freedom from your opiate addiction n.
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Freedom from Your Opiate Addiction PowerPoint Presentation
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Freedom from Your Opiate Addiction

Freedom from Your Opiate Addiction

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Freedom from Your Opiate Addiction

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  1. Freedom from Your Opiate Addiction

  2. Opiate addiction is perhaps one, if not the, most dangerous and pervasive addictions that has developed over the past decade. In the United States, the rate at which Americans are becoming addicted is becoming more common and more deadly. Experts believe that within the next decade, there will be on death per minute that can be attributed to opiate addiction. Are you seeking help for your opiate addiction? Clean living at Riviera Recoverycan provide you with the opportunity to change your life.

  3. What is an Opioid? Some people may be wondering what exactly an opioid is, and they wouldn’t be alone because most people don’t refer to these common drugs with that particular term. That being said, an opioid is an opiate substance that is derived from opium. These are the most popular, well-known, and dangerous opioids: • Morphine • Codeine • Thebaine

  4. There are also opioid variations known as “Semi-synthetic” which have been created in labs and can be just as addictive and life threatening: • Hydromorphone • Hydrocodone • Oxycodone otherwise known as “Oxycontin” • Heroin

  5. How Can We Help? At Riviera Recovery, we offer treatment for opiate addiction clean living is possible through our outpatient facility. We are located in Malibu, California and have over two acres of lush nature to serve as the most peaceful backdrop to your treatment. Our staff has over 80 years of combined experience and years of sobriety as well. We are one of the nation’s leading sober living communities and have a comprehensive program as well as a range of resources and amenities that will enhance your treatment experience so you can stay sober.

  6. Riviera Recovery 6531 Zumirez Drive Malibu, CA, 90265 USA PH: 866.478.8799