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A Square of Life

A Square of Life

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A Square of Life

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  1. A Square of Life By Caitlin & Jenny

  2. Our Environment Some of the bugs that we found in our square were small black ants, may flies, black flies, mosquitoes, an earthworm, a deer tick, a bush cricket, a grasshopper, a fire ant, jumping spider and a caterpillar. Some of the plants that we found were wintergreen berries, seedlings, Indian moss, fern, hair-cap moss, little white flowers, and an Eastern Pine tree. Here are some non-living things that we found. We found rocks, dirt, glass, Eater White pine needles, a conifer pine cone, a white pine cones, some maple leaves, oak leaves, deer scat, log, dead fern, dead grass, and a long leaf pinecone!!!

  3. Comparing And Contrasting Our Data Same Ants Flying bugs Spiders Worms Grass Dirt Small rocks Adelphia School Bushes Swasey School A tree Mud

  4. We Infer… We infer that with the data that the other school collected compared to the data that we collected, that they chose to put their square in an area that was like ours; near the edge of the woods in the forest. I infer this because there was only 3 differences in the data we found.

  5. Reasons For What we Found One reason that our data could be different is the seasons changing. When Winter comes, we would not have ants, flying bugs, spiders, worms, and grass because there would snow on the ground and it would be too cold for the living things. We would not have seen dirt and small rocks because there is snow on the ground. We might have found the mud if the snow from that year had been light and had melted quickly. So we conclude that the seasons effect our environment.

  6. Conclusion • Based on our data, we can conclude that our environment is a good spot for plants and animals. The plants can grow freely, the trees grow tall, and the animals have the resources that they need to find food, water, and find shelter. That is why we know that we have a good, healthy, environment.

  7. The End