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  2. Auditions • EVERY prospective choreographer auditions • Past choreographers are not automatically chosen • Choreographer surveys • Audition process: • Audition panel consists of President, Vice President, and our club Advisor • Show us 30 seconds of your choreography • Teach President 8 counts of your choreography • We try to choose dances that will create the most diverse show possible

  3. Choreography • Must be YOURS! • No tolerance for plagiarism • If we find out you took choreography from somewhere else, you will not be choreographing for the club ever again • Must be appropriate • Make sure it’s appropriate for the level you want your dance to be • You will have 8 weeks to teach and clean, so manage your time well • You should have formation changes

  4. Dancers • Minimum number: 24 • We need dances to fit all levels of dancers!!! • Yes, this means beginner dances • Please be open to taking more dancers! • YOU are the determining factor in their MCDE experience, so please respect all dancers and make your class enjoyable for them 

  5. Music • Music must be appropriate!! • 3 minutes max • Cannot use a song that has been used within the last 4 years (if a senior can remember it) • If you’re not sure if a song has been used in the past, get in touch with Sam Cillo • No more than 2 songs by the same artist • Song thread overwinter break • Just because you write that you want a song doesn’t mean it’s yours • If 2 people audition with the same song, we will choose one or ask you to change your song

  6. Costumes • Think creative, colorful • We always get a lot of black and a lot of t-shirts • Can ask for no more than $10 from dancers • Can use costumes in storage • Costumes must be appropriate • All costumes must be approved by Deanna Clark • Do not tell your dancers their costumes until they’re approved • Nothing is set until they are approved

  7. Practices • One scheduled class hour per week • Club rule: cannot miss more than 2 practices • Please enforce this! • Can hold extra help for dancers who want it, but it’s not mandatory • Speakers and folders are in the Aerobic Studio closet • Our speakers cannot be used for extra practices • New dance studio

  8. Speakers • Choreographers will be held responsible if speakers are found broken • Cannot use them for extra practices, only for your designated class • Please contact a board member IMMEDIATELY if a speaker is found broken • If you see someone using them who is not a choreographer, contact us as well

  9. Racqetball courts • Are not solely for our use • We have no control over who uses them and when • If you would like to use one for extra practice, call McCann and try to book one on your own

  10. Choreographer meeting • This meeting is MANDATORY • Costumes and music are due by this meeting • Will be sometime in March • Only mandatory meeting for choreographers

  11. Strike system • We ask you for a lot of different things over the semester • You need to hand all of these things in ON TIME, or you will receive a strike • 3 strikes and you will not be allowed to choreograph again the next semester • Notified of strikes via email from me

  12. Strikes • Failure to respond to all emails from dancers after sign-ups • Failure to send your roster to the club account • Failure to hand in music on time • Failure to hand in costume template on time • Not going to the choreographer meeting • Numerous complaints from your dancers • Not attending mandatory choreographer events

  13. Choreographer expectations • Relay information from e-board to general members • Treat dancers with respect, be prepared for classes • Represent the club in a positive light • Mandatory choreographer events • Your dance/class is a part of MCDE, check in with me if you’d like to do something outside of the club

  14. AUDITIONS • WILL BE OBNOXIOUSLY EARLY NEXT SEMESTER • MEETING MONDAY 1/20 • AUDITIONS TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY 1/21, 1/22 • Prepare yourselves over winter break!! • I will email you out interest sheets • Sign interest sheet with your email address • GOOD LUCK!