nathan tomlins 10n vet project n.
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Nathan Tomlins 10N VET PROJECT PowerPoint Presentation
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Nathan Tomlins 10N VET PROJECT

Nathan Tomlins 10N VET PROJECT

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Nathan Tomlins 10N VET PROJECT

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  1. Nathan Tomlins 10N VET PROJECT

  2. RAP

  3. RAP FACTS Rap is explained to be poetry to the tone of groovy beats made by a bass or keyboard. Also known as “hip-hop”, rap music was first discovered/created in New York among the Black and Hispanic performers. The 1970’s was when rap was first played. There are all different kinds of rap and they have their own rules to each. For example; comedy rap is just mucking around making people laugh like digital underground, whereas Eminem does gangsta rap which is serious and expresses feelings a lot. The Humpty Dance by Digital Underground

  4. OTHER FACTS ABOUT RAP . Kanye West and Eminem are the only rappers to win 3 best rap album Grammys . Jay-Z is the richest rapper there ever has been. He has $600,000,000 . Rakim was the first rapper to sign a million dollar contract . Lots of people originally thought that rap was going to be a little phase in the music industry . Some people think that rap actually leads all the way back to Africa because Africans would chant in rhyme to the sound of drums. . The late 80’s to the early 90’s was referred to as ‘the dramatic transformation of rap’, or ‘the golden age of rap’


  6. DUB-STEP FACTS Dub-Step is electronic beats put into an on going sound to make cool sounds. It originated in South London, England in the late 1990’s. The main instruments of Dub-Step are drum machines, synthesiser, keyboard and a personal computer (PC). One of the most well known Dub-Step artist is Skrillex. He is that good at creating his music he gets paid 12,420,600 Australian dollars a year. Not bad for pushing buttons on a laptop. Big Fat by Tarantula Man

  7. OTHER FACTS ABOUT DUB-STEP . In dub-step there is approximately 130 beats per minute in a song . Dub-step is a influenced by certain reggae music . When dub-step first came out it was slow and simple but nowadays it’s mostly upbeat and fast . The BBC did a documentary for the first time in 2005 . In July 2011, the dub-step single “louder” by DJ Fresh was the first of all dub-step songs to get to number 1 on the UK charts . In dub-step, the reference “wub” is how the bass notes are. For example you can change the “wub” to make the bass notes louder and even different frequencies


  9. FACTS ABOUT CLASSIC ROCK Classic rock is one of the most famous and well-known genres of music ever. It home to some of the most famous bands in the world such as Van Halen, AC DC, The Beatles, Kiss, Led Zeppelin and many others. In the late 50’s, early 60’s, music was changed dramatically. One of the first classic rock bands was of course, the beatles. They were loved all over the world and classic rock spread quickly world-wide. Then came along all other bands like, wild cherry, van halen, steve wonder, pink floyd and so on. Classic rock features the instruments; electric/acoustic guitar, electric/acoustic bass, drums, vocals and sometimes keyboard. Play That Funky Music White Boy by Wild Cherry

  10. OTHER FACTS ABOUT CLASSIC ROCK . Rod Stewart holds the title of the largest crowd in classic rock history, 3,500,000 people in December 31st, 1994 . Freddie Mercury wrote the song “crazy little thing called love” in his bathtub . In 1977 a man named Roger Waters spat in a mans face at one of his performances . Brian May of Queen has a phD in astronomy . Bon Jovi’s song “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” was inspired by the beatles movie, A Hard Days Night . DefLeppard drummer Rick Allen lost his left arm in a corvette accident . Pink Floyd’s original bamd name was “Sigma 6”