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North Catholic High School

North Catholic High School. Technology Plan SY ’04-’05 thru SY ’07-’08. Technology & Educational Restructuring CMU Course F04-91850-A2 Presented by: Jim Lenkner December 15, 2004. Mission and Vision. Mission

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North Catholic High School

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  1. North Catholic High School Technology Plan SY ’04-’05 thru SY ’07-’08 Technology & Educational Restructuring CMU Course F04-91850-A2 Presented by: Jim Lenkner December 15, 2004

  2. Mission and Vision • Mission • To build a caring yet challenging community of faith and learning through: Nurturing deep personal faith; Delivering the highest quality education of the whole person, kindling a love of learning and the pursuit of excellence; Cultivating and celebrating a diversity of gifts; Providing a family spirit of hospitality, participation, and belonging; Developing a genuine and active concern for the needs and rights of others; and Instilling habits of observation,reflection, critical thinking, and action to shape the future. • Vision • Technology at North Catholic enables students to pursue the highest quality education and become lifelong learners in every field of endeavor. North Catholic students and faculty are fluent in technological tools that connect academic inquiry to the life of the community in the spirit of social responsibility, participation, and deep personal faith.

  3. Current Status Challenges Declining enrollment Lack of technology Lack of school-wide network Teaching staff not trained in technology Limited budget Teacher time Lack of tech support Strengths • Rigorous academics • Tradition and Spirit • Talented teachers and students • Close ties with parents & Community • Active alumni • Committed leadership

  4. Curriculum & Learning • Goal 1 • Students will become fluent users of technology to gather information, analyze data and communicate effectively • Objective 1.1 • Students will utilize online resources including full-text databases to gather information • Objective 1.2 • Students will use technology to understand, interpret and report numerical and statistical information • Objective 1.3 • Students will be able to use electronic presentation and publishing tools

  5. Administration and Management • Goal 2 • A school “dashboard” technology will be installed to allow teachers to access and maintain student student data as well as post curriculum activities & schedules • Objective 2.1 • Teachers will use “dashboard” software for grades and assignments • Objective 2.2 • Teachers and administration will use individual and class progress reports to help guide curriculum planning

  6. Communication and Information Access • Goal 3 • The school will use technology to improve communication between administration, staff and parents • Objective 3.1 • The school website will be expanded to become an electronic publication of current news about the school • Objective 3.2 • Email newsletters will be used to communicate to parents and alumni • Objective 3.3 • Student newspaper will be published once again using electronic publishing tools

  7. Action Plan ’04-’05 • Resources • IT Coordinator, Librarian and students • Administration & Tech Committee • Administration • IT Coordinator • IT Coordinator / Students • Duquesne University and consultant • Teachers & Administration • Technology Upgrade • Replace library technology (min. 10 PCs) • Implement very high speed connectivity through Wireless Neighborhoods • Purchase additional video projector and laptop • Add two new workstations to teacher prep room • Extend ad-hoc wireless access to areas chosen by teachers • Training • Train librarian and teachers in current online research methodology • Encourage and promote student use of technology

  8. Action Plan ’05-’06 • Resources • IT Coordinator, Job Corps workers, Tech Committee • IT Coordinator • Administration • Administration / vendor / CMU • IT Coordinator / Students • CMU Robotics Institute • Vendor / Administration / CMU • Consultant – Art Institute collaboration • Technology Upgrade • Install building network to all classrooms & administration • Install teacher desktop/laptop computers (teacher option) • Replace administration pcs • Transition from EDUNET to “Dashboard” • Install Cisco Training Center • Create First Lego League Team • Refurbish Computer Center A • Replace 20 pcs in Computer Center B • Training • Train all teachers in “dashboard” at conclusion of ’04-’05 and at start of new school year • Train coordinating teacher and students in publishing tools for school newspaper

  9. Action Plan ’06-’07 • Resources • IT Coordinator, Job Corps workers, Tech Committee • IT Coordinator • Cisco teacher / Tech Committee • Art teacher(s) / students • IT Coordinator / Students • Vendor / Administration • Consultants / other collaborations • CMU – other higher education partners • Technology Upgrade • Replace PCs in both computer labs with current technology • Supplement classroom technology with additional pcs where indicated • Create a fully wireless facility • Expand Cisco Academy as needed • Expand visual arts & media production capability for school newspaper, audio and video production • Training • Continue to train teachers in “dashboard” • Offer higher level training for teachers and staff in data analysis, use of the web and content creation • Explore innovative applications

  10. Community Involvement • Diocese of Pittsburgh • Current Student Leadership Program partners with many Catholic elementary schools • Cisco Academy to be first in Diocese school system • Extend tech support services to Diocesan business office • Extend tech support to other schools within Diocesan system • Extend tech support to parishes • Higher Education • Current arrangements with University of Pittsburgh, Carlow, and La Roche College for college credits • UPMC Sports Medicine Clinic to partner in athletic training certificate program • CMU Robotics Institute – FLL / Cisco • Allegheny Intermediate Unit • Adult education classes currently scheduled at NC to be continued • Troy Hill Civic Association • Early discussions taking place to explore how NC can contribute to community development

  11. Evaluation / Assessment • Curriculum & Learning • Annual teacher tech skill surveys plus pre-post training results • Student technology skill survey including portfolio and other tech projects • Professional development participation tracked and reported to administration and board • Academic competitions and technology challenges such as First Lego League • Library utilization measured & reported • Participation in Cisco Academy and other career paths tracked • Administration & Management • Benchmarks established including timelines for systems integration • Budget targets identified and expenses monitored by board • Teacher / Parent satisfaction surveys conducted • Technology committee activity reported to board • Incident/complaint tracking and reporting system in place • Teacher compliance measured • Communications & Information • Teacher/Student/Parent use of “dashboard” tracked & reported monthly • Use of school website tracked & reported monthly • Alumni use of website and email-blasts tracked, surveyed & reported

  12. North Catholic High School • Questions & Comments

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