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Chapter 6 China Study Guide PowerPoint Presentation
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Chapter 6 China Study Guide

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Chapter 6 China Study Guide - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 6 China Study Guide

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  1. Chapter 6 China Study Guide World History

  2. the practice of inserting fine needles through the skin to relieve pain/cure disease Acupuncture

  3. the spreading of ideas from one culture to another Diffusion

  4. uses the position of shadows cast by the sun to tell the time of day Sundial

  5. built to keep invaders from attacking China The Great Wall

  6. measures the strength of an earthquake Seismograph

  7. a 4,000 mile network of routes that stretched from China to the Mediterranean Sea The Silk Road

  8. a farmer who works a small area of land Peasant

  9. a valuable material that was produced in China and wanted by many in the known world Silk

  10. The Yellow River – where the Shang first settled Huang He River

  11. stressed the importance of living in harmony with nature Daoism

  12. stressed the importance of moral values and respect for the family Confucianism

  13. stressed that people needed to be controlled with strict laws Legalism

  14. means “first emperor” – Qin ruler – Legalist – Connects Great Wall Shi Huangdi

  15. he ruled under the Han Dynasty, made Confucianism become China’s gov. philosophy Emperor Wudi

  16. became the most influential teacher in Chinese history – creates Confucianism Confucius

  17. the most famous Daoist teacher. Credited with writing The Way and Its Power Laozi

  18. The Gobi Desert What landform separates China from its neighbors to the north?

  19. The Yellow River or Huang He This is the major river which the ancient Chinese settled along.

  20. The Huang He because over the years millions of people have died in the floods What is sometimes called “China’s Sorrow”?

  21. Shang Dynasty The first dynasty to develop a writing system was the ____________?

  22. Heaven- It was called the “Mandate of Heaven” According to the Zhou, what gives power to the leader?

  23. First Emperor What does “Shi Huangdi” mean?

  24. For protection and to keep invaders out from the North Why did Shi Huangdi have the Great Wall built?

  25. He had very strict punishments – for example he buried alive scholars who disagreed with the burning of the books How can you tell Shi Huangdi was a follower of Legalism?

  26. Mediterranean Sea The Silk Road started in China and ended at the ________?

  27. Confucianism What philosophy emphasized the importance of moral values and respect for the family?

  28. Daoism This philosophy taught that the universe is a balance of opposites.

  29. Legalism Under this philosophy, a guilty person’s relatives and neighbors should also be punished.

  30. Buddhism What major religion did China share with India?