what is adjective n.
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What is Adjective? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is Adjective?

What is Adjective?

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What is Adjective?

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  1. What is Adjective? An adjective modifies a noun or a pronoun by describing, identifying, or quantifying words. An adjective usually precedes the noun or the pronoun which it modifies.

  2. The truck-shaped balloon floated over the treetops. The smalll boat foundered on the wine dark sea. The back room was filed with large yellow rain boots. The coal mines are dank and dank.

  3. An adjective can be modified by an adverb, or by a phrase or clause functioning as an adverb. In the sentence

  4. My husband knits intricately patterned mittens.

  5. Some nouns, many pronouns, and many participle phrases can also act as adjectives.

  6. Eleanor listened to the muffled sounds of the radio hidden under her pillow.

  7. Types of Adjectives

  8. Possessive Adjectives Demonstrative Adjectives Interrogative Adjectives Indefinite Adjectives

  9. Possessive Adjectives my, your, his, her, its, our, and their Sample sentences: I can’t complete my assignment because I don’t have the textbook. What is your phone? The bakery sold his favourite type of bread.

  10. Demonstrative Adjectives This, these, that and those Sample sentences: When the librarian tripped over that cord, she dropped a pile of books. This apartment needs to be fumigated. Even though my friend preferred those plates, I bought these.

  11. Interrogative Adjectives Which and what Sample sentences: Which plants should be watered twice a week? What book are you reading?

  12. Indefinite Adjectives Noun, pronoun, or noun phrase Sample sentences: Many people believe that corporations are under-taxed.’ The title Kelly’s favourite game is “All dogs go to heaven.”

  13. Adjectives of Quality  • These adjectives are used to describe the nature of a noun. They give an idea about the characteristics of the noun by answering the question ‘what kind’. • Sample Sentences: • New Delhi is a large city with many historical monuments. • Sheila is a beautiful woman.

  14. Adjectives of Quantity • All, Half, Many, Few, Little, No, Enough, Great Sample Sentences: • They have finished most of the rice. • Many people came to visit the fair.

  15. Adjectives of Number • Definite Numeral Adjective - Those which clearly denote an exact number of nouns or the order of the noun. • One, Two, Twenty, Thirty-Three etc. also known as Cardinals. • First, Second, Third, Seventh etc. also known as Ordinals.

  16. Sample Sentences: • A 22-inch monitor is too big for my desk. • Nurses work 12-hour shifts. • Anthony swung his five-pound hammer.

  17. There are certain rules regarding the placement of different kinds of adjectives in a sentence. • 1.Determiners – These are the various articles (the, a, an), demonstratives (this, that, these, those), possessives (my, mine, your, yours, -‘s), quantifiers (all, many etc.), numerals (one, twenty, thirty-seven etc.) and distributives (each, every, neither, either)

  18. 2.Observations/Quantity and Opinion - Then come the adjectives that give a quantity (also known as post-determiners) and subjective opinion to the noun, telling ‘how much’ and ‘how was’ the noun. • Few, Most, One, Three/ Beautiful, Ugly, Difficult etc. • The beautiful house.

  19. 3.Size - The position after Observations is for the adjectives that tell about the size of the noun, they can be used for an object as well as living thing. • Huge, Little, Bulky, Thin, Vast, Tiny, Lean etc • The beautiful little house.

  20. 4.Age -Then is the turn of the Adjectives that tell about the age of a noun either by itself or in relation to another noun. • Young, Old, Teenage, Mature, Recent, Bygone etc. • The beautiful little old house.

  21. 5.Shape - Next are the adjectives that tell about the shape or appearance of the noun. • Circular, Crooked, Triangular, Oval, Wavy, Straights etc. • The beautiful little old square house.

  22. 6.Colour - After that are the adjectives that tell the shade and hue of a noun. • Pastel, Red, Blue, Metallic, Colourless, Translucent etc. • The beautiful square blue coloured house.

  23. 7.Origin - Next are the adjectives that show the different geographical locations associated with a noun. • Southern, Northern, Lunar, Mexican, French etc. • The beautiful blue coloured Mexican house.

  24. 8. Material - Next are the adjectives that talk about the raw material or texture of the objects or the behaviour of the living nouns. • Wooden, Plastic, Steely, Metallic, Cottony etc. • The beautiful Mexican limestone house.

  25. 9.Qualifier – Lastly, the qualifier or the grammatical modifier comes, which is an additional word or phrase provided to change the meaning of the noun in a sentence. • Pink + eye, Royal + treatment, Hot + fudge etc. The beautiful Mexican limestone doll house.

  26. The End!!!!