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Edmond Masjedi

Edmond Masjedi is a lifelong businessman who has traveled all over the world. He believes in sharing his success with others and maintains strong ties in the community by working with various charitable organizations.

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Edmond Masjedi

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  1. Edmond E Masjedi Applies His Traveling Experiences to Business

  2. Edmond E Masjedi is an experienced businessman and an avid traveler. He has traveled to many countries all over the world and learned about their unique customs and cultures. His observant and curious nature allows him to recognize business potential in any situation and how he can utilize that situation to create new business opportunities.

  3. Edmond E. Masjedi believes that if we look at the activity of traveling, it is very much like doing new business. A person is essentially venturing into a new area where he is supposed to sustain himself and find new opportunities to progress. Similar to traveling, a person has to interact with new people all the time and face different situations for which he might or might not be prepared.

  4. With this kind of mindset, Edmond E. Masjedi believes that a person can find success in any kind of business. According to him, it’s all about making the right connections with the right people at the right time. With experience in the field, a person will get to know the right moments to take a business decision, when to move forward and when to step back.

  5. His experiences over the years while traveling all over the world have taught him to value the relationships that he builds with people. Whether in business or in traveling, he believes that people are of utmost importance. There will be times when situations might not be in your favor, but if you know the right people, you’ll be able to find your way out of difficult business situations, says Edmond E Masjedi.

  6. Edmond Masjedi is also fluent in many languages and he mentions that he learned most of these languages by talking to people while traveling. He says that most people like to travel in their cocoon of comfort, but he likes to venture out and meet new people and talk to them.

  7. He credits his success in the field of business to his curiosity and his desire to learn as much as possible from every situation. Edmond E Masjedi continues to travel to different parts of the world and explore new places.

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