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Software and System Engineering Integration Sponsor Overview

Software and System Engineering Integration Sponsor Overview. Kristen Baldwin Deputy Director, Software Engineering and System Assurance Office of the Under Secretary of Defense Acquisition, Technology and Logistics. ODUSD (A&T) Organization. USD, Acquisition Technology & Logistics.

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Software and System Engineering Integration Sponsor Overview

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  1. Software and System Engineering IntegrationSponsor Overview Kristen Baldwin Deputy Director, Software Engineering and System Assurance Office of the Under Secretary of Defense Acquisition, Technology and Logistics

  2. ODUSD (A&T) Organization USD, Acquisition Technology & Logistics DUSD, Acquisition & Technology Dir, Joint Advanced Concepts Dir, Systems and Software Engineering Dir, Portfolio Systems Acquisition Defense Acquisition University Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy Industrial Programs Small Business Programs Defense Contract Management Agency

  3. Systems and Software Engineering An Organizational Construct Director, Systems & Software Engineering Deputy Director Enterprise Development Deputy Director Developmental Test & Evaluation Deputy Director Software Engineering & System Assurance Deputy Director Assessments & Support New Focus on Software and Assurance Acquisition program excellence through sound systems and software engineering

  4. Establishing a DoD Engineering Center of Excellence Industry • OSD Software Engineering and System Assurance • Support Acquisition Success • Improve State-of-the-Practice of Engineering • Leadership, Outreach and Advocacy • Foster Resources to Meet DoD Needs DoD-Wide Partnerships National Partnerships DoD Center of Excellence International/Global Alliances University Consortia

  5. Recap of Activities • Documented software issues, needs • Software Industrial Base Study completed • NDIA Top Software Issues Workshop Report • Defense Software Strategy Summit Report • Created partnerships • Established network of DoD software POCs • Chartered the NDIA Software Committee and Expert Panel • Bi-weekly software collaboration exchanges with Government, Academia, and Industry • Restructured the US-UK-AUS Trilateral Working Group • Performed gap analysis • Identified ongoing software initiatives; mapped them to issue areas • Two outcomes: • Identified initiatives that deserve cross-DoD attention • Identified gaps where attention is needed Common Goal: Provide visibility to key initiatives; Focus attention on gaps

  6. Top Software Issues* • The impact of requirements upon software is not consistently quantified and managed in development or sustainment. • Fundamental system engineering decisions are made without full participation of software engineering. • Software life-cycle planning and management by acquirers and suppliers is ineffective. • The quantity and quality of software engineering expertise is insufficient to meet the demands of government and the defense industry. • Traditional software verification techniques are costly and ineffective for dealing with the scale and complexity of modern systems. • There is a failure to assure correct, predictable, safe, secure execution of complex software in distributed environments. • Inadequate attention is given to total lifecycle issues for COTS/NDI impacts on lifecycle cost and risk. *NDIA Top Software Issues Workshop August 2006

  7. DoD Software -- What We’re Seeing* • Software systemic issues are significant contributors to poor program execution • Software requirements not well defined, traceable, testable • Immature architectures, COTS integration, interoperability, obsolescence (electronics/hardware refresh) • Software development processes not institutionalized, planning documents missing or incomplete, reuse strategies inconsistent • Software test/evaluation lacking rigor and breadth • Schedule realism (compressed, overlapping) • Lessons learned not incorporated into successive builds • Software risks/metrics not well defined, managed *Based on ~65 program reviews to date

  8. DoD Software Challenges Challenges • System Complexity – DoD systems are software intensive, upwards of 90% of functionality controlled by software • Net-centric – DoD systems must interoperate in a net-centric environment • Changing operational threat – user need changes well inside of typical acquisition cycle times Software Role • Software is an enabler for systems to overcome the challenges -- cannot treat it as a standalone element of the system… • Yet, we find software continues to be separate from the systems engineering practices Solution • How do we encourage the behavior to overcome this issue? • Knowledge and awareness (ie. PM, milestone decision authority, chief SE) • Processes and tools (ie. Standards, development environments, SE technical practices)

  9. Project Summary: Integrating Systems and Software Engineering • Statement of Work • Evaluate current DoD SysE, SwE processes and standards • Identify deltas, issue areas, recommendations • Evaluate ICM for integration applicability • Evaluate relevant DoD guidance, education, and training • Provide recommendations based on evaluations • Key Milestones • October 19. Draft Results to Date briefing • October 29-30. USC Workshop • December 31. Final Report

  10. Overcoming the software challenges Can we answer questions: • How much programmatic risk are we taking on with respect to software? • How is our SE planning considering SW in schedule, technical reviews, etc? • How is our design making SW/HW trades? • Initial trades • Requirements changes over time Warnings for this Workshop… • Don’t solve the greater Congressional and DoD acquisition issues • Don’t get lost in SoS definitions and Governance issues Focus on • What the engineering community can do to keep our leadership informed of SW risk and opportunity • Making sure SE/SW is a cohesive approach throughout all technical and management practices

  11. IS&SE Workshop Objectives: Identify • Biggest issues and opportunities • In technology • In management • Inhibitors to progress and how to overcome them • What’s working • What could work? • What else is needed • Technology/management research • Education and training • Regulations, specifications and standards • Other? What is the right approach to better integration of SE and SW across the lifecycle?

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