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Section and Branch Best Practices Webinar PowerPoint Presentation
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Section and Branch Best Practices Webinar

Section and Branch Best Practices Webinar

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Section and Branch Best Practices Webinar

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  1. Section and Branch Best Practices Webinar Brad Holzwart Oct. 14, 2009

  2. Overview Champions Finding New Members Engaging All Members Retaining All Members Converting Students Keeping Younger Members Involving Government Engineers Resources

  3. Current Membership More than 144,000 members More than 25,000 students 20,000 life members 10% of membership is international

  4. Why Do People Join Professional Societies It’s a career investment and a personal mission They expect something of value in return Value, to a professional, is something that helps them: Advance their careers Experience leadership Gain peer/professional recognition Gain access to lifelong learning

  5. ASCE Membership Champions Champions are the personal “face” of ASCE Increase the visibility of ASCE in local organizations on a grassroots level Encourage members to get more involved (retention) Promote ASCE membership to non-ASCE Members Work with the local membership committee to develop and carry out the membership plan With local Board approval/support

  6. How Does ASCE Support its Membership Champions Brochures Applications Posters Pizza Party Membership Benefits PowerPoint Mailing Assistance Champion Liaison

  7. Finding New Members Member Prospect Ideas Assigned Members – available on FTP server Former/Dropped members Active non-members who may attend meetings or classes State licensing and registration boards Competing association members/attendees College and university alumni Public and private sector organizations Students and graduating students

  8. Finding New Members Work with ASCE HQ on joint development mailings Pizza Parties – on us • Success Snapshot: • The Northern Colorado Branch has a plan to visit ALL of the local engineering firms in their area to give a 1-hour talk about ASCE member benefits. • The Wichita Branch diversifies its board with members from local engineering firms and they spread the word throughout their companies.

  9. Engaging All Members Welcome new members using our FTP site New Member Welcome Kit Send a special letter, e-mail or postcard welcoming new members Personally invite them to events Establish welcome committee Volunteer Opportunities Follow-up with first-time attendees

  10. Engaging All Members Involvement – Committed members renew at a higher rate Outline clear expectations Acknowledge accomplishments Partner new members with current volunteers • Success Snapshot – Nine-month Courtship Plan • Work to eliminate the “new kid in school” feeling • Engage slowly at first

  11. Engaging All MembersIncrease Involvement of Members with Sample Nine-month Courtship Plan

  12. Engaging All Members Contact at-risk members 1st, 2nd, 3rd year members Recently graduated students and students in their last semester Members who have not renewed by February All at-risk members are available on the FTP site

  13. Retaining All Members Professional recognition Obtainment of Fellow or Distinguished Member distinction Honors and Awards Life Membership Hold a special recognition program for presentation Membership Advancement & credentialing For Example: Blaine Leonard, P.E., D.GE, F.ASCE

  14. Converting Students Reaching out to student members: Invite a Younger Member to a meeting (preferably an alumnus) Join Younger Member Group activities, including K-12 outreach opportunities Find an active Practitioner Advisor, like recently graduated alumni Hold a joint Chapter-Section/Branch meeting Hold your Section and Branch meeting on campus

  15. Converting Students Only 27% of students know about the graduated dues scale, including 64% of officers – plus Students upgrade FREE for the first year First year after $50 Second year after $80 Third year after $115 Fourth year after $155 Fifth year after $205

  16. Converting Students ASCE Institutes propel the knowledge and practice of specific civil engineering specialties by focusing on the technical, educational and professional issues within your area. Stay on the cutting edge of your technical discipline by joining one of our eight Specialty Institutes for FREE!

  17. Keeping Younger Members ASCE Sections and Branches are a safe environment for developing and refining: Leadership styles Communication skills An appreciation for skills in business development Expanding their circle of influence Mentoring Networking opportunities

  18. Keeping Younger Members Transferable Leadership Skills ASCE Experience Work Experience team building staff management consensus building decision making negotiating negotiating presentation skills public speaking issues management setting priorities fiscal responsibility financial management fundraising/membership sales/marketing

  19. Keeping Younger Members Mentoring and eMentoring Members will benefit from personalized professional guidance and seasoned experts eMentoring connects proteges and mentors regardless of their location across the country and world

  20. Keeping Younger Members eLearning Workshops FREE member-only access to live, monthly Web learning programs Each a $249 value Hone critical career skills in areas such as: Effective communications Leadership Team-building and management Improving people skills

  21. Involving Government Engineers Involving government engineers: Invite as speakers Invite as guests Conduct a meeting at either facility

  22. ASCE Resources

  23. ASCE Resources Best practices submitted from Sections & Branches Online Advertising Library Sample letters and scripts Survey Template Membership PowerPoint (two versions) Career Stages Brochure FTP tip in the Section Informant For other tips throughout the year, download the Section/Branch calendar

  24. ASCE Resources Promotional merchandise and materials ASCE Gift Store

  25. ASCE Resources Request membership brochures and applications by: e-mailing calling (800) 548-ASCE (2723) downloading PDF applications, value ads or a PowerPoint presentation at

  26. Thank You Brad Holzwart Manager, Membership Marketing (800) 548-ASCE (2723) Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. ET

  27. Questions and Answers