the humpback whale n.
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The Humpback Whale PowerPoint Presentation
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The Humpback Whale

The Humpback Whale

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The Humpback Whale

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  1. The Humpback Whale Heloise Germain

  2. The humpback whale is called humpback because of a prominent hump under their dorsal fin. • The Humpback whale is a baleen whale. • This whale can weigh up to forty tons and 40-50 feetin length. • They do not form family groups but are very social and live in pods. • The humpback whale lives in all parts of the world and migrates to colder waters in the winter for six months.

  3. The humpback whale has a blue skin for camouflage. ***their skin is water proof***They have a lot of blubber to keep them warm in the cold water***they do not have any teeth but instead have baleens which are hair-like

  4. Laws: • You are not allowed to operate an aircraft within 1,000 feet of a humpback whale • You are not allowed to approach (by boat or by swimming) a humpback whale closer than 100 yards or closer than 300 yards of a humpback mother and calf. • You are not allowed to disturb the regular behavior or activity of a humpback whale. Doing this is considered harassment.

  5. The reasons why the humpback whale is ENDANGERED:

  6. Pollution: • More than 80% of marine pollution comes from land-based waste which are primarily industrial, agricultural and urban. Whale populations are going under increasing stress from the pollution. • The population of humpback whales is decreasing because of pollution

  7. Fishing nets • Baby humpback whales get caught in fishing nets and drown therefore they can never reach adulthood

  8. Habitat destruction: • Offshore oiling produces a lot of sound which scares of the whales therefore the whales have no place to live • The tempeture of the water changes because of global warming which than the humpback whales food decreases and then the whale has less to eat so it moves to other parts were there are already other whales eating the food

  9. Hunting: • In 1972 hunting the humpback whale was illegal in most countries • Today Japan still hunts humpback whales

  10. The methods of conservation: -Scientists tag the whales in open waters to study there songs and ways of life and to determine their population

  11. Why is it important to keep the humpback whale: • If the humpback whale becomes extinct then many other animals will become extinct some other population of organisms will overpopulate and cause more extinction and overpopulation

  12. Save the whales !!!! 

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