4 top ways to increase website traffic n.
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4 Top Ways to Increase Website Traffic PowerPoint Presentation
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4 Top Ways to Increase Website Traffic

4 Top Ways to Increase Website Traffic

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4 Top Ways to Increase Website Traffic

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  1. 4 Top Ways to Increase Website Traffic Google Analytics is available for free up to a certain level of web traffic. If the traffic grows, it may be needed to pay for it. There are no listed prices anywhere. Once you move to an AdWords account, you will have to start paying. There are many benefits of Google Analytics for small to medium sized businesses. It enables users to keep a track over the productivity of their social engagement. Social analytics is one of the latest features in this tool. Because of the growing importance of social media, social marketing has come to become an important part of internet marketing.

  2. Another benefit of Google Analytics is that it helps in measuring mobile browsing's impact on your site. With the sales of smart phones increasing, an increasing number of prospects and consumers browse websites on their cell phones. The growth rate is so high that analysts claim that mobile surfing could surpass desktop surfing by 2015. In such a scenario, it has become more important to get access to useful mobile browsing data for your site.

  3. The next benefit of using Google Analytics is that it enables users to determine conversion rate of their web store. If you are not tracking the Reddule conversion rate of your online business, you are doing a lot of damage to your business and website. In other terms, you should learn whether your online store is converting satisfactorily or not. The range of information that you must know about include the source of the traffic, the keywords used for each web page and the bounce rates.