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Scents of Science

Scents of Science

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Scents of Science

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  1. Scents of Science

  2. Summary This article is about that scientist are trying to find a machine to sniff out human diseases. That machine can help with type 1 diabetes. It can prevent you from pricking yourself several times a day to see your blood pressure. This machine would help by detecting that you need more insulin. Insulin is (an organ that is part of the digestive system) that helps the body use glucose as fuel. The scientist Goma has built a acetonesniffer so ifyouhaveacentonethe machine detectsit. Acetoneisa chemical produced by the body. Goma’steamisworkingonanothersniffing machine tohelpotherdisease’slikekidneydiseaseorasthmaattacks. Forpeoplethathaveasthmathey are planningondoing a machine thatdetectsbefore time so you can eatyourmedication. Anotherscientistnameddottydidsevral test onpeoplethatsmoked and thatbreathedin smoke and dust  and he discovered that people that smoke lose their sense of smell and people that breathe smoke and dust couldn’t smell as people that don’t. Dotty is hopping that with the smell test a lot of illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s can bedetected in anearlystagetoavoidtheprogress of theillness.

  3. Connections to science • I thought this article connected to science for many reasons. • Because I think that technology and machines are all part of science • Also because in science you are dealing with experiments. • And because in science you are usually always trying to find a solution to a new discovery.

  4. Why did you choose this story • I choose this story because I found it interesting because it showed me lots of different ways of solving problems that we have in our world.

  5. Questions I had? • A question I had what causes all of these diseases and why our body’s stop working properly. • What made the scientist create that invention?

  6. I answered these questions by: • I answered these questions by reaserching.