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Romans in Britain

Romans in Britain By the children in 4J When the Romans lived in Britain, they made lots of changes and brought materials and resources that were new to the British people.

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Romans in Britain

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  1. Romans in Britain By the children in 4J

  2. When the Romans lived in Britain, they made lots of changes and brought materials and resources that were new to the British people.

  3. Click on a subject to find out more information about what Roman Britain was like.JobsFood and drinkClothes and fashionBuying and sellingChildren and family lifeVillasEntertainmentTowns

  4. Roman Britain Jobs By Kye, Daniel, Harrison and Matthew

  5. jobs • When the Romans invaded Britain there were many new jobs such as: • Farming - Governors - Tile making • Mining

  6. Women jobs Women spent most of their time at home looking after their children, and occasionally go into the bathhouse. Contents page

  7. Food and drink BY: Lewis, Ben and Jonathon

  8. Food • Honey bread grapes • They got food from different countries. and they gave us different food. Main dinner was about 4 o’clock in the afternoon called Cena.

  9. Herbs • Thyme ,sage ,garlic and parsley were herbs that the Romans brought to Britain. They liked their food strong tasting! Contents page

  10. Clothes and fashion By Leah, Natalie, Kirsty and Taylor

  11. Clothes were made from light loose materials . Romans clothing was quite comfortable. This is a traders gown. This is a old roman sandal. Clothes and fashion

  12. HAIR STYLES. People dyed there hair and curled it or had it put in a bun.

  13. jewellery • Rich and poor wore lucky animal charms earrings' beads and rings.

  14. Make up • Red wine and powdered chalk were used for facial beauty. • They also had a variety of eye shadows, Perfumes, nail polishes and hair dyes.

  15. Contents page Roman foot wear.

  16. Roman buying and selling And other interesting facts. By Harry, James, Connor P, Elliott and Charlie

  17. The cheaper coins were bronze and copper. Coins were also made out of gold and silver. Most of the goods were shipped over by boats. Nearly all ships were docked in London. Roman coins

  18. Here are some Roman coins.

  19. Roman tricks • Romans sometimes buried pots with their money in so people don’t steal it because they didn’t have house alarms or banks like us. Contents page

  20. Children & family life By Thomas, Connor, Louie and Christopher

  21. Marriage • Girls could get married at the age of 12. • Boys could get married at the age of 14. • The girls family had to pay the grooms family a dowry.

  22. School • Only boys usually went to school. • Poor people could not go to school. • They wrote on pieces of wax Contents page

  23. VILLAS BY Kelsie ,Eloise ,Niamh and Eve

  24. Villas • Britain lived in round homes before the Romans came. • Rich Romans lived in homes like ours, called villas. • People who owned villas were probably chiefs, rich people and the army.

  25. Villas . There were Mosaics on the floors in dining rooms, like this: They had hot and cold pools.

  26. Roman ruins • These are the remains of Roman villas in Britain. Contents page

  27. Towns By Sheri and Karli

  28. British towns were copies of towns in Italy. • They had a square called a forum. • The British followed rules of the roman empire and gods.

  29. Roman building designs had tall columns. • British people had only been used to small settlements with wooden huts before this. Contents page

  30. EntertainmentBy Emily, Reece, Lucy and Millie

  31. Entertainment at theatre • Gladiators was a part of entertainment. Girls and boys could take part in this activity. The boys were called gladiators. • If a gladiator won 5 fights in a row they would the be freed from slavery.

  32. More information • Entertainment was a new word for Celts. • Most of the towns now had a huge oval stadium called an amphitheatre. Two gladiators would fight until one of them was defeated.

  33. Fact page • Did you know that the masks and costumes helped to tell different kinds of stories? Did you know that serious plays were called tragedies?

  34. Games and toys • Romans introduced clay dolls, instruments, dice, hoola hoops, spinning tops and board games and balls.

  35. Roman instruments • There were some different names for different instruments and we will tell you a couple of them. These are wind instruments: Curnow & Aulis. These are stringed instruments: lyre & kithara. Contents page

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