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Forward Looking Statements PowerPoint Presentation
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Forward Looking Statements

Forward Looking Statements

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Forward Looking Statements

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  1. Forward Looking Statements This presentation contains certain statements that are "forward-looking statements" and includes, among other things, discussions and disclosures of the company's expectations for the use of its technology in mobile handheld devices, the ability of 3D applications to be enabled for use with PureDepth's technology, and the likelihood of any resulting products to become widely accepted by the marketplace, [as well as the extent of the Company’s patent portfolio.] Words such as, but not limited to, "may," "likely," "anticipate," "expect" and "believes" indicate forward-looking statements. Although PureDepth believes that the expectations reflected in these forward-looking statements are generally reasonable, it can give no assurance that such expectations will ultimately prove to be correct or materialize. All phases of PureDepth's business and operations are subject to a number of uncertainties, risks and other influences, most of which are outside its control, and any one or combination of which could materially and adversely affect the results of the Company's operations, and whether any forward-looking statements contained herein ultimately prove to be accurate. Information regarding such risks and uncertainties can be found in the Company’s most recently filed annual report on 10-KSB and other filings that have been made with the SEC.

  2. Company Overview • GOAL: To have PureDepth technologies become the standard for time-critical and mass market entertainment devices • Founded in New Zealand in 1999 • Headquarters in the U.S. with offices in California, Japan and New Zealand • 44 granted patents from around the world (U.S., Europe, Japan, etc.) • Awarded “Best of CES” in 2005 and “Innovator Award” at Under the Radar, 2005 • Partnerships and Licensing in 2005-2006 • DRS Licensing to U.S. Defense • Sanyo Corporation for Amusement (pachinko and pachislot) in Japan • IGT for Gaming (Casino) World-wide (excluding Japan)

  3. MLD™ Technology • Multi-Layer Display (MLD) Technology incorporates two or more LCD displays into one physical unit – providing real depth of viewing • MLD devices can come in almost any size – from very small mobile devices to large-format displays • Existing applications run automatically in MLD devices and can also take advantage of additional features • The Need for PureDepth Technologies • Visual Cognition – Change Blindness is the inability to spot changes… • Too much information and content – de-cluttering of data • Response time too slow for information-critical situations • 3D simulation tricks the eye/brain connection into “thinking” it is 3D

  4. Market Trends • Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) looking for the next big breakthrough Video poker, video slot machines, video pachinko (in Japan) • Mobile Phones in Asia and Europe more than just a phone Multi-function devices requiring new interfaces and application enhancements (3D games, etc.) • Handheld Entertainment being driven from Nintendo DS Success Dual Screen functionality with touch screen capabilities addressing the entire lifestyle market • Time-Critical Applications Driving new form factors In-car controls and navigation, air traffic control and other time-sensitive solutions

  5. Market Opportunities *NOTE: references for market data – collection of key manufacturers annual reports, market research reports and industry data. Units, ASP, and GM are aggregate estimates. Actual data for specific manufacturers vary per market.

  6. The Team • Board of Directors • David Hancock, Chairman • Fred Angelopoulos, CEO • Mark Kalow, Chairman Audit Committee (independent) • Tom Marcus (independent) • John Floisand (independent) • Management • Fred Angelopoulos, CEO • Bob O’Callahan, CFO • Dan Evanicky, CTO • Mark Yahiro, Sr.V.P. Marketing and Business Development • Kristin Bowman, MD NZ Operations • Grant Gatland, Director Engineering and Manufacturing • Gareth Bell, Chief Scientist

  7. Summary • PureDepth has proven, award-winning technology available today • PureDepth has over 44 patents protecting its technology (including the U.S., Europe and Japan) • High growth opportunities exist in embedded, consumer and international markets • PureDepth is licensing its technology to world market leaders (low overhead, high margin business model)