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Watson & Associates Literacy Center Cathy Terrell, Ed.D . Director PowerPoint Presentation
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Watson & Associates Literacy Center Cathy Terrell, Ed.D . Director

Watson & Associates Literacy Center Cathy Terrell, Ed.D . Director

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Watson & Associates Literacy Center Cathy Terrell, Ed.D . Director

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  1. Watson & Associates Literacy CenterCathy Terrell, Ed.D.Director Reading Specialists: Andrea Street Eloise Johnson Subject Line: Lit Center Orientation FALL 2013

  2. Why Listening Skill Are Important Lit Center FALL 2013

  3. Evacuation Procedures In case of fire drill or other emergency, follow the posted evacuation procedures: • Escort your tutee out of the building and gather on the lawn by the north-east corner of the library. • Students may not be released to parents or responsible adult until the adult has signed out the child on the official release form kept in the Lit Center Evacuation Notebook. • The Evacuation Notebook is held by the Lit Center Director or her designee. Lit Center FALL 2013

  4. Weekly Format • Sign-in each week. Tutoring takes place once a week for 8 weeks • Tutors need to be present from 4:15 – 5:45 4:15-4:30 Collaboration with Reading Specialist 4:30-5:30 Tutoring Session Take a mini break – supervise tutee at all times Tutors may need to share tutees or visa-versa Leave doors open 5:30-5:45 Debrief/Closure Lit Center FALL 2013

  5. Tutor Responsibilities • Read the mini lesson posted on the CSUSB Website and come prepared each week with completed lesson planand necessary materials. • You are expected to implement the strategies and ideas presented in the mini lessons and collaborative sessions. • Turn lesson plans in to the Reading Specialist each week. • Begin administering any course required tasks by the 2nd week of tutoring Lit Center FALL 2013

  6. Attendance Policy • Please be sure to read, sign, and turn in the attendance policy • Tutors and tutees are required to be here each week • 2 absences= automatic drop from the center—your course instructor will be notified • Please call the Literacy Center before 4:15 if you are running late or will be absent (909) 537-BOOK Lit Center FALL 2013

  7. Please: Cells Off When You Are in the Lit Center. Lit Center FALL 2013

  8. Tutees • Grades K – 12 • Student files are available for viewing on all pre-existing tutees. Check the following week for new students! • Previous tutoring reports can be read-use for ideas and suggestions to try (or avoid) • All students are given 2 assessments by the center • Writing prompt • STAR test Jerry Johns Oral Reading Levels available** Lit Center FALL 2013

  9. Plan to cover these 4 strands every session: • Reading/Comprehension • Language/Vocabulary Development • Writing • Word Study Lit Center FALL 2013

  10. Available Materials & Lesson Plans • Books by reading level • Paper • Pencils, pens, and markers, crayons • White boards • Sentence strips • Scissors • Letter and word building blocks • Dictionaries • Lap Top Computers • Stickers • Various assessments • Misc. Graphic Organizers • Sample Lesson Plans • Reference Books for Teachers Lit Center FALL 2013

  11. A Look at the Planning PagesSee Lit Center Lesson Plan Handout • Common Core Anchor Standards Focus • Common Core Grade Level Standards for the Quarter (8 weeks) • Learning Goals/Standards for the Lesson (1 hour) • Strategies/Procedures: Activities PLUS Justify/Connect to Common Core Sample Lessons Available Lit Center FALL 2013

  12. More on Lesson Planning • Lessons Should Be Text-Based (Informational*or Fiction) • Choose Reading Material Thoughtfully • Short or continuous texts • Manageable for the length of time • At the student’s reading level Read It Before You Use It!!! Lit Center FALL 2013

  13. Even More on Lesson Planning • Complete before tutoring session begins— type plans please • Base on student’s needs, assessments, reading level • Be specific • Detail-describe your strategy • Specify the vocabulary • Reflect on the lesson, next steps Lit Center FALL 2013

  14. Active engagement is expected! • Thoughtfully integrate technology: part of Common Core Standards • Games/Practice: Limit Time 10 minutes • Research, Word Processing, Create a Powerpoint • Read online texts • Your tutee should be doing the work of literacy: reading, writing, questioning, sharing ideas, investigatingthroughout the session Lit Center FALL 2013

  15. Week 1 Session Suggestions • This is the time to make your student feel comfortable -- begin to build a relationship of support—remember the 6 Rs! • Reading ‘Riting‘Rithmatic • RigorRelevanceRelationships This is a time for informal assessments- teacher observations and student talk! Learning Styles….Multiple Intelligences… Interest Inventory… Lit Center FALL 2013

  16. Week 1 Lesson Plans Include • Burke’s Reading Interview (on website) • Read a short text: Student reads to tutor • Writing Sample: Write an opinion piece on a topic, text, or activity. • BED TEST* (Spelling Inventory) *May need to do this Week 2 (on website) • Plus your choice of additional activities Lit Center FALL 2013

  17. Reminders • No Math • No Homework • No Work Sheets • No Busy Work • No Reading Aloud to fill the time Read to… Read with….Read silently for a purpose. Refer to the assigned reading pages in the Lit Center Handbookto help with planning strategies. You are expected to include mini lesson strategies and topics in your lessons. Lit Center FALL 2013

  18. WEEK 8 FINAL TUTORING REPORT • A finaltutoring report is due at the last session • In your final report, be sure to include: • Student name-grade • Areas of Strength and Needs-reading level • What you did during your tutoring sessions/goals • Make 2-3 suggestions for parents/next tutor Lit Center FALL 2013

  19. Final Tutoring Report WEEK 8 • Keep this in mind—what would you have liked to know about this student the first time you began working with them? Pass that along to the next tutor! • Include anything from your required coursework • Bring 3 copies of the report on the last day • Additional information will be posted on website later in the term. Lit Center FALL 2013

  20. Quick Review • Be here promptly at 4:15 for mini workshop • Stay with your tutee at all times • Take a break when necessary-mini break • use restroom • get a drink of water • End tutoring at 5:30 by bringing your tutee out to the reception area/parents • Return to the main classroom for the reflection and debriefing session 5:30-5:45 • Give your lesson plan to the Reading Specialist before you leave Movement increases learning Lit Center FALL 2013

  21. Remember • Refer to Literacy Center calendar for phone numbers, e-mail address, and dates the center will be closed. • Be flexible! • Not sure?...ask, ask, ask! We are here to provide assistance and guidance, and to help in any way possible. We will drop in for short visits to observe and we are available to model strategies—just ask! Lit Center FALL 2013

  22. You Are Appreciated • Dr. Terrell and the Reading Specialists hope you benefit from, and enjoy, your tutoring experience at the Lit Center. As teachers, we have found that our learning is ongoing and that we, too, will learn from you. No one has ever said that teaching is easy. It is, and should be, hard work, but it is important work. Thank you for your time and service the Literacy Center Students Lit Center FALL 2013