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Quality Addiction Outpatient Treatment PowerPoint Presentation
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Quality Addiction Outpatient Treatment

Quality Addiction Outpatient Treatment

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Quality Addiction Outpatient Treatment

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  1. Quality Addiction Outpatient Treatment

  2. Are you one of the million of Americans suffering from addiction? Do you drink to excess or take drugs that numb you to the stresses of life? If so, you may be in need of an addiction outpatient treatment program. At Riviera Recovery, we say that our mission is for each of our clients to “Obtain your full potential. It’s possible!”

  3. Riviera Recovery has many years of successfully serving the community with our premier addiction outpatient treatment facility. We have devoted ourselves to creating a positive environment that will help you stay sober. There are many benefits to staying sober: • Better physical health • Improved mental state • Longer life • A feeling of being more connected to friends, family, and the world

  4. What’s the difference between inpatient and outpatient treatment? At our addiction outpatient treatment center, we focus on daily treatment that will allow you to return home or some other living arrangement during non-treatment hours. This is the perfect program for people who need to maintain their education in process, work hours, or volunteer or family responsibilities.

  5. Our addiction outpatient treatment program is comprehensive and led by a compassionate, educated, and experienced group of addiction specialists. We offer a positive balance of freedom and support. At our center, you can truly begin to live your new sober life but always know that we’re here for any challenges.

  6. At Riviera Recovery, our team of addiction specialists is completely dedicated to providing you with a range of resources and services that can increase your chances of staying sober. To learn more about quality addiction outpatient treatment head to Riviera Recovery.

  7. Riviera Recovery 6531 Zumirez Drive Malibu, CA, 90265 USA PH: 866.478.8799