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Understanding Leave Categories and Proper Reporting PowerPoint Presentation
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Understanding Leave Categories and Proper Reporting

Understanding Leave Categories and Proper Reporting

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Understanding Leave Categories and Proper Reporting

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  1. Understanding Leave Categories and Proper Reporting

  2. UNDERSTANDING State and TTUHSC policy Holidays Overtime Work Week HolidayComp Sick Leave Pool SickLeave Vacation Family Medical Leave Miscellaneous leaves

  3. Objectives: • Identify primary TTUHSC OP’s relating to employee work hours, holidays and leaves. • Basic interpretation of various leaves • Learn how to properly report and/or approve work hours, holidays and leave in Banner Web Time Entry (WTE) and Web Leave Report (WLR)

  4. TTUHSC Operating Policies • OP 70.06 Employee Working Hours and Holidays • OP 70.01 Leaves of Absence • OP 70.32 Family and Medical Leave (FML) Access at

  5. Approver Responsibility • WTE/WLR approvers are responsible for assuring the correct reporting of hours worked and the correct use of approved leaves including appropriate documentation. • Questions on interpretation of policies should be directed to your HR office. • Questions concerning the function of WTE/WLR should be addressed to

  6. Employee Working Hours • Work Week: Sunday through Saturday • Nonexempt employees report hours worked through Web Time Entry (or time system as directed) • Hours reported should reflect FTE. • Full Time (1.0) report 40 hours unless appropriate paid leave not available. • Part time (.5 - .99) FTE, report prorate hours and leave. • Part time .49 or less report hours worked. Not leave eligible Note: Correctional employees will use the time clock system at the unit and hours worked and leave taken will be uploaded to the payroll system. All exempt employees report only leave taken through Web Leave Report. OP 70.06

  7. Overtime • Overtime at time and one-half will be paid for hours worked over 40 in a work week. If paid leave brings total hours to over 40, all hours will be paid at straight time. • Departments may flex employees work schedules to control possibility of overtime in the work week. • Non-exempt employees must report all hours worked in WTE.

  8. Quiz • 1. An employee worked overtime one week. Can an adjustment be made the following week to avoid paying overtime since it is in the same pay period? Yes or No • 2. An employee worked 36 hours Monday-Thursday and then called in sick on Friday. Can we require the employee to report only 4 hours of sick instead of 8 in order to not have any overtime? Yes or No

  9. Holidays • The HSC holiday schedule is determined annually based on the number of holidays that fall during the work week. The number of holidays can vary year to year. Three holidays are reserved at HSC for holiday comp accrual.

  10. Holidays • Nonexempt employees report holidays on WTE. FTE .5 -1.0 eligible for holiday pay. • Holiday falls on normal week day, employee must be in paid status the work day before and work day after holiday • Holiday falls on first work day of month must be in paid status after the holiday • Holiday falls on last work day of month, must in paid status before the holiday If a nonexempt employee works on a holiday, the holiday hours and work hours are both reported on WTE OP 70.01

  11. Holiday Pay Example September Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa 1 2 3 4 5 6 To receive holiday pay, employee must be able to report work hours or paid leave on Sept 2nd. December Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 To receive holiday pay, employee must be able to report work hours or paid leave on Dec 23 and Dec 29.

  12. Holiday Comp HSC employees accrue 2 hours/mo Holiday Comp. Holiday Comp must be used within 12 months of accrual. Therefore, the Holiday Comp balance will never accrue more than 24 hours. Employees must remember to watch their Holiday Comp balance and use holiday comp before vacation. Only the employee and the approver will know to make sure that this happens. OP 70.01

  13. Quiz • Joe Employee has 24 hours of Holiday Comp, 240 hours of vacation, and 180 hours of sick leave at the beginning of March. Accruals have not been added for March. Joe submits a leave form using 40 hours of vacation time. The employee will not lose any holiday comp for March. True or False • Joe Employee still has 24 hours of Holiday Comp, 240 hours of vacation and 180 hours of sick leave at the beginning of March. Joe submits a leave form using 40 hours of vacation time. When the form is processed, the system will automatically change the entry to 24 hours of holiday comp and 16 hours of vacation. True or False

  14. Quiz • Holidays for the month of December and January are as follows: December 24th , 25th and 31st and January 1st. Calendar looks like this: • December/January • SU MO TU WE TH FR SA • 20 21 22 23 2425 26 • 27 28 29 30 31 1 2 • 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 • Suzy Employee has 41 hours of vacation and no other leave accruals. Suzy has asked for and was granted permission to be off from December 20th though January 4th. Will she receive holiday pay for the following dates: • December 24th Yes or No • December 25th Yes or No • December 31st Yes or No • January 1st Yes or No

  15. Vacation • Eligibility: New hire: Verified previous continuous state service of six months, immediate eligibility. • Eligibility at six months: the exact day of six month count • New hire January 17 Take vacation July 17 • Must have time worked to receive monthly accrual • Does TT have personal days? If absence does not qualify for sick leave, it must be reported as vacation or holiday comp. • May not have LWOP (no report of hours on work day) in order to save vacation hours. • Vacation must be preapproved in accordance with departmental procedures. OP 70.01

  16. Accrual Method in Banner • Vacation, Sick and Holiday Comp monthly accruals will be posted for nonexempt employees when the first payroll of the month is processed. The accrual will post before any leave reported through WTE is taken against the balance during the payroll process. • Exempt employees’ accruals will post with the monthly payroll process. Leave reported through Web Leave Report will be taken from balances when approval process is complete. Leave reports must be approved by the 15th of the next month. • The maximum carryover of vacation to the next fiscal year is based on years of service. Any hours over the maximum will be rolled over to the employee’s sick leave balance. OP 70.01

  17. Sick Leave • Full time employees receive 8 hours sick leave per month. Part Time employees receive a pro rata accrual based on their FTE. • Definition: When sickness, injury, or pregnancy and confinement prevent an employee’s performance of duty, or when the employee is needed to care for and assist a member of the immediate family who is actually ill. Immediate family is defined as • Individuals who reside in the employee’s household and are related by kinship, adoption, or marriage; • Foster children certified by TDPSR who reside in the employee’s household; or • Minor children, whether or not living in the employee’s household. OP 70.01

  18. Sick Leave Definition continued • An employee’s use of sick leave for family members not residing in the employee’s household is strictly limited to the time necessary to provide care and assistance to a spouse, child (minor or adult), or parent of the employee who needs such care and assistance as a direct result of a documented medical condition. • 70.01

  19. Sick Leave Documentation • Sick leave of three or more continuous days require a doctor’s certificate or some other written statement of the facts concerning the illness that is acceptable to the supervisor. • Documentation of sick leave may be requested at any time. • This documentation will remain in the department and must be kept in a secure location separate from other personnel information.OP 70.01

  20. Sick Leave Pool The Sick Leave Pool is administered centrally by the Leave Coordinator in the Lubbock Human Resources office. Sick Leave Pool hours may be awarded to an employee who suffers catastrophic illness or injury to themselves or member of the immediate family that prevents the employee from working for a continuous period of 30 or more days, forcing the employee to use all accrued leave and would cause the employee to lose compensation. The approval process for Sick Leave Pool requires an application and physician certification. OP 70.01

  21. Sick Leave Pool Award • Maximum award is based on years of service and physician’s certification: • 0<1 40 hours • 1<2 120 hours • 2<5 240 hours • 5<8 360 hours • 8<10 560 hours • 10 or more 720 hours • Hours are initially awarded based on the physician’s certification of time needed. The employee and department receive written notification of the award. • Hours awarded will be posted immediately to the employee’s sick leave pool balance. Sick leave pool hours taken will be reported in WTE/WLR. • Notify your HR office immediately when an employee returns to work. OP 70.01

  22. Quiz • John Employee begins full time work on March 1st. John previously worked for Texas Dept of Criminal Justice for 4 years. He was requested to have Friday, March 12th off of work. He would prefer to have this day off without pay as he is saving vacation time for a planned vacation in August. • Can John use vacation time in March? • Yes or No • Can John take the day off without pay? • Yes or No

  23. Quiz • Tom Faculty comes to his assistant on May 28th because he thinks his accruals are wrong. He feels that his accruals for May are not showing. Should they be? Yes or No • Can an employee use sick leave for a foster child? Yes or No • Parent? Yes or No • Ex-Spouse? Yes or No • Do employee’s have to provide a doctor’s note or other written documentation to the supervisor if they have missed work for more than three days? Yes or No

  24. Quiz • Can Sally Supervisor require a doctor’s note from the employee for less than three days absence? Yes or No • What things should Sally consider? • Who keeps up with the documentation? • Sally Supervisor receives an approval of 120 hours of sick leave pool for Joe Employee. Joe is in the hospital and very ill. Joe is a semi-monthly employee and it is June 15th. How will Joe submit his timesheet?

  25. Jury Leave An employee who is summoned for jury service or subpoenaed to serve as witness in court or administrative proceeding to which they are not a party will be given reasonable time off. Employees are to report to work any time during normal duty hours when service to the court is not required. Employee shall provide documentation of such service to their supervisor. OP 70.01

  26. Funeral Leave • Funeral leave shall not normally exceed three days. Requests for additional days (up to 2 additional) shall be submitted by the supervisor/approver through your local HR office to the Assistant Vice President for Human Resources. • Funeral leave may be taken for a death in the employee’s family: employee’s spouse, or the employee’s or the spouse’s parents, children, brothers, sisters, grandparents and grandchildren. • Appropriate documentation may be requested by the approver. OP 70.01

  27. Emergency Leave • Closing for inclement weather/special closing: • Must be formally declared and announced by TTUHSC President or Regional Assistant Vice President. • Essential Personnel: If required to report will report Emergency Leave hours and hours worked. • Non-essential Personnel: If scheduled to work on that day will receive Emergency leave. If non-essential personnel report to work they will report only hours worked. If on paid leave may report Emergency Leave. If scheduled day off, do not report Emergency Leave.

  28. Additional Paid Leave TypesAll require prior supervisory approval. Please contact your local HR office for assistance. • Parent-Teacher Conference Leave: 8 hours per year taken from sick leave balance. Must be pre-approved • Military Leave: 15 days • Volunteer Firefighters/EMS Volunteers: 5 work days • Certified Red Cross: 10 days to participate in disaster relief services • Foster parent leave: If a foster parent under DPRS, may attend staffing meetings regarding the child or an ARD meeting held by school district.(Does not reduce any balances) • CASA: 5 hours/mo to be in training for or perform volunteer service for Court Appointed Special Advocates OP 70.01

  29. Additional paid leaves • Voting Leave: Employees granted sufficient time off to vote in local, state or national elections if work schedule does not allow 2 consecutive hours when the polls are open. • Bone Marrow Transplant: 5 days • Organ Donor: 30 days • Blood Donation: 4 times per year OP 70.01

  30. Leave without Pay (LWOP) • An employee may be placed in a LWOP status if unable to be on the job and has no appropriate accrued leave to cover the absence. Generally, an employee must use all available appropriate leave before being placed in LWOP. • LWOP can be a complicated issue, please confer with Human Resources.

  31. Quiz • Do exempt employees report emergency leave? • No • Do you have to give employees 3 days for funeral leave? • No • Can employees report hours worked for work performed at home while on sick leave or vacation? • No • An employee took his brother to the doctor. Does he get sick leave? • Yes

  32. Family Medical LeaveEligibility: Employed by state for 12 months and have worked at least 1250 hours. • FML: 12 weeks paid or unpaid leave for the serious health condition of employee, spouse, child or parent,(medical) or the birth of a child or placement by adoption or foster care (family) • Contact your HR office if employee is off more than 3 days. • Not recorded in WTE or WLR. • Please attend an HR training on FML to increase your understanding! OP 70.32

  33. Final Exam • You ask the question. • The person next to you answers it!

  34. Your Human Resources office is your resource for answers on these policies. Use the HR website for links to valuable information.