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Academic Vocabulary

Academic Vocabulary. Words are powerful! Build your vocabulary! Vocabulary reflects thinking! Impress , don’t depress! The “real world” will judge you by how you speak and write!. Important Info….

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Academic Vocabulary

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  1. Academic Vocabulary Words are powerful! Build your vocabulary! Vocabulary reflects thinking! Impress, don’t depress! The “real world” will judge you by how you speak and write!

  2. Important Info… • This will be an ongoing list kept in the Vocabulary Section of your English folder or binder • This list is SEPARATE from your literary terms list • You will NOT have quizzes over these words . • We WILL use them in class activities and writings to BUILD YOUR VOCABULARY!

  3. For each given word, write down the following: • Word • Part of Speech • Definition • Example sentence given

  4. Recede: verb Move into the distance Rainsford decided to swim to the island after he watched the yacht recede into the night.

  5. Disarming: adjective Removing suspicion or fear; Charming The teacher’s disarming smile made the students feel at ease on the first day of school.

  6. Amenities: noun Comforts and conveniences The hotel offered many amenities such as free wi-fi and a complimentary breakfast.

  7. Imprudent: adjective Unwise; foolish Not studying for the test was an imprudent decision, and the student received a poor grade as a result.

  8. Surmount: verb To overcome Wanting to surmount her fear of heights, the girl agreed to go on the ferris wheel for the first time ever.

  9. Invariably: adverb Without exception Invariably when I forget my umbrella, it rains.

  10. In order to make it to the playoffs, the team had to ___________ their biggest rival. Mrs. Baker doesn’t enjoy camping because there are not many __________. She’d rather stay in a nice hotel . It was ___________ for Tony to check his phone in class; the teacher confiscated it.

  11. The Detroit Lions ____________ disappoint Mrs. Baker with their performance each season. The supervisor greeted her new employees with a ___________ smile and handshake on the first day of training. From the windows of the terminal, Janae watched her grandparents plane _________ into the clouds.

  12. Academic Vocabulary Practice In your seating groups, write one detailed sentence for each of the academic vocabulary words (6 total) • The sentences should be about TMDG • Each person should share in the writing of and creation of the sentences (Work together! Don’t just divide them up and then do individually!) • Underline the vocab word in each sentence

  13. Impunity: noun • Freedom from punishment or harm • Example: Rainsford did not want General Zaroff to continue hunting humans with impunity.

  14. Retribution: noun • Punishment for a wrong; justice; revenge • Example: Rainsford returned to Zaroff’s chateau to seek retribution for hunting him in Zaroff’s sick “game.”

  15. Impose: verb (used with “upon”) • Take advantage of • Example: General Zaroff doesn’t believe that he imposes upon sailors who are misled to his island.

  16. Implore: verb • To beg • Example: The students implored the teacher to move the test to Monday instead of having it on Friday.

  17. Obstinate: adjective • Stubborn • Example: The teacher, however, remained obstinate and would not move the test.

  18. Vivacious: adjective • Spirited; full of life • Example: Johanna’s vivacious personality was infectious and made everyone around her happy.

  19. Anonymity: noun • Nameless; lack of individuality • Always trying to keep up with what’s “trendy” can lead to a sense of anonymity. Be unique and be yourself always.

  20. Vulnerable: adjective • Defenseless; likely to give in to a force or desire • Example: When Rainsford was being hunted, he felt extremely vulnerable and frightened.

  21. Spontaneous: adjective • Arising naturally; unplanned • Instead of having set plans for the weekend, we decided to be spontaneous and just go with the flow.

  22. Exuberant: adjective • Joyful; high-spirited • Example: DuJuan felt exuberant when he learned he earned a 100% on yesterday’s math quiz.

  23. Formidable: (adj) awe-inspiring by reason of excellence; strikingly impressive The monster Polyphemus proved to be a formidable enemy.

  24. Profusion: (noun) large supply; abundance Odysseus hid the weapon under a profusion of dung piles.

  25. Adversary: (noun) enemy; opponent The Cyclops was an adversary that was difficult to defeat.

  26. Tumult: (noun) commotion; uproar; confusion Looking out over the raging sea, the sailor saw waves in tumult.

  27. Academic Vocabulary Practice With your seating group, write a short summary of what we’ve read of The Odyssey so far. This should be a minimum of five sentences in length and use your most recent five academic vocabulary words. • Adversity, formidable, profusion, adversary, and tumult • Underline the words as you use them in the summary • All must work together and share in the writing responsibility

  28. The Odyssey Part II Academic Vocab Candor: (noun) honesty, frankness. With candor, Tireasias told Odysseus that Poseidon was not yet done with his revenge.

  29. Disdainful: (adj) scornful; regarding someone as beneath you The suitors were disdainful to Telemachus thinking one of them would be King instead of his father.

  30. Glower: (verb) to glare or stare angrily When Odysseus’ crew opened up the bag of winds, he glowered at them as he refused to help them find food.

  31. Lavish: (verb) to give generously Calypso, who fell in love with Odysseus, lavished him with food and wine while he was on her island.

  32. Adversity: (noun) hardship; great misfortune On his long journey, Odysseus is faced with much adversity.

  33. Aloof: (adj) unfriendly; at a distance Despite the suitors persistence, Penelope remains aloof and does not accept their proposals.

  34. Disconsolate: adjective Causing sadness or depression; very unhappy The student returned home disconsolate after her team’s tough loss to their biggest rival.

  35. Pauper: noun A very poor person Readers often think Mathilde is a pauper at the beginning of “The Necklace,” but she is middle class.

  36. Adulation: noun Excessive admiration and praise The students received much adulation from the teacher when they all received A’s on their test.

  37. Aghast: adjective Horrified; greatly dismayed Mathilde was aghast when she discovered the necklace was missing.

  38. Exorbitant: adjective Much greater than is reasonable The loan sharks charged the Loisels exorbitant interest on the money they borrowed, thus adding to their debt significantly.

  39. Quick Review When Charlotte realized she had forgotten her project at home, and it was due that day, she was ___________! There are many stories of athletes and celebrities who don’t manage their money well and as a result become ____________(s). The team received much ______________ from their coaches when they finished the season undefeated.

  40. Jonathon worked all summer to save his money for the car of his dreams, but he still couldn’t manage the ____________ cost and had to choose something more practical. The ending of the movie left Maria feeling _____________. It was not the happy ending she was hoping for.

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