key principles of heroin addiction rehabs n.
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Key Principles of Heroin Addiction Rehabs PowerPoint Presentation
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Key Principles of Heroin Addiction Rehabs

Key Principles of Heroin Addiction Rehabs

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Key Principles of Heroin Addiction Rehabs

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  1. Key Principles of Heroin Addiction Rehabs

  2. Heroin is a complex drug, which when a patient gets addicted to, they become a danger to themselves as well as the people around them. A patient addicted to heroin has his thinking power compromised to such a level that they are unable to set right and wrong apart.

  3. In the mid 1970’s, a scientific research showed that special treatments can stop a patient from using drugs. In fact, it can help a patient avoid a relapse. This is why heroin addiction rehabs in Los Angeles were opened. These rehabs were formed on some key principles, which includes:

  4. Drug addiction is a treatable disease, which affects a person’s behavior and brain function • The treatment covers multiple needs of a patient and not just relief from their drug addiction • The patient is required to remain in treatment for a certain period of time until a professional deems him or her worthy of functioning in the outside world

  5. Counseling: Group, individual and behavioral therapies are crucial in the treatment • Medications must be given under strict supervision • The treatment plan of an individual must be modified if a patient shows signs of slow progress

  6. Apart from the patient’s drug problem, other mental disorders must also be treated • Necessary treatment can be administered by force • Regular monitoring to avoid relapses

  7. When patients are admitted to a heroin addiction rehab in Los Angeles, they are checked for AIDS/HIV, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis C and B and other contagious diseases. This helps doctors to treat patients with the right medicine.

  8. Riviera Recovery 6531 Zumirez Drive Malibu, CA, 90265 USA PH : 866.478.8799