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Digital Innovation and Transformation in School Libraries, Public Libraries and Classrooms PowerPoint Presentation
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Digital Innovation and Transformation in School Libraries, Public Libraries and Classrooms

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Digital Innovation and Transformation in School Libraries, Public Libraries and Classrooms
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Digital Innovation and Transformation in School Libraries, Public Libraries and Classrooms

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  1. Digital Innovation and Transformation in School Libraries, Public Libraries and Classrooms

  2. Janice Mertes, Digital Learning Consultant, DPI @WisDPITech@WiDPIwcdlm Nancy Anderson, School Library Consultant, DPI @DPIWiscIMT Tessa Schmidt, Public Library Youth and Special Services Consultant, DPI

  3. Wisconsin State Superintendent Tony Evers: Agenda 2017 • Standards & Instruction • What and how should kids learn? • Innovation Learning • How are digital technologies integrated into learning? • Assessments and Data Systems • How do we know if they learned it? • School and Educator Effectiveness • How do we ensure that students have highly effective teachers and schools? • School Finance Reform • How should we pay for schools?

  4. Wisconsin State Superintendent Tony Evers: Agenda 2017 By 2017, we need to reach target goals thatprepare our students for success in further education and career: • Further increase graduation rate from 85.7 percent to 92 percent. • Increase career and college readiness from 32 percent to 67 percent. • Close graduation and career and college readiness gaps by 50 percent. • Increase the percentage of students scoring proficient in third-grade reading and eighth-grade mathematics. • Adopt the Fair Funding for Our Future plan to make school finance more equitable and transparent

  5. State Superintendent's Digital Learning Advisory Council (DLAC) • Develop a comprehensive strategy for digital learning in Wisconsin • Provide recommendations to the State Superintendent on initiatives that promote and advance digital learning. • Use technology to enhance and improve student learning • Create opportunities for personalized learning • Create news ways of teaching and opportunities to leverage technology • Align learning resources and teaching opportunities to meet academic standards so every child is career and college ready

  6. What is the focus today? How can learning be transformed by digital, collaboration opportunities and extreme space makeovers?  Learn about the new models of makerspaces, sandboxes, classroom arrangements, virtual learning commons, media hives and collaboration centers.  Ideas will be shared from various DPI partnerships, grant programs and emerging research to help schools address the needs of digital learning.

  7. Digital Innovation and Transformation in School Libraries, Public Libraries and Classrooms • How can learning be transformed? • What models are out there? • Who are the partners? • What research supports this?

  8. Participatory Learning is 21st Century Learning Project New Media Literacies principles • Heightened motivation • Relevant learning • Opportunities to create • Co-configure expertise • Integrated system

  9. Definition of Makerspaces…and beyond Makerspaces are collaborative learning environments where people come together to share materials and learn new skills… makerspaces are not necessarily born out of a specific set of materials or spaces, but rather a mindset of community partnership, collaboration, and creation. The Library as Incubator Project

  10. AEIOU Design Framework • Activities – The What • Environments – Where are the activities taking place? • Interactions – With whom • Object – What’s being used • Users – Who


  12. Design & Space Transformation are Constant Works in Progress Stanford Design Institute


  14. Learning is the Goal… Technology is the supplement to the “how” of learning to improve student outcomes 18

  15. The “How” of Achieving the Core Students are curators, communicators and creators of authentic learning..pick the tools to achieve these goals 19

  16. WI Characteristics of Mathematically Proficient Students 20

  17. WI Portrait of a Literate Student 21

  18. 22

  19. What is a Makerspace •

  20. 24

  21. Started in 2000 with an NSF grant, the Tinkering Studio is an interactive space at the Exploratorium that allows visitors to interact with electronics and traditional craft and craft-making techniques -- from building simple circuits and robots, to learning the concepts of balance and leverage, to orchestrating lengthy marble runs.

  22. Loveland Public Library iCreate lab. Their technology area also includes iLearn and iExplore labs.

  23. Oak Park Oak Park Public Library


  25. Mudd Center Academic Commons Oberlin College

  26. Computer lab make over 2.0

  27. Detroit Public Library

  28. University of Mary Washington

  29. Build a Sandbox: Reconfiguring the learning spaces + accessible tech = a new way of learning & sharing. CCSS offers new design & learning to allow for interaction, publication and learning that is not device dependent

  30. Harvard Labrary—a temporary ‘pop-up’ space in an empty storefront in the middle of Harvard Square—has been a public gallery for design student projects on the future of libraries.

  31. Maples High School

  32. How do you do it? • Grants • How to do it with no $ • Partners • Redesign of space/learning expectations • Collaborative planning

  33. Makerspace Playbook Beginnings: what we’re doing and why; origins of the Maker movement Places: making a space more conducive to a community that makes together Tools & Materials: inventory, budgets, and strategies (see also High School Makerspace Tools & Materials: a companion document detailing the uses and costs of a fully stocked inventory for an in-school Makerspace.) Safety: planning for safety, signage, and common rules Roles: what teachers, students, shop managers, and mentors do in a Makerspace Practices: pedagogical approaches experienced makers use to support emerging makers A Year of Making: teacher Aaron Vanderwerff describes his experience making with students Projects: guiding novice makers as they build their skill set; sources for projects Startup: nuts and bolts of getting involved with the Makerspace network Documenting: sharing projects … and the stories behind their making Snapshots: four school-based Makerspaces in action Resources: helpful lists, forms, and templates MakerSpace Playbook

  34. Makerspaces, Participatory Learning and librariesFrom the Unquiet Librarian-Buffy Hamilton • What is a makerspace? Hackerspace Students explore their interests • Exploratorium • Hacker space • Bubbler • The Library as Incubator Project definition Collaborative learning environments Community partnership, collaboration, creation

  35. Questions and Discussion…. Learning Commons and designing spaces is a fluid process? What’s one way to make your space more fluid or add “flow”?

  36. Digital Repository Makerspaces Makerspace Playbook/website • Madison public library Bubblr Project • Tips to Get Started on How to Create Makerspacers at your School • A Librarian’s Guide: 16 Resources for Creating Makerspaces •

  37. Digital Media, Civic Spaces and Re-enforced Social Skills • Lives for 21st Century spaces • Libraries as Digital Media Centers • Hang Around, Mess Around, Geek Out (HOMAGO Spaces as sponsored by the DML) • HOMAGO Guidebook • YouMedia Centers • Hives •

  38. Design Spaces and Ideas for Promoting Collaboration • Designing Collaborative Spaces, Sandboxes and More 21st Century Designs • Collaborative Spaces • Turn Your Classroom into a Learning Factory • Misc. Resources to Review State of designing/refreshing and space creation idea • • /

  39. Janice’s PinterestMakerspace Board • Janice’s Pinterest on Learning Spaces Board • • MakerSpace Playbook • Makerspace: Madison Public Library sees innovation centers as a key part of its future

  40. Resources and connections with CCSS and digital media • Makerspaces, creative spaces and digital media centers are a new trend related to project based learning, student empowered learners and collaborative learning spaces. The 4C's are so important: collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking. • 21st Century Skills and the CCSS Action Verbs • 4C’s Poster • • 4C’s and the 3R’s in 21st Century Learning • • Overview of CCSS and 21st Century Skills • • Thinking about Education 3.0 • • 30 Ways to Increase Creativity in Your Classroom • • Design Thinking: Creative Ways to Promote PBL • • Stanford Design Institute--great to review on principles of space, learning and creation • • Connected Learning Infograph and Play •