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Profiling & Expectations of respondents for AMP Universal Realty. Page 1. Total Sample Size. Current Shopping Behaviour. Page 3.

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  1. Profiling & Expectations of respondents for AMP Universal Realty Page 1

  2. Total Sample Size

  3. Current Shopping Behaviour Page 3

  4. If we look at the outlet preference, we can see that majority of the population are favorably disposed to shopping from both formats i.e. Malls & Traditional markets. The preference is lower in Laketown & Ultadanga. Thus signifying the opportunity for the client arcade to attract the customers from the catchment areas. (Figures in % of sample)

  5. When it comes to the outlets visited by people to buy various household / regular commodities, we see that, there is higher incidence of shopping from Local outlets . The below items listed have a higher incidence of malls and arcades located in and around Salt lake. (Figures in % of sample)

  6. Average Amount spend on each category is given below, we get the following picture- (Average Amount spent in Rs)

  7. The snapshot whether people buy branded goods or both branded and un-branded goods is as follows (Figures in % of sample)

  8. Current Shopping Visit Dynamics Page 8

  9. Majority of the people generally don’t travel more than 2km when they go to a shopping mall/arcade; People in Ultadanga and Baguihati generally like to go to an arcade which is within 1km from their house At an overall level, people generally travel upto 30 mins to go & visit a shopping mall & arcade. Hence, there will be high propensity of people in the sample catchments to visit the client arcade. (Figures in % of sample)

  10. When visiting a mall / shopping arcade, on an average more than 2 people visit the mall. The below table summarizes the results for all the catchments. (avg no of people visiting a mall / shopping arcade together) When it comes to the mode of travel availed of when visiting Malls / Arcades in Salt Lake, the highest incidence is for Auto rickshaw & Bus. This is very favorable for the client, as the location of the Mall is near a major junction (Baisakhi) which is well connected by Autos & Buses. (Figures in % of sample)

  11. Shopping Arcade Visit Dynamics Page 11

  12. City Centre 1 is by far the most popular mall / arcade in the catchment, followed by Big Bazaar VIP. (Figures in % of sample)

  13. We can see that almost 10% of the people in Salt lake Sector 1 & 2 visit City Centre every 2-3 days. 1 in 3 people visit the mall once in 2 weeks or more frequently. This proportion is also pretty high for Kestopur, Laketown, Baguihati & Ultadanga. This points to frequent visitors for the client mall / arcade. The following table highlights the frequency of visit for Mani Square - (Figures in % of sample)

  14. If we look at the mode of travel used to visit the malls in the vicinity of salt lake – we see a high incidence for Auto as well as walking to the mall, this is very positive for the client. (mode of travel used to visit City Centre 1) (mode of travel used to visit Mani Square)

  15. Dining Out Dynamics Page 15

  16. If we look at the frequency of going out for lunch / dinner; we see that approx 40% of the people go out for lunch / dinner atleast once a month. When going out for Lunch or dinner we see that majority of the people go out in groups of 3-4 people. (Figures in % of sample)

  17. When looking at the outlet preference for dining out, there is high scope for footfalls in the client mall, as most of the people prefer a restaurant in the nearby localities. When looking at the amount of money spent / head when dining out, we see that majority of the people prefer restaurants where the cost of food is less than Rs. 200 / head (Figures in % of sample)

  18. There is a high preference for Non-Veg food among the residents of the catchment areas. The client arcade ideally should have a high proportion of restaurants / outlets that serve Non-Veg food. When asked about the cuisine preference, the following table summarizes the responses of the respondents. The highest preference is for Chinese cuisine followed by Bengali and Indian. (Figures in % of sample)

  19. Concept Evaluation Page 19

  20. We showed a concept card to the respondents, which had the various aspects of the client proposition, and took feedback on the same. The first impressions on reading the concept card are as follows - (Figures in % of sample) The variety of shops / outlets and the proximity of the enclave to residence areas are the most popular first impressions

  21. The facts liked about the mall are - (Figures in % of sample) The factors with the highest likeability are – National & International brands will be available, and availability of all items under one roof There are no dislikes at an overall level; however 23% of the people from Laketown feel that the mall is far from their house

  22. We asked the respondents to judge the concept at 3 levels – • Uniqueness of the enclave / mall • Personal relevance of the enclave / mall • Convenience of the enclave / mall (Figures in % of sample) Here, we can see that majority of the respondents are positively inclined to the concept at all 3 levels. The highest being for Convenience. The client concept has been well accepted by the people residing in the catchment areas.

  23. When we look at the Overall Likeability of the Mall, we see that there is a strong positive association with the concept. At an overall level 85% of the people like the enclave, there is no negative attitude towards the mall. (Figures in % of sample)

  24. When asked about the likeliness of visit, the responses were as follows – The visit likeliness of the respondent is also very high for the client enclave, thus it is expected that majority of the people from the above mentioned catchments would be visiting the mall. (Figures in % of sample)

  25. An enquiry into the likely day of visit, points to the below table – While there are high responses to “Visit on weekends”, something to note is that, there are high percentage of the people who have said that they would be visiting the mall on weekends as well as weekdays. This is especially high for Kestopur and Salt Lake Sector 1 & 2. (Figures in % of sample)

  26. The most frequent time of visit is between 4 – 8 pm. The respondents were also asked about the state their likely frequency of visit to the client enclave / mall. At an overall level, more than 70% of the people will be visiting the mall atleast once a month, or more frequently. For Salt Lake Sector 1 & 2, this proportion goes upto approx 84% (Figures in % of sample)

  27. Purpose of Visiting the Mall- When we asked the respondents, that for which of the following reasons would they be visiting the enclave / mall, we got the following responses – (Figures in % of sample) Shopping for Clothes & Accessories, followed by Shopping for Groceries / provisional are the most popular reasons for visiting this mall.

  28. The respondents were asked to rate the items that are essential to be present in the mall, the below table sums up the responses – (Figures in % of sample) Contd…..

  29. (Figures in % of sample)

  30. There was an opportunity for the people to give suggestions about the mall; some of the prominent responses were as follows – • Prices of products should be reasonable • The mall should have atms • There should be a medical store • There should be a lot of sitting space inside & outside the mall • The cleanliness of the mall & surrounding areas should not be compromised • Water & Toilet facilities on all floors • Other responses included – • There should be a gym • There should be a kids play area • There should be a cyber café • There should be adequate parking space • e) Shops should open early

  31. We asked the respondents for brand preference, i.e. the brands they would like to see in the mall – The top responses were- Followed by -

  32. We also asked the respondents for brand preference in terms if eating out, i.e. the food joints & restaurants they would like to see in the mall – The top responses were – Followed by -

  33. Profiling & Expectations of Salt Lake – Sector V respondents Page 33

  34. General Profiling Page 34

  35. We met employees from…. Among others… Page 35

  36. How long have they been working in Sector V Age of the respondents Income of the respondents Fig in % Page 36

  37. Food Habits Page 37

  38. 40% of the respondents go out for lunch usually… Almost all the respondents hang out after office in near by food joints. Base-All Fig in % Page 38

  39. 35% of the respondents go out for lunch / dinner on a daily basis Base-All Fig in % Page 39

  40. The people from Sector V usually go to a food joint within 1 km, and where they can reach within 15 mins Base-All Fig in % Page 40

  41. The majority of people usually go out in groups of 3 or 4. There exists a significant chunk of people (21%) who go out in larger groups on a regular basis No of People Accompanying Base-All Fig in % Page 41

  42. More than half the people walk to their destination Almost 90% of the people go to a local restaurant / hotel in Sector V Base-All Fig in % Page 42

  43. Approx 70% of respondents usually spend upto Rs. 200 per head when going out for lunch / dinner Preference is the highest for Bengali & Chinese cuisine; Non- Veg has the highest preference, with 96% of the respondents opting for it Base-All Fig in % Page 43

  44. Concept Evaluation Page 44

  45. At an Overall level around 8 out of 10 respondents like the mall and are likely to visit it. Base-All Fig in %

  46. The primary reasons for visiting the mall would be – (i) Shopping for clothes, accessories, (ii) Visiting the food court, coffee shops (iii) Restaurant , fine dining Frequency of Visit More than 40% of the respondents would be visiting the mall at least once a week Base-All Fig in % Page 46

  47. Majority of the respondents want Bengali & Chinese cuisine to be present in the mall. The average budget for eating out has been stated as Rs. 245, 2/3rd of the respondents want the price of food to be upto Rs. 200 / head Base-All Fig in % Page 47

  48. Reebok & KFC are the most desired brands for the respondents. Most Desired Brands Most Desired Joints Fig in % Base-All

  49. Ample sitting space along with shops opening early are the primary suggestions from the respondents. Base-All Fig in %

  50. Population Enumeration Page 50

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