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  1. ULTI Coin

  2. • I believe that most of you have played some video games. • Every game that you play has certain in-game values that help you beat the game. • You can use those values to buy different weapons, armors, flasks, ammunition and so on - depending from the game.

  3. x 100 24h 10 x 1.000 • Every game gives you those values on daily basis, • You can also buy them for real life money - if you want to progress your game faster.

  4. EXCHANGE x 1.000 10 • But what if you would like to sell those values for real money? • No game or platform allows you to do that.

  5. EXCHANGE x 1.000 • I hope that you now have a hint of what are we trying to do. • Introducing Ulti Coin - first blockchain platform that will allow you to exchange in game currency for cryptocurrency.

  6. BENEFITS • These days there are so many ICO projects with different utilities, but we can all see that many of them do the same thing with different presentation. • Our project is different and unique. • Our project gives benefit to gamers, traders, and companies alike. • Our product is our platform - and it can be used even by a 7 years old child. • All it has to do is to play the game it likes. GAMERS TRADERS COMPANIES

  7. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? • All big projects had one thing in common - everybody made profit using them. • Our platform is designed in the way so that everyone has benefit from it. Its made on Ethereum blockchain. • You may ask why?

  8. • Why Ethereum? • At this moment, safest and most used blockchain in the world. • The only platform that has regulations considering ICOs.

  9. Ethereum Request for Comment 20 ? ? ERC20 ? ? ? ? • While there are tons of ICOs today, not many of them are confident enough to make their projects using Ethereum request for comment, also known as ERC 20. We are. • What makes it different with ERC-20?

  10. ERC20 • SPEED • TRANSPARENCY • SAFETY • Difference is that not only you get Ethereum network speed and transparency of transactions, but also during creation of your coin you can choose option - in case that project fails – initial investment goes back to investors. • To put it simple - project goes the right way - you profit. Project goes the wrong way - you get your money back. • Unlike many, we chose that option.

  11. ULTI Coin • Looking on mining - we do not want people to use expensive hardware, and electricity, to earn our tokens. • Our miners are gamers - play your game - earn your profit.

  12. 2017. $ • In gaming industry, this project was not possible few years ago - implementation of blockchain made it possible today. • Gaming industry has huuuge potential. •In 2017 gamers spent more than one hundred billion dollars $

  13. > 2x • Gaming industry currently makes more than double profit compared to movie and music industry in a year.

  14. 1995. 2018. 100.000.000 2.600.000.000 • In 1995 there was one hundred million (100 000 000) gamers worldwide - compared to today, when there is two point six billion (2 600 000 000) people playing.

  15. > • More people watch Gaming video content than HBO, Netflix, ESPN and Hulu together... combined.

  16. 2017 – 2018 INCREASE FOR 20% • Estimate growth is one hundred and twenty eight biliondolars ( in game revenues - compared to last year that is 20 percent more.

  17. PLATFORMS Console Mobile PC • Considering these numbers you can see how big potential is. • All of this numbers are related to all gaming platforms Console, mobile and PC. • Best thing about Ulti coin - it can work on any of them.

  18. • Ulti coin is made to be compatible with any game, no matter the platform. • It can be implemented fast, and what is more important to all of us - safe. • Our platform is governed by Ethereum, even if someone hacks the game that you are playing, your coins from that game are safe.

  19. SAFE 2FA • Ulti coin is platform on its own - connected to game, but with extra safety on its own. • Ulti coin already gives you secure wallet where you hold your tokens, yet after we finish ICO, every user will get 2FA authenticator to further protect their tokens.

  20. • People who play games are very strict about visuals in their games.

  21. • Since every game already has its own unique design, our team made special GUI (Graphic User Interface) for each of them. • What does it actually means?

  22. • We don’t want to change the way a game looks, but we want people who play, to see something familiar.

  23. • Visuals are very important, especially to younger gaming generations - that is why we made our website user friendly, especially for them.

  24. • Easy to use, so that even children can claim their earned tokens.

  25. • In just few steps anyone can buy or sell our coin, and since lot of people like to hoard their crypto, we made an option for you to buy ULTI Coin with credit card.

  26. • I am sure that all of you heard about game called Counter Strike.

  27. ULTI Coin TEAM • To get closer to gaming community, we made our own Counter strike gaming team. • They won Balkan championship and they represented our country in Counter Strike GO world tournament in Taiwan.

  28. Responses from gaming community • Responses that we got from gaming community is incredible, but this coin, as we allready said, benefits everyone.

  29. 50% OFF 1x ULTICoin =$0.12 • Gaming companies that adopt our coin will have more players in each of their games, because this is first time in history where people will be able to play game and earn real money. • We already have negotiations with Nordeus, OutFit7, Esoteric forge, and Ubisoft. • And finally for investors and traders, we have something special. Our pre sale starts today. And you can buy Ulti coin for $0.12 - which is 50% off.

  30. ULTICoin Companies that we strive for • Why 50 percent off? We want to finish our pre sale as soon as possible, so we can implement our platform with as many games as possible.

  31. ULTICoin Thank you for your time.