department of justice and constitutional n.
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  2. VISION • Providing accessible and transformed justice services committed to the promotion of Constitutional values. MISSION STATEMENT • Together we provide accessible, fair, speedy, cost-effective and quality justice for all.

  3. STRATEGIC GOAL 1 ACCESS TO JUSTICE FOR ALL The goal aims at bringing justice services closer to the communities previously discriminated against through:- • Building courts and providing justice services to disenfranchised communities; • Improving the quantity and quality of justice services throughout the country; • Working with community organisations to improve the provision of justice services; • Ensuring that courts use languages, including Braille and sign languages, reflecting the communities in which they are located; • Informing communities about their Constitutional rights; • Protecting the rights of children, women, people with disabilities, the poor and other vulnerable groups; and • Improving access to courts and other justice services for people with disabilities.

  4. The goal aims at improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the Department’s business through :- Building Human Resource capacity; Prudent management of the Departments finances; Implementing Strategic Planning, including risk management and internal audit processes; Managing stakeholder relationships; Modernising Information Technology systems; and Communicating Justice programmes and improving the image of the Department. STRATEGIC GOAL 2 ENHANCING ORGANISATIONAL EFFICIENCY

  5. The goal aims to transform the justice system through:- The process of reviewing the Criminal and Civil Justice Systems; Developing legislation to support the Constitution; Administering deceased and insolvent estates, including the Guardian’s Fund; Promoting Judicial Transparency; Promoting Broad-based Black and Gender Empowerment; Developing programmes aimed at protecting the rights of victims; Implementing TRC recommendations; Supporting Constitutional Development; Protecting and ensuring the independence of Chapter 9 Institutions; and Providing legal advisory services and litigation services to the organs of State. STRATEGIC GOAL 3 TRANSFORMING JUSTICE, STATE AND SOCIETY

  6. PROGRAMME STRUCTURE The Department of Justice and Constitutional Development is VOTE 21 in the Estimate of National Expenditure.The Vote is made out of 5 Programmes:- Programme 1 – Administration Programme 2 – Court Services Programme 3 – Legal Services Programme 4 – National Prosecuting Authority Programme 5 – Auxiliary and Associated Services

  7. Manage the Department and develop strategies for the efficient administration of justice to enhance organisational efficiency. Strategic Objective 1 : Building Human Resource capacity Reduce the DoJ&CD’s vacancy rate by filling 2741 vacancies; Achieving EE targets to reach 50% of women at Senior Management levels and 2% of people with disabilities at all levels; Achieve 70% of all skills development initiatives as projected in the Workplace Skills Plan; Finalise 242 outstanding disciplinary cases and 287 outstanding grievances within 6 months; and Provide Employee Wellness services to 100% of referred cases. PROGRAMME 1 : ADMINISTRATION

  8. Strategic Objective 2: Training and Development Provide training to at least 50% of DoJ&CD staff; and Provide training to other staff of the Justice family (LAB; NPA; Chapter 9 Institutions and any other Department requiring legal training of their staff). Strategic Objective 3: Implementing sound financial management Ensure unqualified audits; Ensure full compliance with prescripts of supply chain management procedures; and Ensure integrated reporting systems; Strategic Objective 4: Efficient administration of Third Party Funds Through the rollout of MMT PPP by 2010/11. PROGRAMME 1 : ADMINISTRATION

  9. Strategic Objective 5: Performance Management and Reporting Improve National Operation Centre; and Produce Annual and Quarterly Reports; Strategic Objective 6: Modernise Information Technology Systems Provide 95% uptime of network and applications to authorised users; Ensuring that documents are archived in terms of prescripts; and Integrate Justice Information Technology systems and processes. PROGRAMME 1 : ADMINISTRATION

  10. Strategic Objective 7: Manage corporate risks and improve corporate compliance and accountability Monitor the measures implemented to prevent and combat fraud and corruption by 2009/2010; Secure 127 justice service delivery points with integrated security infrastructure; Roll-out of CCTV in all Thuthuzela Centres; and Conduct and finalise 240 DoJ&CD and NPA Audit projects by the Audit Committee by 2009/10. Strategic Objective 8: Promote Justice Services through media coverage Increase media coverage of the Department’s programmes and services. PROGRAMME 1 : ADMINISTRATION

  11. Strategic Objective 9: Promote International cooperation and ensure compliance with international obligations Ensure cooperation with identified countries PROGRAMME 1 : ADMINISTRATION

  12. Facilitate the resolution of criminal, civil and family law disputes providing accessible, efficient and quality administration support to the courts, including managing court facilities Strategic Objective 10 : Bringing Justice Services closer to all Build 11 new courts by 2011/2012; Replace 46 of 230 branch courts to ensure that they provide full court services; Ensure readiness of courts to provide justice services during the 2009 Confederations Cup and 2010 FIFA World Cup; Redesignate and extra 9 Branch Courts by 2011/12; and Extend the use of indigenous languages to at least 2 courts per province. PROGRAMME 2: COURT SERVICES

  13. Strategic Objective 11 : Promote and protect the rights of children Implement the Child Justice Bill; and Improve child maintenance services through Isondlo Campaign by 10%. Strategic Objective 12 : Providing adequate Family Law Services Finalise 50% of all cases handled by the Family Advocate within 6 months. Strategic Objective 13 : Providing effective Small Claims Court Designate 180 Small Claims Courts by 2010. PROGRAMME 2: COURT SERVICES

  14. Strategic Objective 14 : Reduce Sexual and Domestic Offences Establish Victim Centred Referral System Improve access to sexual courts by integrating them into mainstream courts; and Support the establishment and management of the National Register for Sex Offenders. Strategic Objective 15 : Review of the Civil Justice System Implement the extension of civil jurisdiction to regional Courts; and Harmonise the rules of court. Strategic Objective 16 :Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the Criminal Justice System Implement operational and research solutions to the challenges identified in the Criminal Justice System. PROGRAMME 2: COURT SERVICES

  15. Provide legal and litigation services, supervise the administration of deceased and insolvent estates and facilitate the development of the Constitution. Strategic Objective 17 : Develop legislation to transform Justice, State and society Submit 11 Law Research publications for consideration and approval by the Minister. Strategic Objective 18 : Develop legislation to promote access to Justice Prepare 12 Bills and subordinate legislative instruments. Strategic Objective 19 : Develop programmes that gives effect to the Constitution Develop and implement programmes aimed at promoting PAJA PEPUDA and PAIA; and Promote awareness of Constitutional rights. PROGRAMME 3: STATE LEGAL SERVICES

  16. Strategic Objective 20 : Assist and Protect Chapter 9 Institutions Develop a programme to assist and enhance collaboration with Chapter 9 Institutions Strategic Objective 21 : Strengthen Participative Democracy Strengthen the role of Civil Society in promoting a Human Rights Culture. Strategic Objective 22 : Reduce State Liability Sign service level agreements between State Attorneys and identified Client Departments; and Reduce Departments reliance on private firms. Strategic Objective 23 : Administer deceased and insolvent estates, including the Guardians Fund Provide beneficiaries of the Guardian’s Fund access to their assets within 60 days of application; Complete registered deceased estate cases worth R125 000 (i) or less within 4 months; and (ii) and more within 12 months. PROGRAMME 3: STATE LEGAL SERVICES

  17. Strategic Objective 24 : To provide Legal Advisory Services to organs of State Certify International agreements and legislation and finalise all requests for opinions within 30 days of request. Strategic Objective 25 : To coordinate the implementation of the TRC recommendations Ensure the development and implementation of regulations to enable disbursements of the monies in the President’s Fund for reparation purposes; and Attend to the needs of the identified TRC victims. PROGRAMME 3: STATE LEGAL SERVICES