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Information Governance Training Tool: PowerPoint Presentation
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Information Governance Training Tool:

Information Governance Training Tool:

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Information Governance Training Tool:

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  1. Information Governance Training Tool: Administrator functions

  2. Housekeeping • Fire alarms • Exit routes and assembly point • Toilets • Mobile phones • Smoking areas • Refreshments • Questions

  3. Introductions • Training provided by Department of Health contracted provider: David Stone Head of Information Governance Apira Limited

  4. Agenda On the agenda: • Welcome • Role of IGTT in delivering assurance • Using IGTT to deliver assurance • Organisational set-up • User set-up • Reporting • Resources • Q&A Not on the agenda: • Health Policy • IGTT content

  5. role of IGTT in delivering assurance

  6. IGT 8-112: requirements origins • Data Protection Act 1998: Principle 7 • Data Protection Act 1998: Schedule I Part II (para 10) • Caldicott Report on the Review of Patient Identifiable Information 1997: Recommendation 2 • Caldicott Management Audit points 3, 4 and 5 (Protecting and Using Patient Information): Confidentiality and Security Training Needs • NHS Litigation Authority: Standard 2 (Competent and Capable Workforce) • NHS Care Record Guarantee: Commitment 9 • NHS Code of Practice: Confidentiality (page 3, para 7)

  7. NHS Care Record Guarantee We will make sure, through contract terms and staff training, that everyone who works in or on behalf of the NHS understands their duty of confidentiality, what it means in practice and how it applies to all parts of their work. Organisations under contract to the NHS must follow the same policies and use the same controls as the NHS does. We will enforce this duty at all times. Commitment 9 NHS Care Record Guarantee 2009

  8. Informatics Planning Guidance 2010/11 All staff should receive annual basic IG training appropriate to their role through the online NHS IG Training Tool. Page 13 - Sustaining robust information governance (IG)

  9. NHS Constitution You [NHS staff] have a duty to protect the confidentiality of personal information that you hold unless to do so would put anyone at risk of significant harm. Section 3b of the NHS Constitution The NHS commits to provide all staff with personal development, access to appropriate training for their jobs and line management support to succeed Section 3a of the NHS Constitution Duty to have regard to NHS Constitution Health Act 2009

  10. Information Governance Toolkit 8-112 • Information Governance awareness and mandatory training procedures are in place and all staff are appropriately trained

  11. Using IGTT to deliver assurance

  12. Administrator functions • Add new users • Edit user details • Delete users • View individual’s usage of the e-learning • Generate reports on the progress of all your organisation members You may also: • Administrate more than one organisation • Set up more than one Support Administrator • Set up a local list of your management structures to further inform

  13. Reporting • View the national recommendations against each module for each job role • Assign local module status against each job role e.g. optional/recommended/mandatory • Send out newsletters and reminder letters to your users

  14. Landing page and log-in

  15. Administration functions

  16. Administrator area 2 1

  17. Organisational Set-up

  18. Administrator area

  19. Multiple organisations

  20. Edit organisation

  21. Assign modules

  22. IGT 8-12 2 In line with the NHS Operating Framework 2010/2011 all staff members complete IG training through the mandatory module(s) in the NHS IG Training Tool. Where necessary, this is supported by local IG training. Training needs are regularly reviewed and re-evaluated when necessary. 2a All staff, including new starters, locum, temporary, student and contract staff members have completed (or are in the process of completing) mandated IG training using the NHS IG Training Tool. Evidence Required: Reports generated from the NHS IG Training Tool supplemented by local training reports where necessary.

  23. IGT 8-112 • 2b • Staff training needs are assessed to ensure that the basic training provided is sufficient. • Evidence Required: • A training needs analysis document

  24. IGT 8-112 • 2c • Additional training is provided to staff in key roles, this may be provided by the NHS IG Training Tool or by other means. • Evidence Required: • A training needs analysis document (with details of any identified additional training for specific staff groups) and training reports showing that identified needs have been met.

  25. Edit assigned modules

  26. Edit assigned modules

  27. Module options

  28. Administrator area

  29. Job roles

  30. Viewing job roles

  31. Links to module assignment

  32. Administrator area

  33. Department set-up

  34. Create a new department

  35. Create department

  36. User Set-up

  37. Administrator area

  38. User set-up

  39. User identification

  40. User management

  41. Edit user profile

  42. View usage

  43. New user set-up

  44. Adding a new user

  45. Deactivated users

  46. View deactivated user

  47. Deactivate/delete a user

  48. Delete a user

  49. Bulk Upload

  50. CSV