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  1. Halloween

  2. Table of Contents • The origin of Halloween……..P. 1 - P. 2 • Halloween’s customs………..P. 3 • Preparations for Halloween…P. 4 - P. 10 • Activities………………………..P. 11 • Halloween Words……………..P. 12 • Members & Feelings………….P. 13 - P. 20

  3. The origin of Halloween The origin of Halloween goes back as far as 800BC. The Irish Celts celebrated Samhain at the end of October a. to celebrate the end of the summer season, b. to give thanks for the season of harvest and c. to honor the dead.  1

  4. The origin of Halloween Halloweenis not a Christian festival but one of the biggest festival of the Celtic. The Celts believed that the souls of the dead could return to roam freely among the living in search of a living body to possess, usually a black cat. 2

  5. Halloween customs "Trick or treat" To comfort the lost souls, parcels of food and gifts were placed on the doorstep. They will find the treat, eat it and leave in peace. "Jack O Lanterns" People used to put a candle in an hollowed-out vegetable (e.g. a turnip) to ward off evil when they were out walking at night. The Irish started to use pumpkins after they came to America. 3

  6. Preparations for Halloween 1. Costumes 3. Make up 5.Props/Décor 2. Masks 4.Accessories 6. Candies 4

  7. Dracula gloves suit cape 1.Costumes Witch hat velvet (panne) dress gloves stockings 5

  8. 2.Masks Pirate Half Mask Black Magic Feather Mask Orleans Feather Mask 6

  9. Contact Lenses Blood Hairspray Teeth 3.Make up 7

  10. Devil Set Sequin Cleopatra Headpiece Wand - Star 4.Accessories 8

  11. 5.Props/Decor Ghosts Candle Holder Ankle Bone-Left Hanging Witch 9

  12. 6.Candies 10

  13. Activities(Outdoor) Children like to dress up as monsters,ugly witches and so on Halloween night. They go from house to house and say 'trick or treat'. People in the house usually give them some sweets or nuts. If they get nothing,they play a trick on them. 11

  14. Halloween Words pumpkin Haunted house witch spider werewolf jack-o’-lantern broomstick vampire ghost bat black cat candy Origins: http://www.hkedcity.net/article/halloween2002/halloween/ 12

  15. Members & Feelings

  16. Members Jennifer Alice Christine Maggie Iris ( 4 ) F.3E ( 7 ) ( 8 ) ( 10 ) 13 ( 23 )

  17. Feelings Jennifer: I feel very happy to do this Halloween project . I like Halloween very much . I like to hand out sweets and say trick-or-treat, dress up in scary costumes , go to costume parties and walk around hoping to frighten other people away. It's definitely the best holiday of the year! Every year round Halloween , my family ,friends and I will go to Stanley to celebrate Halloween . First , we will go to RepulseBay to have a barbecue in the afternoon . In the evening , we will go around Stanley bar to frighten other people awayand takesome candies . Everyone is happy and excited. At drawn ,Aunt and I will go to costume parties until the next day . 14

  18. In doing this project , I learn how to celebrate Halloween and make up as a witch .Certainly , I still learn the history about Halloween . Halloween is not a Christian festival but one of the biggest festival of the Celtic. Many people do not like to celebrate in Halloween because they think Halloween is the festival for the Dead, and the most important Sabbath of the year. After I know that , I am very frightened . But when I ask mum , she said “Don’t be afraid of that . If you dress up in scary costumes , they will walk away . Then you can enjoy your Halloween .”So , each year I will dress up in scary costumes . Hope you enjoy Halloween , too . 15

  19. Alice: Halloween is a very popular festival back in the world. Many people love that festival including me.In Hong Kong, children like to dress up as monsters, witches in their school on Halloween evening, but they wouldn’t celebrate at night. Some of the people would go to Lan Kwan Fong Street to celebrate this festival . How about me? This year I celebrated it at school. The teachers held a Halloween party during lunch times. Some students wore monster mask to trick people, they were very ugly and terrible. My classmates and I went from classroom to classroom and said ‘trick or treat’. They were in the classroom and gave us sweets. I enjoyed that party very much, because I got a lot of sweets. 16

  20. After finishing this project, I learned to understand the origin of Halloween and the custom of the Halloween in the different places , some Halloween' s words, such as the vampire, mummy, science eccentric ,etc.And our members of the teamwork is very good! I am very happy to do this project, our leader has the leadership and the ability, and she helps us to complete the project as soon as possible. Besides, members also give the ground to complete themselves in hand last of work, the work efficiency of everyone is very high, developing own elders in the work.In this project, I feel very pleased, besides learning about Halloween’s things, and I have learnt about the ways to get along with others. 17

  21. Christine: Before doing this project ,I hate Halloween very much. It is because I feel scared when the people dressed up and look like ghosts or bitchs. But when I finished this project. I know many things about Halloween. And I think Halloween is a really good festival besides asking for the candies.(I like eating candies very much),we can dressed up like a ghost or a bitch.This festival is not so scary at all. Every country or area celebrates Halloween differently .I think Halloween only brushes-up ghost ,witch and play trick or treat, takes some sweets. Now I realize that Halloween is a funny festival.This project can improve my English standard and enhance the friendship with my team members. 18

  22. Maggie: Before doing this report , I like Halloween very much !!Because I like eating sweets !!! In addition , my friend and I will go to Ocean Park in every year during Halloween . There are many games about Halloween . But the most exciting one is the haunted house because staff members of Ocean Park will perform as spirits. Though we are amazed, all of us think that Ocean Park Halloween activities are very good . In this report , I have learnt more history about Halloween , such as the origin of Halloween , Owen is a abbreviation of All Hallows Eve and why we say 'trick or treat' in Halloween,etc. Besides learning these relevant Halloween history ,I also learn how to cooperate with the group members and distribute the work among each other. The team leader is utterly loyal to the post and has ability to lead . So she makes us finish the whole project very diligently and quickly. 19

  23. Iris: In this project , I understand many things about Halloween . I am very happy because in doing this project , my friends and I have paid a lot of effort .I know about Halloween’s origins and the history , such as where was trick-or-treat came from , why would people like to put on Halloween clothes to make them as ghosts , what people would do that at Halloween . This project makes me know more about my friends’ personality. Finally , I am happy that I can do this project with my friends . When the project was finished , I think I like Halloween very much and the Halloween is my favorite festival now and forever. 20

  24. TheEnd Origins: http://www.hkedcity.net/article/halloween2002/halloween/