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Put Creativity into Traveling!

Put Creativity into Traveling! Fresh Travel!! Group Members Group 28 Lam Chi Bun, Lawrence Lam Ka Wai, Liz Li Cho Kwan, June Lo Chi Yip, Joey Yiu Wing Yan, Winnie Introduction Over 1300 tour operators in Hong Kong Some only make arrangements of travel tickets, travel documents,

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Put Creativity into Traveling!

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  1. Put Creativity into Traveling! Fresh Travel!!

  2. Group Members • Group 28 • Lam Chi Bun, Lawrence • Lam Ka Wai, Liz • Li Cho Kwan, June • Lo Chi Yip, Joey • Yiu Wing Yan, Winnie

  3. Introduction • Over 1300 tour operators in Hong Kong • Some only make arrangements of • travel tickets, • travel documents, • accommodation, • entertainment and other related services for their customers

  4. Introduction • Great pressure in the workplace • Delighted to spend the holiday with a trip • The demand of traveling services has always been great. • We aim at putting creativity and traveling service together to form a new trend of the traveling business.

  5. Presentation Flow • Feasibility of the business including marketing research • Business plan and proposal • Potential threats and future development • Put Creativityinto Traveling!

  6. Market Research • Questionnaire, • 80 people • Age between 15 to 42. • Among them 52.5% is male and 47.5% is female.

  7. Market Research

  8. Market Research

  9. Market Research

  10. Market Research

  11. Interview • Uni Power Travel Service Ltd • Sammy Li (One of the Owners) • Travel Agency Company • 2003/04

  12. Our business description Mission • Put creativity into traveling! • Fresh experience • Challenging, special and various activities

  13. Our business description Types of tour operator • Domestics tour operator • Inbound tour operator • Outbound tour operator

  14. Our business description Types of services • Special tours • Tailor made tours • Gear Library

  15. Set up procedures • Phrases Phrase I • (3 to 6 months) • Set up a limited company • Apply for a traveling license from Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong • Search for site of the office • Office decoration • Human resources development- hiring staff and a pool of tourists guides • Set up companies goals, strategies and philosophy • Make linkage with travel product suppliers such as accommodation sector, transport sector, ground operators and other entertainment organizations etc.

  16. Set up procedures • Phrase II • (1-3 months) • Pre-tour planning • Initial research about the market and destination including collecting all the quotations from various travel product suppliers • Tour design and selection process • Itinerary Preparation (Identification of origin, destination and all stopping points) and tour packaging (combination of various travel services such as transportation and ground services) • Negotiation with product suppliers, making reservation for seats and rooms etc. • Appoint destination companies- making ground arrangement (contacting and co-ordinating with ground operators) • Tour costing and pricing • Design tour brochure

  17. Set up procedures • Phrase III • Marketing and promotion of tours to the market • Actual operation of tour • Make regular evaluation • Itinerary Development

  18. Target Market • Youth and • Chinese individual visitors • Different services and tours will be designed to meet their taste and demand

  19. Target Market

  20. Business Structure Initial stage • Private limited company • 5 shareholders

  21. Business Structure Future plan • Open more branches in Tsim Sha Tsui, Causeway Bay etc • Try to attract new shareholders

  22. Organization Structure

  23. Site visit • Intense competition among those long established travel agencies • Branches everywhere • Mainly in shopping centers • a few different travel agencies concentrated together and compete with each other • Staffs, standing in front of the branch to promote

  24. Site we chose for setting up our business • Site – important • New entrant in travel agency industry • Insufficient capital and human recourses to compete • Choose Mongkok

  25. Site we chose for setting up our business • Reasons • One of the popular shopping districts in Hong Kong. • High concentration of people, especially • during peak hours • weekends and holidays.

  26. Site we chose for setting up our business • Details: • G/F, 6 Shop, 1 Fa Yuen Street, Mongkok, Kowloon • Area: 1250 Sq feet • Width of Entrance: 16 feet • Rental fee per month: $80,000 Data from Midland Realty Agency

  27. Picture of the shop

  28. Ground floor plan

  29. Location plan

  30. Decoration • Warm feeling • Like café, several tables and sofas instead of chairs • And carpet in the shop, so that our clients can just sit on the floor and read our catalogues, photos and so on.

  31. Trendy and exciting tours Water ski & war game tour

  32. Special tours 1Water ski & war game tour • one day trip • can enjoy war game and water ski (wakeboard). • co-organized by our company and various specialized associations including: • Hong Kong Water Ski Association (香港滑水總會) • Outdoor Adventurous Training Centre (香港野戰遊戲會) • So Kwun Wat Professional Training Centre (掃管芴戶外啟能訓練中心) • for their professional consultancy • activity site renting • ensures that our activities are safe to all

  33. Water ski & war game tour • Aims • Common activities during their leisure time • go to game centre and play in the ‘3 D world’ • In this tour: can try and enjoy two exciting games consecutively

  34. Water ski & war game tour • Our aims are to provide opportunities to: • Try and enjoy some uncommon and exciting outdoor activities • Meet friends having similar habits and taste. • Relax and release daily pressure.

  35. Water ski & war game tour • Target group/requirement • aged between 18 to 35 • like trying some exciting, trendy and uncommon activities • healthy conditions, suitable for exciting games (doctor certificates may be required) • Maximum numbers of participants per trip is 18 (divided into 2 teams).

  36. Water ski & war game tour • Duration • The tour starts from 9 a.m. to 10.p.m.

  37. Water ski & war game tour • Breakdown of the schedule • 1. 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. • Water ski (wakeboard) Source: http://www.hksdb.org.hk/nsa/waterski/

  38. Water ski & war game tour • In Sai Kung • Pak Sha Wan • Will discuss with the a few services providers • Choose the most suitable sea areas • 1 hour briefing, introducing the safety tips, basic hand signals, equipments etc. • Active Certification Coaches will be invited • To supervise and manage the whole event.

  39. Water ski & war game tour • 2. 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. • Lunch • outdoor buffet at the location of water ski.

  40. Water skil & war game • 3. 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. • War game • In So Kwun Wat Village, Tuen Mun. • War game site • Rent from the So Kwun Wat Porfessional Training Centre (掃管芴戶外啟能訓練中心)

  41. Water ski & war game Source: http://www.wargameclub.com/train-1.htm

  42. Water ski & war game • 2 experienced players to lead a team of 9 • Provide basic knowledge about how to win, rules, how to use the equipments etc. • Equipments (e.g. airsoft guns, batteries, body armors, gloves, masks etc) will be provided by game site provider

  43. War game & water ski tour • Price • $ 599 per person

  44. Special tours 2 Trendy and exciting tour – Kayaking tour • Relaxing and memorable journey • Old villages, temples, sandy beaches, coastline

  45. Kayaking Tour • Target Group -- over 16 • Duration -- 10am to 5pm • Places -- country parks around Hong Kong

  46. Kayaking Tour • Routes -- Short route: our Training CentreTai ChauLap Sap ChauYeung ChauPak Sha ChauKiu Tsui Chau(Sharp Island)Hap Mun BayTai Ngam TsuiYim Tin TsaiCham Tau ChauTaining Centre

  47. Kayaking Tour -- Long route: Training CentreTai ChauTai Mon TsaiYim Tin TsaiWong Yi ChauTai Tau ChauHigh Island Detention CentreSham Tuk Mun channelLo Fu Tiu PaiRocky HarborPak ASo See MunHap Mun BayKiu Tsui ChauPak Sha ChauYeung ChauTraining Centre

  48. Kayaking Tour • Prices -- $500/Person

  49. Special tours 3 Helicopter and Flightseeing • Incredible perspective in Hong Kong • Fly over spectacular cities on earth • Comfortable and convenient in busy schedule

  50. Helicopter and Flightseeing • Target Group -- all people are welcome, especially mainland visitors • Duration -- two hours trip including lunch or dinner in Jumbo Floating Restaurant

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