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Well designed resume

Short manual on preparing resume. Learn how to build well designed resume.

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Well designed resume

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  1. Well designed resume Well designed career

  2. Resume: not only experience matters Before you will submit your resume to your future employer, or HR company, make sure that it contains all the needed information, but also that it is attractive visually. Take a short „resume tour” to learn how to make your CV clean and attractive. On the next few slides you will see what you should include and where especially you shoud pay attention.

  3. Personal details Personal details should contain: name, profession, address and contact details (phone, e-mail address). Most of employers expects also picture and birthday of a candidate, but it’s not an international standard. You should remember old rule, that the first impression is the strongest. Use professional, updated photo. Your name should be written with bold, bigger font, so it will leave strong impression in readers memory. Some resumes contains also title of document (resume, or curriculum vitae), which constitutes the main header. I would recommend to use your name instead. Also contact details should be easily distinguishable for reader’s eyes, what also gives certian impression of candidate.

  4. Work experience This section should be just under your personal details. Work experience usually is the key factor in selection of the right employee. More experience you have, better your chances are. You have remember though, that you have to play with all these experience „puzzles” right way – if you have a lot of them, pick up the best and place in this section. What’s important here – you have to mark dates of each chapter of your emploment history. Remember that during interview you will have to answer questions concerning gaps in your employment. If your previous experience is poor and less relevant for job your are applying than your education, you can exchange these two parts, so your future employer can see your strengths first.

  5. Education This section of your resume is especially important when you begin your career or changing your profession. Provide your future employer with name of a faculty and a school you graduated from. You can provide additional details, e.g. title of your graduation work, or information concerning your specialisation. Like in your work experience, place dates of each step of your education history.

  6. Additional information You have to remember that sometimes your language or computer skills are more important than experience. You have to remember to list languages you speak and clearly mark your profficiency. The same with computer skills. Sometimes employers are expecting you to add also your personal interests, hobbies, or memberships in NGO or other organizations. This is especially important while applying for a job in company trully commited to the idea of corporate social responsibility.

  7. Details Proverb says „The devil is in the details” and this applies also to your resume. It make it clean and attractive you have to remember about spaces, colors, fonts, and icons. It will help your employer read your resume, but will give some answer for certain questions. What details can tell about you? They might say „he thinks logically”, „he is well organized”, or exactly opposite „he is chaos”, „he can’t comunicate clearly” etc.

  8. Build your own resume with Resumesimo – free online resume builder.

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