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The Kidnap

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The Kidnap

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  1. The Kidnap • Michael • Edwin • Danielle • Allen Click here to begin your adventure

  2. You and your friend Danielle are playing tag having a great time in the woods and it’s very dark, you are very clumsy tripping over roots, running into trees, and getting slapped by branches. Danielle has long blonde hair with brown eyes. You and your friend are very close. You go farther into the woods where she can’t see you so she won’t tag you. After hiding for about a minute, you look back to see where she is but you see someone capture her! Click here to continue

  3. You take a closer look and see that it is your step sister! She captured Danielle!! You take a couple fast steps forward getting ready to run then you realize that you also have a cell phone. If you choose to follow the kidnapper click here If you choose to use your cell phone click here

  4. You start running as fast as you can. You start hitting trees and tripping over roots. The kidnapper is getting away moving faster and faster with Danielle. You start running you see the kidnapper going into the mountains you get hit in the face by a rock from a movement in the mountains. Then another you feel your face and you can feel blood but you keep going you go in the woods toward the mountains and to the Old Cabins. You see Danielle’s leg and you try to grab her leg just as you grab it she gets pulled away. A giant rock blocks your way in to the cave and smashes your arm. you lose to much blood and you pass out. You wake up and you don’t know what to do crawl away or scream for help. If you choose to scream for help click here If you choose to crawl away click here

  5. You chose to call 911. You franticly grab your cell phone out of your jacket pocket. You dial 911 and wait for the dialing tone, finally you hear “911 what is you emergency?” You reply in a scared voice, “My friend just got kidnapped by my older step sister and I don’t know where she is taking her, please find her!” The 911 person says “which way did your step sister take her?” You reply “North, towards the old cabins through the mountains” You hear “we’re on our way with the search and rescue team please stay calm and go to the police station, you can stay there while we find her” She hangs up. Before you head to the police station you think to yourself should I go tell Dani’s mom what is going on but then you think if I go to the police station they might find her faster. If you choose to go find Dani’s mom click here If you choose to go to the police station click here

  6. You decided to crawl and find help but you are trying to pull your limp arm. You finally see a light from in a cave to the out side so you are losing more blood and your sight is starting to blur I am feeling that I will never make it. You are choosing not to stop. There is a wolf behind you so you go even faster with your limp arm dragging on the ground. You get out to the road and you see a car so you scream for help. Then you notice it was a police man he sees that you are on the side of the road then he gets out then shoots the wolf as it was going to jump on you. The police man takes you to a near by hospital and you find out you friend is in the room next to you. Then you know that Danielle is safe.

  7. You wake up and scream for help and no one answer you scream again. You hear leaves crunch you stop yelling your heart is pounding you wish your hand was not stuck under the rock. Crunch the sound is getting closer. You close your eyes and pray that it is not the kidnapper then you pass out again. You wake up in the hospital to your mom crying and Danielle was in the bed next to yours. You close your eyes hoping it is a dream and you open your eyes and it is not dream. Danielle was talking to her mom and crying at the same time. You ask what is wrong with me they say you have a broken arm and lots of infection and you over hear Danielle’s mom ask what I asked and the doctor say she has a broken leg and arm. When we got out of the hospital you go to your house and you play games.

  8. You go find Dani’s mom. You go in the middle of town you see Dani’s house once you get there you tell her everything suddenly the phone rings. Dani’s mom answers the phone , the police say that your daughter is almost dead , she is up around the mountains and she is in the cabins bleeding badly the police said , we are going to get an ambulance up here so we can get her to the hospital so we can get these wounds raped up in a bandage and you have to get up here and we are on the side of the mountain, so Dani’s mom and you start going to the mountain and you get to the trail leading to the mountain and you smell the fresh air and it smelt like water and you guys get up there and the ambulance is already up there and you guys get in and you get to the hospital , you go and follow were Dani is going and they get her all bandaged up and she wakes up for good and we ask how are you feeling and Dani says I feel o.k.

  9. You chose to go to the police station. Once you get there from running the whole way from the forest, you run up to the front desk and ask “did the police leave yet, to go find my friend?” The lady replies “They just left 5 minutes ago, here follow me.” She gets up and walks away leading you to follow down a hallway. You follow. She leads you into a very relaxing room. It has bean bag chairs, books to read and a small TV. You reply “Thank you.” Then she leaves. You walk into the room towards the bean bag chairs. Then you sit in one. Still thinking about your best friend and how she could be held hostage or being tortured right now. You feel tears running down your face. Click here to continue

  10. You cry yourself to sleep. About 15 minutes later you get woken up by someone shaking you saying “wake up, c’mon get up!” You open your eyes and see it is a police officer. You get up off the bean bag chair. He leads you into the main lobby. You follow him. Once you get into the lobby, you can’t believe your eyes. She is standing right there, Danielle is standing right there staring you right in the eyes! She’s okay but she still has a couple of cuts and bruises. You run up to her and hug her, she hugs you back. It feels good to know that she is alive. Everything went back to normal.