to pain medication and require an addiction specialist. For a long-term detoxification program, please speak with your primary care physician.

  11. Contact Us: Dr. Sady Ribeiro, M.D. Address: 38-04 31st Avenue Astoria, NY 11103 Ph. No.: (646)-568-9102 Fax: (718)-726-0020 E- Mail: