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  1. Sustainable Development Fund (SDF)a special purpose company with the mission to facilitate integrated sustainable development in Indonesia BICG

  2. 1. Fund Portfolio

  3. Biomass = rice, palm, corn husk; wood waste Biogas = pig, cow, chicken and human waste Solar = commercially for tourism/private villas Wind = small wind parks in rural areas Biofuel = Jatropha/ Biogas Hydro = micro hydro in rural areas Research & Development 1.1 Renewable Energy

  4. 1.1.1 Renewable Energy Potential Indonesia, by Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources

  5. Agriculture = organic coffee, vegetables, rice Aquaculture = farming of shrimp, sea cucumber, crab, lobster, abalone, aquarium fish Natural Added Value = Vetiver, Bamboo, Neem, Moringa, Agar Reforestation/ Tree Plantations = Teak, Rubber, Acacia, Albacia, Eucalyptus Consumer Products = furniture, handicraft, textile, building material Research & Development 1.2 Sustainable Production

  6. Eco Mountain Lodges & Resorts Eco Beach Resorts Jungle treks, Eco Adventure Tours Underwater theme parks Alternative transportation Responsible Travel Eco Retirement Communities Green Building Villa and Housing Developments 1.3 Sustainable Tourism & Real Estate

  7. Environmental Impact Assessments Energy Efficiency Tenders Grant Proposals CDM Certification and Standards Development of the Creative Sector Publishing/Media/IT/Documentation Event Management/Training 1.4 Services & Consulting

  8. 2. Board & Management Management (proposed)

  9. 3. Strategic Partners Technology & Development Partners • Equitech Ltd (Thailand & Laos) & Asia Forestry Ltd (Thailand) • Vickers Hoskins (M) Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) • PT. Entec Indonesia (Hydropower) • PT. Green Resources Indonesia CDM/Emission Trading Partners (CER/VER) • EDF Trading Ltd (UK) • 3C GmbH (Germany) • Eco Securities Ltd (UK) • Mitsubishi (Japan) Investment Funds / Equity Partners • Triodos Bank • Sifem AG • South Pole Carbon Asset Mgt. Ltd (Switzerland) • Deutsche Bank [Emission Trade] (Germany)

  10. 3.1 Equitech Ltd Equitech was formed for the purpose of advising and implementing environmentally sound community development projects sustaining and strengthening an ecological balance within the catchment area. Acting as environmental business consultants the company works hand in hand with the local community, improving the local economy through its sustainable projects using advanced technology in a number of fields to bring equilibrium back to the planet. On a global level we are also contributing to the control of Green House Gases which mitigates the effects of climate change. Equitech has a strong management team whose scope of expertise ranges from financial management to environmental economics. The Equitech team comes from a diverse mix of international cultures with a broad scope of management experience that provides unity between the corporate world and the local community partners. The company is currently working on afforestation & reforestation projects and environmentally sustainable technology platforms that offer ‘green’ solutions to the eco-friendly investor. Operating in three distinct segments; Bio-fuels: The company has establsihed nurseries in numerous locations to facilitate the growing of jatropha curcas Producing crude jatropha oil (CJO) for export to the international market for the production of bio-fuels to BS EN 14214. Environmental Business Services: Act as consultants for Carbon Emission Reductions & environmental business services

  11. 3.2 Asia Forestry Ltd Asia Forestry’s aim is to provide a new style of innovative financial products that allow the general public to invest in themselves, the community and the environment: Forestry Investment.  Asia Forestry also provides the organization to facilitate institutions in making their portfolios more attractive: higher returns for those needing solid investments, and more “green” for those wanting more responsibility in their investing. When an investor looks for investments, they are typically limited to cash, bonds, stocks and shares – as well as a number of commodity style products. As we all know, a balanced portfolio is always recommended; however, the difficulty in finding commodity funds that allow direct investments in the traded assets, without having to invest in the company can be nearly impossible.  Asia Forestry solves this problem for you, allowing a truly diversified portfolio and real financial benefits over the short and long term.  Our simple solution is to create sustainable managed forestry vehicles that provide investors direct access to forestry assets.

  12. 3.3 Vickers Hoskins (M) Sdn Bhd Incorporated in 1978, the company started off with producing biomass fuel fired boilers for the palm oil mills. It was a business joint venture between NAM FATT and Vickers Australia. It is now a wholly owned subsidiary of LIGHT FLAIR SDN. BHD.In 1980, the company entered into licensing agreement with then Babcock Energy Limited of UK to manufacture boilers using Babcock boiler design. In 1987, the Babcock license has been extended to include waste heat recovery steam generators and boilers up to 100 tons/hr steam capacity, 100 BarG pressure & 510 °C superheat temperature.Today, the company has supplied over 400 units of biomass fired boiler of various sizes and design for the palm oil mills, sugar mills and wood industry. Other types of boiler produced are package boilers of various design as well as waste heat recovery steam generator. Customers range from general industry to petroleum, chemical, edible oil, food, oil and gas, co-gen plant.

  13. 3.4 PT. Entec Indonesia Entec is a Swiss based consulting and engineering company with branch offices in Indonesia, Vietnam and Nepal. The company was founded in 1993. Entec's activities focus on environmental, energy and employment issues and are thus at the heart of today's global concerns. We strive to establish interdisciplinary teams in pursuit of comprehensive solutions. Environmental compatibility, efficiency and cost effectiveness are the principal criteria that guide our problem solving strategies. Entec's activities can be grouped into two main areas: Consulting: • Energy and water resources management programmes • Project cycle management in development co-operation • Enterprise development and business development services • Skills training in self employment • Business linkages networking and information systems Engineering: • Engineering design • Research and development • Turn-key installations (BOO / BOT) • Technology transfer • Partnerships / industrial co-operation • Financing and financial services

  14. 4. Portfolio BICG • Akar Wangi Jaya (Aceh) – Vetiver cultivation for waste water and sanitation installation; 5 hectare production; bioengineering for road construction under evaluation; meeting with Ministry of Public Works this month • Saribuana Eco Lodge (Bali) – Eco Lodge in Tabanan, Bali; category award winner of Wild Asia; occupancy 70% • Eco-Bali (Bali) – Waste management company with 400 clients (companies and private households); cooperation partner of TetraPak Indonesia; potential for expansion throughout Indonesia • EEMS (Indonesia) Energy Efficiency Audits and environmental management company; initial service proposal to provincial government • SeaFarm (Indonesia) – Sea Cucumber farming in Aceh; establishing feasibility study • Biomass VitaLife (Bali) 7 MW biomass power plant from rice husk; finalizing financials for JV – under evaluation • Responsible Sourcing (EU/Indonesia) – (under development) Sourcing of sustainable produced products from Indonesia to EU • Little Tree – Green Building Material & Home Supply Center, exclusive distributor of D2W

  15. 5. Regional Potential • Aceh Reforestation, Plantations for Teak, Rubber and other hard woods; Aquaculture; Biomass, Biogas and Hydro; Nature Tourism (Trekking, Lodges, Parks, Rafting, Diving) • Papua Reforestation; Solar and Wind; Nature Tourism (Trekking, Lodges, Parks, Rafting) • NTT Plantations for Jatropha, Biomass and Solar; Nature Tourism (Trekking, Diving, Lodges) • Riau Aquaculture, Reforestation, Nature Tourism • Kalimantan Reforestation, Plantations for Teak, Rubber and other hard woods; Biomass, Biogas and Hydro; Nature Tourism (Trekking, Lodges, Parks, Rafting, Diving) • Sulawesi Aquaculture; Agriculture; Biomass and Wind; Nature Tourism (Trekking, Lodges, Parks, Rafting, Diving) • Bali Biomass and Biogas; Aquaculture; Nature Tourism (Trekking, Lodges, Parks, Rafting, Diving)

  16. 5.1 Aceh ABSTRACT: The Straits of Mallacca are critically important to Singapore. Aceh needs, and wants, rapid economic development, it has several major ports and many natural resources. It has an international airport. A strong and stable Aceh is central to security in the Straits. Aceh has links to Malaysia and Muslim, Southern Thailand. Rapid and sustainable development in Aceh therefore has genuine potential to facilitate greater stability in the area. Aceh has strong links to the West and wants to expand them rapidly. Aceh needs and wants high quality foreign investment right now. In the author’s opinion, immediate foreign investment will have an immediate effect and as such, it is a critical, and time-sensitive, component of ongoing stability in Aceh. The Governor’s (moderate) position will be strongly reinforced or undermined by the success or failure of tangible and rapid economic development, which is clearly felt in the short term, especially in rural areas (ex-combatants need work)

  17. 6. Standards • SFM Plantations: GFTN, LEI, FSC • Agriculture & Aquaculture: LEI • Consumer Products: PROPER • Tourism: Green Globe21/LEED • Construction: Green Building Guidelines (IBLF) • Management: ISO 9000, ISO 14000

  18. 7. Social Responsibility • Plant a Tree Today (PATT) • Bali Export Development Organization (BEDO) • Bali Creative Community (BCC) • John Forcett Foundation Multi Stakeholder Approach Socialization Integrated Sustainable Development GRI Sustainability Reporting & CSR