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A Marketing Agency

A Marketing Agency. WHAT WE DO

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A Marketing Agency

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  1. A Marketing Agency • WHAT WE DO • Koeppel Social Marketing is a world-class direct response marketing agency specializing in integrating all the key elements of effective Multi-Channel Direct Response™ TV, radio, electronic media, Internet and print campaign production and management services for the Social Market sector. • Koeppel Social Marketingoffers a complete background of corporate management and marketing services unique to this industry for a very specialized segment of clients wishing to stimulate change in our society. Koeppel Social Marketing is a wholly-owned subsidiary of koeppeldirect. • WHY WE DO IT • Koeppel Social Marketing’s founders are concerned about America’s future. We understand that solutions to the challenges our nation faces must be economically, socially and environmentally sound. Koeppel Social Marketing was founded to help organizations achieve their missions, exponentially grow the movement, and transform America toward a more sustainable, prosperous, healthy and secure future for all. Optimize your Marketing Campaign with Koeppel Social Marketing; You’ll Value Our Expertise! 2

  2. The Founders Richard Sutter Richard Sutter has been in the consumer marketing business for more than 30 years, effectively leading and coordinating product development and manufacture, direct market advertising, complete television creative and production, media procurement and management, inbound and outbound telemarketing, interactive electronic retailing, celebrity procurement, and international marketing management. Richard has been instrumental in the developing many innovative marketing campaigns in both the spot and program-length commercial marketing business that have set the industry standard. He has been on the leading edge in creating many "firsts" in the consumer product marketing business. It is this challenge that motivates and sustains him. Some specific examples are: • First to use major celebrities in spot direct response in the 1970s. • First to sign a multi-million dollar broadcast media package for Home Shopping. • First consumer product sold in a long form (30 minute) commercial. • Creator of one of the best selling and longest running consumer products in the history of long form television marketing. • Creator of the first successful environmental long form commercial: Ecomercial. • Creator of the first direct response retail/manufacturer multi-product national marketing campaign: Target Stores. • First to create a distribution structure for direct response in mainland China.

  3. Peter Koeppel Peter Koeppel has more than 25 years of advertising, marketing and media experience and a MBA in Marketing from The Wharton School. Prior to forming koeppeldirect, Peter was a partner at Joiner Rowland Serio Koeppel, and an account supervisor at The Richards Group for various divisions of The Southland Corporation (7-Eleven). While working with Southland, he developed and implemented plans for the national introduction and rollout of Barricini Ice Cream. He also contributed to the Metromedia Long Distance, Advanced Tobacco and CIGNA Health Plan accounts. His extensive marketing experience includes product management positions for the Pittsburgh-based H.J. Heinz Company and for the Ben Hogan Golf Company. At H.J. Heinz, he managed all consumer and trade promotions, marketing research and new product and packaging introductions for the $200 million Heinz Ketchup Brand. Peter started koeppeldirect in 1995 and has built it into one of the leading DRTV media buying firms in the U.S.

  4. Larry Greene Larry is a 30 year veteran in the direct marketing industry. He founded Network Direct, Inc. (NDI) in 1989, a call center services firm that provides clients with brokerage and management services. In2005, he sold his company to focus on the participatory, deliberative democracy field and to offer his direct marketing services to companies and organizations specializing in green/sustainability and socially responsible business sectors. Before founding NDI, he and Richard Sutter founded Marketing Resources Network in 1985 to combine their capabilities in the direct marketing field. While NDI’s expertise is concentrated on inbound 800 and 900, live and audio-text telemarketing and outbound telemarketing, Mr. Greene also connected clients with direct mail, print, radio, television direct response, data processing, and fulfillment service providers and advised on these campaigns. He now offers this broad range of services to socially and environmentally responsible firms and organizations. Larry is also founder and Chairman of Navigating Our Future (www.navigatingourfuture.org). He envisions it as an independent, nationwide, financially self-sustaining, individual membership-based, not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to the best interestsof—and held in common by—all Americans. The goal is to become a multi-million person strong base of well-informed, engaged citizens. 5

  5. Why We Do It Our Mission: • To create Multi-Channel Direct Response™ marketing programs that present realistic and hopeful ways to move the vision for what America can become to actions that improve the lives of all Americans • To help clients who have developed their visions, plans and strategies to succeed with their missions. • We only succeed when our clients succeed.

  6. Who We Serve • Richard Sutter, Larry Greene and Peter Koeppel each have more than 25 years of experience in the direct marketing industry and have created and implemented many progressive marketing strategies for a vast array of commercial and direct response clients that include: • World Wildlife Fund • Target Corporation • Turner Broadcasting, Inc. • Children International • Herbalife, Incorporated • J. Walter Thompson • HamiltonBeach/Proctor-Silex,Inc. • The Wall Street Journal • Proctor Gamble • Cigna/Nations Health • Better World Society • Walt Disney Productions • Planet Live • Mattel, Incorporated • Cheseborough-Pond's, Inc. • Earth Island Institute • Mars My M&M’s • Sony/BMG • Scholastic  • Columbia Pictures Corporation

  7. The Services We Provide Professional Development, Creative, Planning, Buying and Management for: • Short-form television (:30, :60, and :120) • Long-form television (30 to 60 minute programs) • Online campaigns, including search engine marketing, search engine optimization, banner advertising, ad network buys, etc. • Direct response radio, long and short form • Print direct response • Direct mail • Per-inquiry opportunities • Integrated, multi-channel campaigns, combining online, DRTV, print, radio, and direct mail advertising • Lead generation campaigns • Branded multi-media campaigns

  8. What Services We Provide More of what we provide: • Drive to web campaigns • Drive to retail campaigns • Campaign management, including integration of DRTV, online, print and radio media buying, direct mail, production, telemarketing, fulfillment, reporting and analysis • Testing, analysis and roll-out • Campaign optimization utilizing our sophisticated target audience profiling and tracking platform (MAPP™) The following are some of the proprietary marketing management tools we provide exclusively to our client: 9

  9. Media Audience Profiling Platform™ Koeppel Social Marketing has developed a sophisticated audience profiling and tracking platform (MAPP)™. This new technology enables us to more efficiently reach the right target customer for each direct response campaign. MAPP™ continually evaluates consumer response data, which allows us to optimize a media buy throughout the course of a campaign.

  10. Developing More Targeted Media Plans Utilizing MAPP™ • Media Audience Profiling Platform (MAPP)™ amalgamates multiple sources of data, which are analyzed in developing media plans we customize for each campaign. MAPP™ pinpoints the networks, stations and programming viewed with the highest frequency among consumers within the target demographic profile who have purchased similar products or services. • MAPP™ merges this data with “real time” media rankings and ratings, which maximizes the information available for identifying the best media and programming for our advertising campaigns. • Our analytics team reviews this information in conjunction with media that has historically performed well for comparable products targeting similar audiences. • The resulting data is integrated into customized reports.

  11. Campaign Management and Optimization Utilizing MAPP™ • Once the campaign begins, MAPP™ employs advanced tracking and reporting metrics to ensure ROI efficiency. • MAPP™ produces concise maps, which track consumer response on many levels, such as nationally, by state, by DMA, by county, by city or zip code. • MAPP™ also tracks response by demographics. • When applied to a national campaign, MAPP™ identifies “hot spots” of high response, which allows us to supplement the national media buy with a local schedule in areas generating the strongest response.

  12. MAPP Real Time DRTV Tracking Immediately find “hot spots” of high response levels, while the campaign is airing. Quickly drill down to view responses at the DMA level, zip code and county level. Plot response rates against any number of variables (age,income, etc.) against any geographical area (total US, state, county, zip, DMA, etc.) View national responses at the local market level

  13. MAPP™ - The Technology that Makes Koeppel Social Marketing’s Media Campaigns More Profitable • Utilize leading research tools, including Nielsen, TNS Media Intelligence and MRI survey research • The bottom line is that MAPP™ allows us to produce more profitable media campaigns for our clients.

  14. Galaxy Explorer • Overview: • Galaxy Explorer provides comparative analysis of broadcast, cable, and syndication audience estimates in a single powerful system. This client-server application produces a variety of reports based on US and Hispanic audience estimates. Data available includes household and persons estimates – for program and time periods – on a daily or weekly basis. • Feature & Benefits: • “Real time” network rankings and ratings • Time period, program data, viewing source and usage categorize data by time period and by program • Report time period data for individual days, averages or both • Report program data using a variety of averaging options • Report program averages and/or individual telecast data, as well as cable tracking and episode averages Utilization of Galaxy Explorer allows us to use “front end” metrics in order to reach your target demographic.

  15. MRI® Survey Research Rationale • MRI is the comprehensive source for demographic, lifestyle, product usage and media information in the United States. • Through annual personal interviews and self-administered surveys of more that 25,000 consumers, MRI collects and analyzes data on consumer demographics, product and brand usage, and exposure to all forms of advertising media. • MRI survey research pinpoints the media seen most by people in a target audience, who have purchased/used a product/service in a specific category in the last 6-12 months.

  16. CORE DR is the leading direct response media management platform in the industry. We utilize CORE DR for all short form TV, radio, print and online media campaigns. CORE DR offers a wide range of features, including: management of spot media buys, post buy analysis and Nielsen data (Impressions and Ratings) CORE DR also gives us the ability to import daily call-center data files and Broadcast Verification System feeds which allows us to track media on a daily basis. CORE DR is working with usexclusively in developing two new DR systems. This new technology is exclusive to our agency. Reporting & Analysis

  17. Media Analysis Reports • All reports are completely customizable and can be modified to your individual reporting needs • Daily Media Results Report – This report will reflect the performance of all media in any given day. Our team builds and analyzes this report on a daily basis, in order to ensure that each network is performing at optimum levels. • Weekly Media Results Report – This report provides a detailed weekly snap shot of each media’s performance. This is a more macro level report, designed to give a general overview of complete weekly results. • Daypart Analysis Report – This example reflects a weekly media schedule broken down into specific dayparts. This report is particularly helpful in determining how each network performed throughout the media week. As with all reports, it is completely customizable in order to fit your specification. • These reports represent a fraction of the analytics that can be tracked when utilizing the reporting and analysis tools available in CORE DR.

  18. Paid Search Process Search Marketing • Keyword Groups • Customized Text Ads • Landing Pages • Daily Bid Management • Geo-Targeting Comprehensive Analytics • Impressions • Conversions / Sales • Cost Per Conversion • Click Through Rate % • Costs Continuous Optimization • New Keyword Opportunities • New/Revised Text Ad’s • Landing Page Tweaking • Ongoing Campaign Optimization • Utilizing Budget to Full Potential Search Engine Marketing Experts

  19. Our Search Engine Optimization Process • Site Analysis • Keyword Research • Competitive Analysis • Link Popularity Analysis Keyword Research & Analysis • Full Time Web Team On Call • Meta Tag Development • Link Promotion • Spider-Friendly Code • Flash and Image Optimization • Optimization for Algorithms Web Development • Blogs • RSS Feeds • News Aggregators • Customized Search • Setting up client on leading social networking sites. Social Networking & Blogs • Site-Map Submission • Paid & Free Directory Listings • Tweaking code to emphasize what is working organically. Site Execution • Position Reporting • Dedicated SEO Manager • On Demand Reports • Monitoring Competition Analytics & Site Review

  20. Search Engine Optimization Process Search Engine Marketing Process • Research & Analysis • A-B Testing • Conversion Tracking • Ad Variations • Tracking Results • Day Timing • Peak Traffic Timing • Budget Utilization • Landing Pages • Site Analysis • Competitive Analysis • Keyword Research • Link Popularity Analysis Koeppel Social Marketing All Inclusive Online Package • Multiple Ads Per Keyword Group • Development • KI will track conversions of each ad and rotate ads into production according to performance. • Full Time Web Team On Call • Link Promotion • Optimization for Algorithms • Meta Tag Development • Spider-Friendly Code • Flash and Image Optimization • Social Networking • Blogs • RSS Feeds • News Aggregators • Customized Search • Setting up your company on leading social networking sites. • Koeppel Interactive will set ads to run at certain times of the day. • Launch • Site-Map Submission • Paid & Free Dir. Listings • Tweaking code to emphasize what is working organically. • After the initial month of ad testing, KI normally finds that it can lower monthly budget spends to maximize what is working. • Monitor & Review • Position Reporting • Dedicated SEO Manager • On Demand Reports • Monitoring Competition • KSM will custom build landing pages centered around PPC campaigns and specials.

  21. An Approach That Works We ensure the success of every client’s marketing program by: • Integrating the key elements of an effective Multi-Channel Direct Response™ media buy, including DRTV, print, radio, direct mail, and online. • Working closely with our clients and understanding their objectives, weagree to tangible, reachable goals, and then guide them through the stages of the buying process…from media testing and analysis, through roll-out. • Managing the key aspects of a Multi-Channel Direct Response™ campaign. • Aligning our clients with the top firms in the areas of Multi-Media production, response capture services, web design and fulfillment.

  22. An Approach That Works Customizing every buy to use the media generating the highest response for a particular campaign Achieving maximum results by using all proven and up-to-the-minute techniques, including our sophisticated MAPP targeting, tracking and campaign optimization systems and custom reporting Delivering direct response advertising that leads to both immediate and long term measurable results, by employing a network of experienced professionals who have successfully managed direct response campaigns in all product categories KoeppelMarketing through its parent company Koeppel Direct is currently buying direct response advertising in more than 200 markets in the U.S. andCanada, on all national cable television networks (long and short-form), on a wide range of nationally syndicated television shows, on both national satellite TV networks, on national broadcast networks, online, on network, satellite and local radio stations and in national and local print publications 24

  23. What Makes Us Unique • Proven track record for generating results for a wide range of products/services marketed through direct response campaigns • High level of account service delivered 24/7 • The most talented and experienced media buyers in the direct response industry • Innovator in sourcing new, high performing media outlets for direct response advertisers • Our research driven approach allows us to optimize your media buys • Full time analytics department works closely with the buying and account service teams to maximize campaign performance • Our analytics team generates customized reporting and utilizes sophisticated targeting and tracking techniques through our proprietary Media Audience Profiling Platform (MAPP™) • We buy more creatively than many other direct response agencies, which translates into more innovative buys and improved results • We work as a true marketing partner with our clients • We have complimentary values with and are dedicated to the visions and missions of the socially responsible clients we choose to serve

  24. Contact Us Richard Sutter Telephone: 310.459.2271 richard@koeppelsocialmarketing.com Peter Koeppel Telephone: 972.732.6110 peter@koeppelsocialmarketing.com Larry Greene Telephone: 360.378.3123 larry@koeppelsocialmarketing.com www.koeppelsocialmarketing.com

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