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Winter Dreams

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Winter Dreams
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Winter Dreams

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  1. Winter Dreams F. Scott Fitzgerald

  2. ReSpOnSe QuEsTiOnS!!! YAY!!! =D

  3. Questions #1 • Fitzgerald suggests that Dexter is destroyed by his "Winter Dreams." Do you think winter dreams are always harmful? why or why not??

  4. Answer 1 • We don’t think winter dreams are always harmful because there are winter dreams that can leave you with memories that you will cherish forever even though some might leave scars, some winter dreams can be magical like Dexter's were at one time.

  5. Question #2 • How might the story be different if Dexter had married Judy??

  6. Answer #2 • The story would of been different if Judy had married Dexter because he wouldn’t of become bitter. He says, "Long ago there was something in me but now that thing is gone... I cannot cry. I cannot care .That thing will come back no more." he’s bitter and sad , for his love is gone, he has lost her for good.

  7. Question # 3 • What happens when Dexter first meets Judy?

  8. Answer # 3 a • When Dexter first meets Judy she invites him to dinner, "Well why don’t you come to dinner to tomorrow night?" this is when Dexter begins to fall for her.

  9. Question #3 b • What happens the second time they meet??

  10. Answer #3 b • Dexter sees Judy at a dance then they go to her house.. she says.. "Wont you come in?"Dexter, even knowing he is engaged, follows his heart because he know he still loves her and he goes into her house.

  11. Question #4 a • .Why does Dexter become engaged to another woman??

  12. Answer #4 a • Dexter becomes engaged to another woman because he finally accepts he wont ever be with Judy. ""He had to beat this into his mind , but he convinced himself at last."" This shows his internal conflict and his struggle to forget her and him accepting the fact that he lost her.

  13. Question #4 b • Why does he break the engagement??

  14. Answer # 4 b • Dexter breaks the engagement because he loves Judy and he didn’t think it was right of him to do that to Irene... "He subjected himself to a deeper agony in the end and gave serious hurt to Irene and her parents, who had befriended him." In a way he feels guilty but he cannot keep lying to himself.

  15. Question # 5 • How does Devlin shatter Dexter’s image of Judy??

  16. Answer # 5 • Devlin shatters Dexter’s image of Judy by telling him she’s changed and she’s getting old.. Dexter asks Devlin if she’s still a pretty girl and he responds "Oh, she’s alright" this really moves Dexter because he has always seen her as a beautiful girl.

  17. Question #6 • Describe Judy’s personality

  18. Answer #6 • Judy is a very confident girl who thinks she can make anyone fall and love with her, she the type of girl who will break many men’s hearts, she’s a flirt and likes to go out with many guys.. She’s so confident that when she comes back to where she met Dexter she says .."Of course you could never love anybody but me".. this shows her confidence in herself .

  19. Question # 6 b • According to Devlin’s description, how does Judy’s personality change following her marriage??

  20. Answer #6 b • According to Devlin, Judy’s personality changes in many ways .He says she doesn’t run around "No, stays at home with the kids." ...meaning she is now devoted to her family and she’s responsible.She does not have the carefree attitude anymore, even thought her husband treats her badly , she’s still there , this seems as she’s insecure.

  21. Question #7 a • What does Judy represent to Dexter??

  22. Answer #7 a • Judy represents a winter dream to Dexter because she came into his life and gave him some of his happiest days. “Even the grief he could have borne was left behind in the country of illusion, of youth, of the richness of life, where his winter dreams had flourished”, He is talking about the place where he met Judy.

  23. Question #7 b • Why does he keep loving her even after he has lost her??

  24. Answer # 7 b • Dexter keeps on loving Judy because his love was real and he had grown really deep feelings for her and it is hard to let go. “A sort of dullness settled down upon Dexter and for the first time in his life he felt like getting very drunk”, this demonstrates the pain he’s going through because he loves her so much.

  25. Question #8 a • What are Dexter’s winter dreams?

  26. Answer #7 a • Dexters winter dreams are his desire for status , wealth and ability. “He wanted not association with glittering things and glittering people – he wanted the glittering thing themselves” this shows how materialistic he was.

  27. Question #8 b • What makes them winter dreams??

  28. Answer # 8 b • Winter is a sign of hope and joy to Dexter, “October filled him with hope which November raised to a start of ecstatic triumph, and in this mood the fleeting brilliant impressions of the summer at Sherry Island were ready grist to his mill”

  29. Question # 8 c • How does Judy fit into these dreams??

  30. Answer # 8 c • Judy fit into Dexter’s dreams in many ways, he is first attracted to her many years ago in a golf course but this blooms into love for her .. “ It did not take him many hours to decide that he wanted Judy Jones ever since he was a proud, desirous little boy”.

  31. Question # 9 • Fitzgerald came to believe that an obsession with wealth and social status ultimately leads to emptiness and dissatisfaction. How does this story reflect this belief??

  32. Answer # 9 • Dexter put so much into his dreams that he forgot about reality. The biggest part of Dexter’s winter dreams were to be with Judy and when that was taken away he had nothing. “The gates were closed , the sun was gone down, and there was no beauty but the gray beauty of steel that withstands all time.” this shows his sadness and depression.

  33. Question #10 • Explain whether this story would be effective if it were set in contemporary American society

  34. Answer # 10 • This story would be effective if it were set in contemporary American society because this kind of tension still goes on, materialism and love are at battle most of the time, because nowadays you see gold diggers and some people with real feelings.

  35. The end!!!