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Transportation Technologies & Future Applications

Transportation Technologies & Future Applications. Fall 2006. Outline. Common Themes in Science & Technology Examples of Transportation Science & Technology Summary. Common Themes in Science & Technology. Automation Clean (Pollution Free) Intelligent Technologies High Speed

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Transportation Technologies & Future Applications

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  1. Transportation Technologies &Future Applications Fall 2006

  2. Outline • Common Themes in Science & Technology • Examples of Transportation Science & Technology • Summary

  3. Common Themes in Science & Technology • Automation • Clean (Pollution Free) • Intelligent Technologies • High Speed • Integration of Hardware & Services

  4. Themes & The Overarching Goal Transport Systems & Services infotech design Need for safe, reliable, and efficient movement behavior performance chance

  5. Examples of Transportation Science & Technology (themes) • Intelligent & Powerful Simulation Software & Hardware • Clean Fuels & Efficient Engines • Intelligent & (Semi)Automated Vehicles • Intelligent Material & Automated Processes • Human Centered Design of Systems • Integrated Systems of Information, Telecommunications, and Infrastructure

  6. Intelligent & Powerful Simulation Software & Hardware • Silicon Virtual Worlds • Human Behavior Through Models • Simulated Environments • Explicitly Modeled and Emergent Interactions

  7. Intelligent & Powerful Simulation Software • Offers “real time” traffic information • Shortest route to destination • No infrastructure • Privacy of cars providing information • Completely decentralized • Individual cars provide information • Off the shelf technology (Win CE, wireless, GPS) • http://lcs.www.media.mit.edu/projects/trafficopter/

  8. Trafficopter Intelligent Software Agent on Top of Simulation Software

  9. Geographic Information Systems Visualize the Transportation System as Layers of Data Arrows are the Relationships Highways Railways Terminals Other Geographic Features

  10. Dynamic Presence on Campus Every Campus Street Campus Building Number of Persons

  11. Clean Fuels & Efficient Engines • CNG • Electric and Hybrids • Methanol • Hydrogen • What else?

  12. Solar Powered Vehicle - UCB

  13. Intelligent & (Semi)Automated Vehicles

  14. Corrosion Monitor for Metal Elements - Lehigh Univ.

  15. Smart Clothes & Wearable Computing • Microprocessors, cameras, microphones, and wireless communication build into clothing • Started in military applications • Navigation, business, communication, telemedicine • http://www.media.mit.edu/wearables/ mithril/MIThril.pdf

  16. Hato Survey Methods

  17. Behavioral Context Addressable Loggers in A Shell

  18. Examples of Transportation Science & Technology • Intelligent & Powerful Simulation Software & Hardware - Many examples in practice/ large scale fast microsimulation in progress • Clean Fuels & Efficient Engines - Work is ongoing on hybrid vehicles (big and small) • Intelligent & (Semi)Automated Vehicles - In public trans. - Automated Highway Systems

  19. Examples of Transportation Science & Technology • Intelligent Material & Automated Processes Testbeds of technologies • Human Centered Design of Systems - Stronger emphasis of Intelligent Transportation Systems

  20. Examples of Transportation Science & Technology • Integrated Systems of Information, Telecommunications, & Infrastructure - ITS control centers

  21. Examples of ITS Applications • CHART in Baltimore (surveillance, incident response, traveler information, traffic management) • Partners in MOTION (traveler information for a fee) • Car Multimedia (networks and directions)

  22. CHART CHART Control Center

  23. Large Monitor CHART Traffic Monitors Operators Other Info.

  24. Houston Transtar

  25. Overview Services Camera on board a helicopter Airborne part In Car Telematics Centre Mobile and In-Car Services Images acquisition FCD data acquisition Traffic data extraction and fusion. Provision of fleet management and mobility services. Dynamic fleet Management Pre-trip information Terrestrial part Floating Cars as sensors in the road network Eye in the Sky (http://www.isky.gr/)

  26. Dynamic fleet Management Centre Traffic state GIS Fleet monitoring (logiweb s/w) (from traffic monitoring) (road directions, traffic lights etc) Fleet of vehicles guidance recommendations Report position

  27. Passenger Information • Static • Inexpensive • No Information Updates • Familiar

  28. Static and Changeable Blue background, yellow and white letters = all drivers Orange background, blue letters = Olympic family (athletes and officials)

  29. Passenger Information Paris Metro • Dynamic • Expensive • Information Updated Continuously • Unfamiliar • More Informative ITS Colmar Bus Stop

  30. Prague Bus

  31. Changing World = New Problems & Technologies/Methods

  32. Expanded Transportation Research to Include Security • Example from the National Consortium of Remote Sensing in Transportation at UCSB

  33. NCRST-Security Coordination, Cooperation and Support Program • Prototype RS/GIS applications for disaster management. • Expose the Transportation, Disaster Management and First Responder communities to RS/GIS technology and techniques common to all three groups. • Develop information use scenarios, including roles, responsibilities and information flows, incorporating the role of new technologies, e.g. GPS, wireless communication devices. • Develop cost and benefit models, and demonstration projects in cooperation with high profile jurisdictions

  34. Another Example • RESEARCH UNIT ON SPATIAL COGNITION AND CHOICE Wearable Device that allows to travel in unfamiliar environments Uses GPS to track an individual moving through the real world, recording their trip as a trace in a spatial database (digital map) carried in a wearable computer. GIS functionalities calculate shortest paths between current location (fixed by the GPS) and a given destination (keyboarded or spoken). A choice of interfaces include spatial language, virtual beacons, an auditory virtual environment, or Talking Signs

  35. Examples Require: Transdisciplinary MentalityIncreased Communication Exchange of Ideas

  36. Transportation Technology in the Future - Strengths • Professionals are aware of the Transportation Science & Technology trends • Diversified talent within transportation and associated disciplines (e.g., automotive, telecom) • Funding opportunities are becoming a reality in US & EU

  37. Transportation in the Future - Challenges • Attract new talent to complement existing • Retention of existing talent! • Maintain the good funding sources for R&D and implementation • Provide incentives and rewards for education opportunities • Get public agencies on-board! • Integrate different systems

  38. Summary (Trans. Tech. Trends) • Automated • Pollution Free • Intelligent • High Speed • Integrated

  39. Questions? Send me an email Goulias@geog.ucsb.edu

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