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Hospitality Pos Software in Sydney PowerPoint Presentation
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Hospitality Pos Software in Sydney

Hospitality Pos Software in Sydney

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Hospitality Pos Software in Sydney

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  1. Hospitality POS Solutions

  2. Fine Dinning Full Service – Restaurants • Do you run a Fine Dining Full Service restaurant? Are you looking for a POS solution that takes the headache out of your critical operations and helps you manage your restaurant efficiently and effectively? • As a full service restaurant POS, Aldelo Pro for Restaurants is the perfect solution for your business. You can manage your dine-ins, take-aways, deliveries with easy-to-use touch screen interface. Manage your staff, inventory, menus, discounts & surcharges with the back-office interface that only takes minutes to get used to

  3. Cafés Cafés • Any cafe business is unpredictable and brings new challenges with it every day. Be it staff shortage or inventory run-out, you are faced with new uncertainties on regular basis. Aldelo Pro can help you face these challenges with a lot more confidence. You can be assured that your point of sale solution will help you face these uncertainties head-on. • Aldelo Pro is the perfect café POS and a cash register replacement. In addition to providing all the features that an advanced cash register may provide, Aldelo Pro for cafes provides a tighter control of your business and helps you achieve maximum efficiency. • If you are like other café operators for whom time is a valuable (and sometimes sparse) commodity, Aldelo Pro is the perfect Café POS for your business.

  4. Take - Away / Delivery Take - Away / Delivery • Aldelo Lite for Restaurants is the perfect point of sale solution for Take-Away & Delivery restaurants that only need the ability to create, modify and settle orders. This perfect Take-Away & Delivery POS solution offers you with the ability to track your deliveries, customer details and customer order history. • Aldelo Lite for Restaurants offers an exceptional value at a very low entry price. • This exceptional Delivery & Take-Away POS solution not only includes all the benefits offered by a traditional cash register, but its advanced features provide you with the POS capability that only a computerised touch screen solution can offer.

  5. Pizza Shops Pizza - Shops • Do you run a busy Pizza Delivery & Take-Away business? • Aldelo, with its advanced Pizza builder screens is the perfect solution to meet your business needs. Ability to create half and half pizza, crust type, custom ingredient pricing and advanced delivery features makes Aldelo POS perfect for Pizza delivery & take-away businesses.

  6. Pubs Bar & Bistro Pubs Bar & Bistro • Irrespective of the size of your venue, POS PEOPLE can provide you with a solution that can be customised to meet your needs. Our pubs and bar point of sale solution will help you reduce customer service time, better manage your inventory & staff schedule and focus on other important aspects of your business. • Our flagship POS Solution, Aldelo offers numerous features that make it a perfect pos solution for bars & bistros.

  7. Contact Us Visit: Email: Contact:1300 79 82 69 Fax:1300 79 44 02 Address: 1.03, 29-31 Lexington Drive Bella Vista NSW 2153