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Lets Celebrate! PowerPoint Presentation
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Lets Celebrate!

Lets Celebrate!

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Lets Celebrate!

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  1. Lets Celebrate! Jen Hammonds and Katelyn Kearney Middle School Counselors American School of Doha

  2. Enduring Understandings • There is always something to celebrate. • There is value in investing time and energy to plan and prepare celebrations. • Though middle schoolers seem to be reluctant to share in family traditions, developmentally they benefit greatly from participatingin celebrations.

  3. Essential Questions • What are the things that you and your family celebrate? • How do you celebrate? • How do celebrations become a shared family experience for everyone? • What role does your middle schooler play in the planning and preparation of your celebrations?

  4. Table Talk • What is there to celebrate from the semester? • How are you celebrating over the break? • Why is celebrating important?

  5. What is a celebration? • Definitions to consider: “A special enjoyable event that is organized with the purpose of promoting well-being.” “Celebrations make you feel grateful of yourself because they remind you of all the great things that you’ve done.” -Sydney Hammonds (second grader) • Key points to consider: It is important to celebrate yourself, your teen, and your family. Celebrations integrate mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and natural experiences. Celebrations occur daily, weekly, monthly, yearly…

  6. Self Celebrations “Self care is a way of living that incorporates behaviors that help you to be refreshed, replenish your personal motivation, and grow as a person. It’s the equivalent of keeping your car filled with gas so that you are ready to ‘motor’ when you want to go somewhere.” - Counseling Center NC State University

  7. Self Celebration • Why celebrate yourself? • Builds commitment to your goals • Increases your positive motivation • Pumps up inner confidence and develops a hopeful attitude • Reinforces your desired behaviors • Helps you stay positive • Helps you become more open to receiving support

  8. Self Celebrations • How do you celebrate yourself? Connect mentally - A positive self statement Connect physically – Schedule a time at the spa Connect emotionally – Buy yourself flowers / give yourself a gift Connect spiritually –Express your creativity Connect naturally – Go for a walk

  9. Teen Celebrations • Why do you celebrate your teen? • Teens are more motivated to tackle new tasks • Teens become more open to receiving support • Teens develop stronger identities • Helps teens to better adapt and manage times of change • Helps teens to manage stress Adapted from outside sources

  10. Teen Celebrations • How do you celebrate your teen? Connect mentally – Leave your teen an encouraging note Connect physically – Create a celebration space for awards/acknowledgements Connect emotionally – Dedicate a family dinner to your teen Connect spiritually – Celebrate your teen’s birthday Connect naturally – Give your teen a spot in your garden to grow something of his/her choice

  11. Family Celebrations • Why create family celebrations? • Celebrations and traditions are related to parenting competence, child adjustment, and marital satisfaction • Helps families manage times of change • Allows families to pass values and beliefs through generations • Gives family members a sense of belonging • Provides family members a comfortable support during crises and difficult times • Family traditions are directly related to psychological health and well-being From outside research

  12. Family Celebrations • How do you celebrate your family? Connect mentally – Post an inspirational quote of the month on the refrigerator Connect physically – Make up a family dance Connect emotionally – Have a family laugh off Connect spiritually – Share highs and lows of the day at the dinner table Connect naturally – Hold a family picnic outside where each family member brings his/her favorite dish

  13. Tips for Planning Think simple – simple and easy traditions like eating together at least once every week or going out as a family are just as important as the big occasions. Set aside a time – each week, create a time where you and your kids can be together to play, accomplish a task, have family time to talk and check-in, and not to mention one-on-one time. Create your own special activity – on established holidays, birthdays, or celebrations. Include your children in the planning – make sure your kids are also involved. The more invested they are in creating a family tradition, the more meaningful it will be. Celebrate success – acknowledge achievements; go out to dinner or do something special to make someone feel proud, seen, heard, and wanted. Don’t stress if it doesn’t work out the way you planned Be silly and have fun – don’t be afraid to be silly in front of your children and with them. Enjoy the moments you share together. Play, laugh, learn, and be adventurous, together.

  14. Wheel of Celebration

  15. Recomendations • • • The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman • Third Culture Kids by David Pollock and Ruth Van Reken • Sark’s Journal and Play! Book by SARK • Journal to the Soul by Rose Offner

  16. Works Cited • The online Self Improvement Encyclopedia • • • • • Journal of Family Psychology – A Review of 50 Years of Research on Naturally Occurring Family Routines and Rituals: Cause for Celebration?