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CIMBA Pre-Departure Orientation

CIMBA Pre-Departure Orientation. Taking care of details…. Have I turned in all required forms? Check your VIP Page! Is my financial aid set up? Set up ISIS for direct deposit – American checks aren’t good in Italy. Have I registered for class?

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CIMBA Pre-Departure Orientation

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  1. CIMBA Pre-Departure Orientation

  2. Taking care of details… • Have I turned in all required forms? • Check your VIP Page! • Is my financial aid set up? • Set up ISIS for direct deposit – American checks aren’t good in Italy. • Have I registered for class? • At what point should I be worried about my passport?

  3. Money Matters • What is the current exchange rate? • As of 4/9: 1 Euro = 1.305 USD • Keep this in mind when you’re spending. Coins are worth a lot! • What forms of payment are most common in Italy? • Cash • Is there an ATM near campus? • There is an ATM on campus and one just down the road.

  4. Money Matters • How should I handle my bills while I’m gone? • Online access or somebody at home • What should I do if my wallet is lost or stolen? • ALWAYS keep a copy of your passport in a SEPARATE location from your passport. • Have the numbers to call for your debit and credit cards as well as any information that you will need to cancel them. • Order a back-up debit card.

  5. Packing • Should I bring a backpack or suitcase? • I recommend 1 suitcase and one sturdy bag for traveling on breaks • What should I bring in my carry-on? • Laptop • Documents (including passport) • iPod and any other essentials that you might need during travel • What do students wear to class? • What they wear at their home institution • Do I need to bring anything dressy? • Business casual for company tours (with close-toed shoes) • Also semi-formal wear for formal dinners • Should I bring workout clothes? • You will need some comfortable clothing if you plan on working out • How do prescriptions work? • I would recommend that you bring enough for the entire semester. • However, there is a pharmacy down the street if you need over-the-counter medicines.

  6. Packing • Will my electronics work in Italy? • Computers, iPods, cameras, battery chargers • Hair appliances, electric razors, plug-in clocks • Do I need an adaptor and converter? • Adapter if it will accept 220 V • Converter if it won’t • Should I bring my travel & living guide?

  7. Packing • Should I bring school supplies with me? • Bring at least a pen, pencil and 1 notebook to start. • Some classes may require a financial calculator. • What about textbooks? NO! Included • What items should I wait to buy in Italy? • Laundry supplies, hairdryers/straighteners/curlers

  8. Making your way… • How early should I get to the airport? • Get to the airport at least TWO-THREE HOURS before your flight. • How will I get from Marco Polo Airport to campus? • Bus, Train, Bus • There will be a Resident Assistant to guide you in the Mestre train station. • You will receive an e-mail with very detailed instructions the week before arrival • Don’t stress! We are here to help!

  9. Entry into Italy • As an American citizen, you are allowed to travel in Europe for 90 days as a Tourist • When border security asks why you are in Italy, you tell them you are a Tourist and when you’ll be leaving. • Some schools require a student visa and others don’t. If you don’t have a student visa then you are traveling as a TOURIST!

  10. Marco Polo Airport to Mestre train station Buy a bus ticket at the airport at an ATVO Ticket Station ATVO Bus Stop – Get onto bus to Mestre train station

  11. Arriving in Mestre Mestre Train Station Walk Into the Train Station

  12. If you wind up on the Island –No problem Follow signs in Venice to AllaFerrovia (train station) Piazzale Roma - Ferrovia

  13. Meanwhile,Back in Mestre… Station “Lobby” Schedule Board – Look for Bassano del Grappa Check for departure time and bin (platform) number

  14. Buying a Ticket Ticket Machines (similar) or at the counter A Train Ticket

  15. Don’t forget to validate! Validate Your Ticket Take the stairs to your “Binario” (platform)

  16. Wait for your train on the platform Wait on Platform Get on This Train

  17. Bassano - Paderno Last Stop – Bassano del Grappa Campus!

  18. Making your way… • How do I find out about shuttles to campus? • There will be an e-mail a week before you leave. • What if I miss the shuttle or get lost? • See directions in the travel & living guide. You can either try the public bus or take a taxi (easier, will cost you around 20-35 Euros) from the Bassano del Grappa train station. Tell them “Istitutto Filippin in Paderno del Grappa” and they will know where to take you. • What if I get lost or my flight is delayed a lot? • The office is tracking flights. If your flight has landed a while ago and you still haven’t arrived to campus, we know you are lost. You will be given a phone number to call if this happens. Go to a newspaper stand, buy a calling card, and call. We have been waiting for your call and will help!

  19. Getting settled… • What happens once I arrive on campus? • Check-in • Orientation • Optional campus tours • Do I need to arrive by a certain time? • Before 6 PM • Will there be class or any other activities that day? • Orientation • Optional campus tours • Will I have time to call home? • PLEASE CALL HOME. You don’t want panicked parents, and neither do we. • Will any meals be served? • Yes…Dinner will be served

  20. The Campus • Istituto Fillipin • Full-service facility • Recreation facilities • Laundry • Dining Hall

  21. Campus Life • What are the residence halls like? • Nice, maid service twice a week, own bathroom, singles and doubles • Will I be able to work out? • Yes • What is the laundry system like? • Sign up for a time in the room, use provided tokens to wash/dry.

  22. Taking Classes in Italy • How are the summer classes scheduled? • Block A: 8:00-9:30 • Block B: 9:30-11:00 • Block C: 11:00-12:00 • Block schedule times will change each week • Lunch at 11:30 and 12:30 • Afternoon block classes • Twice a week for 4hrs starting at 2:00pm • Dinner at 6:45 • What are the classes like? • Small and interactive • Will I have to do assignments over the travel breaks? • No

  23. Taking Classes in Italy • Do I have to go to class? • Yes. A missed class will result in a reduced grade. Miss 3 classes and risk getting sent home. • What extracurricular activities/excursions are offered? • Company Tours, formal dinners, newsletter, intramural sports,wine appreciation seminar, and anything else you’d like to create!

  24. Paderno & the Veneto • What is Paderno like? • Quintessential Italian town • Is it easy to get around? • If trains or buses can’t get you there, Fabio or Alberto will by taxi! • How’s the Summer weather? • Depends • Some summers it has been hot and humid around 90 • Other summers it has been cool and rainy around 60 • Pack anticipating both to happen

  25. Paderno & the Veneto • What’s the nightlife like? • There are 2 bars and a pizzaria in Paderno • Think of them as a place to relax with friends and meet a few locals • What is there to do for fun? • Sports complex on campus • Hang out in the Iowa Room • Grab a pastry and a cappuccino at Alpina • Explore the nearby towns • Hike Mt. Grappa • Go on a wine tour • Shop the Sunday morning market in Crespano • What towns in the region did you visit? • Asolo • Bassano del Grappa • Crespano del Grappa • Castelcucco • Castelfranco Veneto • Fonte • Marostica • Montebelluna • Padova • Treviso • Valdobbiadene • Venezia • Vicenza • Verona

  26. Keeping in touch… • If I end up purchasing a cell phone from a semester student, how does it work? • Pay-as-you-go, Vodafone Italia phones • Rechargeable at the tabacchi • Are there payphones on campus? • Yes, but use Skype (it is a lot cheaper then buying a phone card) • Use Skype to keep in touch with friends and family!

  27. Keeping in touch… • Where can I check my email? • Computer lab on campus • Free Wi-Fi in the library • Dorm room (internet personal login required) • Is there a post office nearby? • Yes • What is the best way to ship items to or from Italy? • USPS/Posta Italiana for value • FedEx or UPS for speed • Make sure to label contents appropriately and give it enough time. Refer to Travel and Living Guide for tips.

  28. Behavior and Safety • Low crime rate in Italy, mainly theft • Campus has 24 hour security and is much safer than the larger cities • Be aware of your surroundings • Don’t give into the “ugly American” stereotype! • Represent your home institution and CIMBA well while you’re abroad

  29. Travel Opportunities • Summer • Two long weekends • 2nd & 3rd weekends • One normal weekend • 1st weekend • 100% INDEPENDENT!

  30. Travel FAQs • Do you recommend buying a Eurail Pass? • Yes for the summer program if you plan to travel after the program for more than one week • How are the budget airlines? • Great value • Occasionally unreliable • Luggage restrictions • Alternative Airports • What were your favorite destinations? • Cinque Terre, Munich, Rome, Florence, Venice…

  31. Travel FAQs • What are hostels like? • Every hostel is different. • 10% Amazing, 70% Good, 20% Sketchy • Which travel books do you recommend? • Books with history, facts, stuff to do, and nightlife. • Don’t recommend books filled with hotels & restaurants • Do you have any other travel tips? • Don’t stress – your best memories of travel will be when you are totally lost or wind up in difficult situations. • Smile and be friendly to everyone you meet • Don’t expect English • Be Patient

  32. Useful Websites • (airline & train info) • (cheap flights in Europe) • (cheap flights ) • (info about Paderno) • (Italian train info) • (our website)

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