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“ The Most D angerous Game” By Richard Connell

“ The Most D angerous Game” By Richard Connell. Before, During, and After Reading Skills. Preparing to Read. Identify the text features seen on pages 16-17. What are the two Literary Focus elements of this text? What is the Reading Focus skill used in this text?

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“ The Most D angerous Game” By Richard Connell

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  1. “The Most Dangerous Game” By Richard Connell Before, During, and After Reading Skills

  2. Preparing to Read • Identify the text features seen on pages 16-17. • What are the two Literary Focus elements of this text? • What is the Reading Focus skill used in this text? • What is the Writing Focus assignment and what are you asked to look for as you read the beginning of the text? • Which Vocabulary words do you not recognize? How does this text help you with new words?

  3. Author Information • Read the “Meet the Writer” section on page 18. • Make a list of at least three important facts you learn about the author. • What do you think is the most important detail you learned from this information?

  4. LiteraryResponse “The Most Dangerous Game” Read the text carefully and note the way the author uses text clues to help readers anticipate what will happen next. How does Connell use the events in the story to create feelings of suspense and foreshadowing? Explain your thoughts and ideas and use evidence from the text to support your response.

  5. Before Reading Skills Preview and Predictions • Examine the text features located throughout the selection. • Make a list of the things you “know” or “think you know” based only on the text features. • Make a list of at least 3 things you want to know, but you need to read in order to find out. • What genre or type of text do you think we are reading? Why?

  6. During Reading Skills • Making Predictions • A prediction is a type of inference, a guess based on evidence. • You can base your predictions on clues the writer plants, your own experience of life, and your understanding of how stories work. • As you read “The Most Dangerous Game,” record examples of clues that lead you to predict what will happen next.

  7. Quick Write What Do You Think? What escape scenes have you seen in movies or on TV? What connections did you notice between the characters’ skills and the plot events?

  8. Comprehension/Discussion Questions Page 19, 20, 21, 22 A. Reading Focus – Predicting: Restate in your own words Rainsford’s opinion about hunting. Then, make a prediction about what might happen to change Rainsford’s mind. ??? B. Literary Focus – Foreshadowing: What might this statement of Whitney’s foreshadow? ??? Reading Focus – Predicting: Rainsford just fell into the “blood-warm waters” of the Caribbean. Do you think he’ll make it back to the boat? Why or why not? ??? D. Literary Focus – Foreshadowing: Rainsford comments that the bullet is small, although it was used to kill a large animal. What might this tell you about the hunter? ???

  9. Page 23, 24, 25, 26 E. Literary Focus – Suspense: How do the details about the man who answers the door add to the suspense? ??? F. Noting Details – Predicting: Re-read the description of Zaroff. What details about his physical appearance seem bizarre to you? What kind of a man do you think he is? ??? * Analyzing Visuals * (page 25) ??? G. Reading Focus – Predicting: What do you think Zaroff will say to Rainsford? ???

  10. Pages 27, 28, 29, 30 H. Reading Focus – Predicting: What animal is Zaroff describing? ??? I. Reading Focus – Predicting: What do you think will happen tomorrow? ??? J. Literary Focus – Suspense: Why would the men choose to be hunted? How does this sentence add to the suspense? ??? K. Reading Focus – Predicting: Will Rainsford go to see Zaroff’s new collection of heads? Why or why not? ??? L. Reading Focus – Predicting: What does Zaroff mean? ???

  11. Pages 32, 33, 34, 35 M. Literary Focus – Suspense: Re-read this paragraph. How does Connell create suspense here? ??? N. Reading Focus – Predicting: Sometimes when characters ask themselves questions, the reader is left to wonder about the answer. What predictions can you make based on these questions? ??? O. Literary Focus – Foreshadowing: Rainsford compares his situation to that of a mouse being hunted by a cat. Where in the story was this feeling foreshadowed? ??? Literary Focus – Suspense: What choice does Rainsford face? How has the tension of his situation increased? ???

  12. Page 36 Q. Reading Focus – Predicting: What do you think has happened to Rainsford? What will Zaroff do now? ??? R. Literary Focus – Foreshadowing: Rainsford has always been described as a polite, well-mannered gentleman. Here, he calls himself a beast. What might this description foreshadow? ???

  13. Stop and Think!!! • Making Judgments – Do you think the story had a good ending? Explain your ideas and thoughts. • Evaluating – Earlier in the story, Rainsford judges Zaroff harshly and calls him a murderer. How has Zaroff’s game changed Rainsford’s opinion of himself? Explain the reasons for your response.

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