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Jack Mortellaro - Construction Company Owner PowerPoint Presentation
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Jack Mortellaro - Construction Company Owner

Jack Mortellaro - Construction Company Owner

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Jack Mortellaro - Construction Company Owner

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  1. Jack Mortellaro Construction Company Owner Jack Mortellaro has been working as a professional in the construction industry for nearly twenty years. When he was just twenty-years-old, he started his own construction company. Diamond Condition Properties is a company specializing in flipping houses and home renovation. Over the years, Mortellaro has helped flip hundreds of houses. He also works as a studio mechanic and lead man in the film and TV industry.

  2. Jack Mortellaro Education Jack Mortellaro graduated from high school in 1996. He spent the next year attending classes at Nassau Community College in New York. He then went on to graduate from Dean College in Franklin, Massachusetts. He has continued his education, becoming a certified personal trainer and a certified Reiki Master. He has a passion for learning and is constantly attending educational seminars and following tutorials online to increase his knowledge base

  3. Jack Mortellaro Real Estate Investor Jack Mortellaro is a successful construction professional and real estate investor. He started his own construction company when he was just twenty-years-old and has completed hundreds of home renovation projects during his career. He is also a successful real estate investor who owns an apartment in Queens, New York as well as the home he grew up in.He has gained valuable experience flipping and renovating houses and has had a successful career as a studio mechanic and lead man. He has worked on such projects as Project Runway, Louie, and The Big Sick.

  4. Jack Mortellaro Reiki Master After watching his father lose his battle with cancer, Jack Mortellaro began looking into the benefits of healing the body through natural means. This lead him to the Japanese discipline for stress reduction and relaxation, the art of Reiki. After completing the necessary training courses, he became a certified Reiki Master allowing him to teach Reiki to others.

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