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Fixed Deposit Interest Calculator PowerPoint Presentation
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Fixed Deposit Interest Calculator

Fixed Deposit Interest Calculator

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Fixed Deposit Interest Calculator

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  1. Fixed Deposit Interest Calculator Fixed Deposit Calculator (FD Calculator) gives you the return on the Principal when interest is paid on quarterly compounding. Effective yield is the actual return on your Fixed Deposit. It depends on the rate of interest and the frequency of compounding. In India most of the banks do the compounding on quarterly basis and thus this Fixed Deposit Calculator can be used to know the maturity value of your fixed income deposits / securities when the compounding is done on quarterly basis. Fixed Deposits (FD) are popular savings schemes offered by banks. Banks usually offer relatively higher returns on FDs than on savings / current accounts. FD is a deposit of a fixed sum of money for a fixed period of time - which can vary anything from a few days to a few years - at a fixed interest rate known at the beginning of investment. Interest is compounded at periodic intervals like monthly, quarterly etc. In India, banks usually do quarterly interest compounding. The original deposit amount together with FD interest earned is returned to the depositor at the end of the FD maturity date. Fixed Deposit Calculator is an online investment return assessment tool to calculate the compound interest and total value of your fixed deposit investment over time. The principal amount, interest rate, maturity period in years and compounding frequency are the key components to figure out the toatl returns you can get at the end of the maturity period

  2. A Fixed Deposit is the money deposit at a banking institution that cannot be withdrawn for a certain term or period of time. Fixed Deposits is similar to your savings account but it earns at a higher interest rate. As for how long this time period is will depend on the Fixed Deposit that you are leaving it in. As for how long this time period is will depend on the Term Deposit that you are leaving it in. The penalty will be taken for taking out or cancelling your Fixed Deposits. The bank will pay you at the prevailing rates for savings account most of the time. In order to calculate fixed deposit return, this fixed deposit calculator provides you the way to compare different deposit plans available with the financial institution.To further discuss and know about fixed deposit interest visit our website at