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Sadaqah- Everything That You Should Know! PowerPoint Presentation
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Sadaqah- Everything That You Should Know!

Sadaqah- Everything That You Should Know!

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Sadaqah- Everything That You Should Know!

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  1. Sadaqah- Everything That You Should Know!

  2. Sadaqah means voluntary charity made by Muslims for Allah. The charity not only includes charity in monetary terms, instead it also includes compassion, love, generosity, passion, etc. This act of charity thus requires an individual to give away things completely out of love and their desire to do good for society as a whole. By performing such acts of charity, Muslim’s wealth will not diminish instead they shall seek blessings from Allah for their whole life and also for life after death. Hence, men and women who perform charity, their good deeds would keep multiplying and they will be awarded with noble rewards.

  3. Who should do charity? • As per Prophet, every Muslim should perform Sadaqah even the ones who have nothing to give. They should make efforts to work and earn a living, and out of that they should give something in charity. If in case it is impossible for them to do such acts, they should at least do charity for people who are in real need and requires help. Muslim charity can really helpindividuals perform good deeds and keep away from evil for their whole life. 

  4. Rewards from charity • Often people confuse doing Sadaqah with an intention of getting money in return. However, it is important for an individual to understand that return is not always in monetary terms but it can also be in terms of rewards which shall come up even after life. When individuals distribute their money without keeping an account for it, it is said and believed that even Allah generously gives away to people without keeping a count of the same. 

  5. Charity for school • One of the best ways of performing Sadaqah is to make donations in Muslim school.The donations in school can be used for imparting education in students and making them knowledgeable. This is not all; it also helps in the making of bright future and a successful nation benefiting society as a whole. Individuals willing to make contributions in school can either perform it in monetary terms or can make efforts to help students gain knowledge.

  6. Distribution of Quran reading material • Distributing Quran reading material is also considered as an act of Sadaqah benefit of which is not only achieved by the person distributing the material but also the ones reading it. Once thematerial is distributed, every time reader reads it benefit of the same is gained by people during life and even after life.

  7. Distributing food and water • Providing needy people with food and water is considered to be one of the noblest tasks to perform. Donating food and water to such needy people can give individuals a good life, and enable them live peacefully. To ensure that food and water reaches to everyone, one can getassociated with charitable organizations and ensure that it gets delivered to each and every needy across the world.From the above mentioned facts it is well evident that, performing Sadaqah is the responsibility of every Muslim which is performed to get blessings from God.

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