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Fact and Opinion

Fact and Opinion

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Fact and Opinion

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  1. Fact and Opinion Communication Arts 3rd grade

  2. Teacher’s Page • Content Area: Language Arts • Grade: 3rd • Objective: Students will make inferences based on details from the story and prior knowledge in order to draw conclusions. • Created By: Jami Polly Fact and Opinion

  3. Fact or Opinion? • Fact • a sentence that isTRUE • Opinion • what someoneTHINKSorFEELS • tells about something that isMAKE-BELIEVEorFALSE Fact and Opinion

  4. When you see this picture you will need your paper and pencil. REMEMBER… A fact is a sentence that is TRUE. An opinion tells what someone THINKS or FEELS. Directions Fact and Opinion

  5. I go to school. I think I would make a good astronaut. Yesterday, I ate some food. The earth moves around the sun. Winter is the best time of the year. FACT OPINION FACT FACT OPINION Read these sentences.Can you decide which ones are fact or opinion? Fact and Opinion

  6. Write TWO facts and ONE opinion about a good friend. Make sure you use complete sentences. • Fact: __________________________ • Fact: ___________________________ • Opinion: ________________________ My friend has on an orange shirt. My friend is a girl. My friend is fun to play with. Fact and Opinion

  7. BIRDS Fact:____________ Fact:____________ Opinion:_________ ________________ AnimalsWhat do you know?What do you think? Birds have wings. Birds build nests. Birds are beautiful creatures. Fact and Opinion

  8. Dogs? Fact:____________________ Fact:____________________ Opinion:__________________ What about… Dogs are mammals. Dogs can bark. Dogs are my favorite pet! Fact and Opinion

  9. Fish? Fact:________________________ Fact:________________________ Opinion:_____________________ Or, what about… Fish live in water. Fish are amphibians. Fish feel funny. Fact and Opinion

  10. FACT and OPINION REVIEW opinion • An ___________ tells what someone thinks or feels. • A ___________ is a sentence that is true. • Fact or Opinion? • Football is the best sport of all! • Each student in my class is in 3rd grade. • Missouri is a state in the U.S.A. • You should eat pickles every night. fact Fact and Opinion

  11. You can state both FACT and OPINION in a paragraph! • Write a paragraph about an animal you would love to have as a pet. • Make your paragraph at least five sentences long. • Write both facts and opinions. • Draw ONE line under your sentences with FACTS. • Draw TWO lines under the sentences with OPINIONS. Fact and Opinion