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Our New President

Our New President

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Our New President

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  1. Our New President Barack Obama, America’s 44th President

  2. Our New President • We all live in the United States. There are 50 states in America. Can you name your state?

  3. Our New President • Every four years in the United States, the citizens vote for a new leader. The leader in America is called the President.

  4. Our New President • The President works in Washington D.C. at the U. S. Capitol. He lives in the White House with his family.

  5. Our New President • Since 1789. Americans have had 43 different men who have served as President. Many have been great leaders.

  6. Our New President • The very first President of the United States was George Washington. He was the only President who has not lived in the White House. Do you know why? 1st President George Washington

  7. Our New President • George Washington didn’t live in the White House, because it was not built when he was President. Every other President has lived there since. The 2nd US President John Adams became the first president to live in the White House. He moved in on November 1, 1800.

  8. Our New President • Another great President was Abraham Lincoln. Abe was America’s 16th President. He was a great man who brought changes to the United States. The people in the United States have had many great Presidents lead the country. 16th President Abraham Lincoln

  9. Our New President • Our 43rd President was George W. Bush. His dad, George H. Bush was also President. He was the 41st President. 43rd President George W. Bush 41st President George H. W. Bush

  10. Our New President • However, this isn’t the 1st time a father and son have held the presidency. A long time ago, our 2nd President was John Adams. He had a son who was also President. His son, John Quincy Adams was the 6th President. 2nd President John Adams 6th President John Quincy Adams

  11. Our New President • On November 4, 2008, a Presidential Election was held in the United States. The people gathered at voting booths to vote for their next President.

  12. Our New President • After the election, the winner was named. The winner was Barack Obama.

  13. Our New President • President Obama is the first African American ever elected to be President in America. He says he wants to bring good changes to the United States.

  14. Our New President • The new President and Vice President will take an oath at the inauguration today, January 20, 2009. At the inauguration, both leaders promise to be a good President and Vice President for the United States.

  15. Our New President • The inauguration is a special event for the new President and Vice President. This day is filled with many special programs, parades and balls.

  16. Our New President • After the inauguration, the 43rd President, George W. Bush will leave the White House just as the past presidents have done. 43rd President George W. Bush and President Elect Barack Obama meet.

  17. Our New President • Today at the inauguration, Barack Obama will become the 44th President of the United States.

  18. Our New President • Then President Obama and his family will move into the White House. His wife’s name is Michelle. He has two daughters named Sasha and Malia.

  19. Our New President • The United States will also get a new Vice President on today. Joe Biden will be the Vice President for Barack Obama. He will help him serve the United States.

  20. Our New President • On January 7, 2009, history was made as President-elect Obama met with the 43rd President George W. Bush and three other living Presidents in the Oval Office. Pictured are President George H. W. Bush (41st President), President Elect Barack Obama (44th President). Former President George W. Bush (43rd President), Former President Bill Clinton 42nd President), and Former President Jimmy Carter (39th President).

  21. Meet America’s 44th President of the United States Obama Barack

  22. Who Will Be Our President in the Future? Maybe it will be you? Be The Best That You Can Be and Anything is Possible!

  23. The End Photos from WikipediaClipart from Hub Pages/Inauguration.com