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Oliver Hansen, Student, 16 years

Edutainment - Learning from the primary schools... PhD Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen CEO Serious Games Interactive 18. April 2007, Copenhagen.

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Oliver Hansen, Student, 16 years

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  1. Edutainment- Learning from the primary schools... PhD Simon Egenfeldt-NielsenCEO Serious Games Interactive18. April 2007, Copenhagen ”Educational games are fundamentally different than the prevalent instructional paradigm. They are based on challenge, reward, learning through doing and guided discovery, in contrast to ”tell and test” methods of traditional instruction.” -Report of the Federation of American Scientiest, ”Educational Games 2006”

  2. ”I learned more history from this game in one day than I have learned from the teaching the last 6 months” Oliver Hansen, Student, 16 years

  3. What is the product Target groups Global Conflicts: Palestine target students of 13-19 years Subjects: • Primary: Citizensship & History • Secondary: Media, religion, ethics, geography & communication Danish 8th graders using the game early 2006.

  4. f Welcome to the reality Material from Global Conflicts: Palestine online learning resource.

  5. Welcome to Global Conflicts: Palestine In-game shots from the game Global Conflicts: Palestine

  6. Checkpoint! Feel and understand the tense atmosphere and problems of the conflict of Palestine

  7. Build trust by understanding and exploring different perspectives to get people’s personal story

  8. Breath-taking engagement with people, you, the journalist, makes your mark on the media coverage

  9. Students explore and learn from detailed and scary environment - they see the inside of the conflict

  10. What is Global Conflicts: Palestine Gameplay You Goal Means Winning Freelance journalist Get the best article Find informants Gain their trust Get their story Dig out best quotes Put together article Highest journalist level

  11. What is the product Blended learning experience • Experiential: The games provides a virtual tour to the conflict with concrete experiences that provide a strong starting point for learning about the topic. • Learning styles: Dynamic feedback, interaction that makes a differences, multimodal encoding, mistakes are safe to make & you are present with challnges.

  12. ddd simple tests Background for students: Timeline, documents, encyclopedia & links: Specific themes: Work questions, small tests, links, video & pictures Meet and discuss with other students: Forum & newsletter In-depth online learning companion w. integrated webshop for digital distribution

  13. What is the product Teaching form Teacher talks Play Game Group discussions Plenum • Read textbook • Overview of theme • Explore perspectives • Experience issues • Discuss experiences • Write article • Debriefing • Evaluation

  14. Reflective observation Group work Lecture Abstract concepts Concrete experiences GC: Palestine Active experimentation Empirical study Different rooms for learning styles • Kolb’s cycle covered with different teaching forms in the course. • The teacher is crucial to facilitate a full learning experience.

  15. Empirical study Qualitative feedback “Global Conflicts: Palestine is a fun and different way to receive learning” (Female student, 18 years) “You had a greater desire to learn about the topic from Global Conflicts: Palestine” (Male student, 16 years) ”You learn a lot about how Israelis and Palestinians respectively look at the conflict, because you talk to different persons... I think it is good that the stories derive from reality, providing the stories with a realistic tone.” (Female student, 18 years)

  16. Empirical study Students want more... • 90% students find it to be an interesting course • 88% students find it to be an interesting educational material • 59 % students find they learned more • 90% students wants to try a similar course again Sample: 51 Danish High school low-middle class students after a one-week course

  17. Other support for effiency Most research say you learn from games - at least the same as other teaching methods. Below overview of studies that support learning from games • More motivated & engaged • Activity perceived as more challenging • Rention is often better

  18. Closing • Next generation of game-based learning is in the making. • Research suggest that game-based learning is very effective • Team needed to build next-gen game-based learning more complex • Nordic learning approach gaining ground Contact: sen@seriousgames.dk Web: www.seriousgames.dk

  19. Gruppediskussion: Fra folkeskole til virksomhed Der er nu tid til at diskutere og konkludere, hvorfor og hvordan avancerede læringsspil fra folkeskolen kan anvendes til relevante formåli virksomheder. - Hvilke formål kan spil som GC:Palestine bruges til i virksomheder? - Hvad kan avancerede læringsspil gøre for læringen i virksomheder?

  20. EdutainmentFrom thinking to action, this is what it takes...PhD Simon Egenfeldt-NielsenCEO Serious Games Interactive18. April 2007, Copenhagen Most of what goes under the name "edutainment" reminds me of George Bernard Shaw's response to a famous beauty who speculated on the marvelous child they could have together: "With your brains and my looks ..." He retorted, "But what if the child had my looks and your brains?" (Papert, 1998: 88)

  21. Common pitfalls in edutainment… Little intrinsic motivation: Extrinsic motivation through rewards, rather than intrinsic motivation. No integrated learning experience: Lacks integration of the learning experience with playing experience - learning subordinated play experience. Drill-and-practice learning principles: Rely on drill-and-practice rather than understanding – training above learning. No teacher presence: No demands on teachers or parents. Simple gameplay: Built on a simple gameplay from classic titles. Small budgets: Produced on limited budgets with limited technology.

  22. Same topics - different game... Sales training Fona Quiz show: The player must get all the answers right and compete with other colleagues. Treasure hunt: The player must explore different web-sites and sources in competition with colleagues to answer the most questions. Virtual job: The player explores a virtual universe with different sources, people and methods for making the sale in competition with other colleagues. Edutainment Next-gen (Serious Games) Quiz show Treasure hunt Virtual job

  23. 101 Games development • Many different genres (action, simulation, strategy, adventure, RPG).. • On different platforms (pc, consoles, mobiles) • With different complexity level: • Singelplayer -> multiplayer • 2D graphics -> 3D graphics • Small universe -> large univers • 15 minutes -> 50 hours playtime • Everybody might play games, although many still don’t and games are played very differently. Latest US survey find average gamer is 33 years...

  24. A consortium on game-based learning • Get competitive advantage on education of employees • Brand company as innovative & attractive on a world-wide scale • Save money but making learning more effective and long-lasting. Roles i. Serious Games: Concept development, storyboarding, design, programming and test IMS: Concept development, learning goals, learing flow, script-writing, adjustment to learning in companies and test 4 customers: Expert content, testing and implementation

  25. Setting up the consortium Specs: 3D, virtual world, 4 levels w. 30 minutes gameplay. Budget: 5 mio. DKK Time: 15 months Your resources: 2 man month pr. level spread over development Shared resources: Technology, assets, learning & experiences. Game Basic framework Shared assets Customized each partners

  26. Timeline & milestones 2 months 3 months 2 months 6 months 2 months 1 months Concept Prototype Pre-production Production Testing Go • Research • Concept • Gameplay • Scope • Genre • Setting • Budget • IPR • Learning goals • Basic code • Environment • Playable Lvl • Proof concept • All assets • Playable Lvl • Environment • Proof concept • Lock features • Make all lvls • Testing • Packaging Example: anti-McDonalds training game.

  27. Mini-møde: Barrierer og muligheder I holder holder parvis møder om barrierer og muligheder forbundet med avancerede læringsspil i jeres virksomhed. Kontaktinfo: Serious Games Interactive Njalsgade 92, 2. Sal 2300 København S www.seriousgames.dk Sen@seriousgames.dk

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