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Business and nature

Business and nature. Aurélie Leblanc-Florent. Introduction. What is a Business? What is Nature Separation of business and nature Companies that cares about the environment Profitable for companies . How to reconnect business and nature. Conclusion. Business.

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Business and nature

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  1. Business and nature Aurélie Leblanc-Florent

  2. Introduction • Whatis a Business? • Whatis Nature • Separation of business and nature • Companiesthat cares about the environment • Profitable for companies. • How to reconnect business and nature. • Conclusion

  3. Business • Social and economic forces • Rich and powerful • Have a lot of influence on people. • Theyshould lead by example. People willfollowthem. • Values not related to nature.

  4. Nature • Source of life on earth • Conditions we live in • Social and psychological impacts on people. • Taking care of the environmentis an everyday habit. • The society needs to make more effort to preserve a healthyplanet.

  5. Separation of business and nature. • Different values. • Somecompaniesonly care about money and power. • Growth of technology (more machineries, more vehicles, lessnaturalproducts…) • Not aware of the consequences.

  6. Companieswho cares. • There are companieswhoreally care about the environment and incorporateit in theirwork. • Theymake extra effort to saveenergy, recycle, preserve water and share the information. • Somemaysupriseyou!! • Cars companiessuch as Nissan, Honda, General motors, Fordand Toyota.

  7. Nissan • Theycreated a Green program to reduce CO2 emissions. • Staffs members are in charge of environmentalactivities. • Educate the public about recycling and how to wasteproperly. • Training for theiremployees. • Promoteecodriving habits.

  8. Honda • List of good environmental effort. • Recycle industrial water, create Green Factoryprojects, purchase guidelines. • Theirfacilitiesincludeelectricvehicles, solarcelltechnology and home energy stations. • Progress towards CO2 reduction. • Great projectssuch as Treeplanting programs in Canada.

  9. General Motors • Environmentalprogress • First major US automaker to manufatureelectricmotors. • Reducedoverall global energy and water usage. • 55 facilitiesaround the world thatcompletelylandfill-free (Recycle or reused to createenergy) • Take part in education programs. • Sponsor the EcoCARcompetition

  10. Ford • Greener Miles program • Great effort with water conservation • Wildlifeatwork program • Save the Mustangs program • Take part in a lot of environmental efforts

  11. Toyota • Createdtheirownspecialflowerspecies to reduce CO2 emissions. • Environmentalimprovement • Afforestation • Greenification • Floriculture • LivestockBiomass • Share information and give trainings on Eco driving

  12. Profitable for companies • Ecological, social and economicalcrisis or as muchcrisis of spirit thanlack of resources. • People need nature in theirlives. • Theyneed good and peaceful conditions to work. • People are trying to find solution all around the world. • Recycle isobligatory in companies. • Why not stop creating a separation for the well-being of our society?

  13. Conclusion • Reconnect Business and nature • Cars companies are stillreallyrich and powerful • Businesses and companies have to change theirmentality. • Share the information • They have to beaware of their influence and the importance of nature • Use their power in the right way • Environmental effort is good for theircompanies

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