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Business Planning Basics +++ PowerPoint Presentation
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Business Planning Basics +++

Business Planning Basics +++

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Business Planning Basics +++

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  1. Business Planning Basics +++ Holistic Planning of Your “Whole within a Whole”

  2. Today’s Goals Learn about the Business Planning Process & Tools Use Holistic Management in the Business Planning process “Planning A Whole Within A Whole” Share your Business Planning Experiences and Build Connections within your Mentee Working Group Review Holistic Goal, Testing Decisions, Financial Planning, Marketing concepts and answer lingering Questions

  3. Break into Your Mentee Groups In Pairs, Answer the Following (switch after 2 min): Write this answer on index card: What do you know about Business Planning? Explain How you Completed Your Business Plan if you have one. What do you hope you will learn today?

  4. Intro toOnline Business Planning Tools Small Business Administration Online Planning Workshop

  5. • • • • Other Online Resources SCORE – mentors -templates Small Business TV -internet marketing Emyth Worldwide

  6. • • • • • Farm Related Online Resources AgMRC New England Food Entrepreneurs MA Specialty Foods Association Meat New Entry Sustainable Farming Project Polyfacefarm

  7. • • • •!/Polyfacefarm?ref=share Internet Direct Marketing Tools YouTube Wordpress Slide Twitter Facebook

  8. Business Management Structure Describe Your Management Structure Think about each job that needs doing on the farm, starting with the President/CEO, Who needs to report to who? What are the standards that need to be met? Do you have job descriptions for each job? Write down the name of the person responsible for each job, even if it is you for all jobs Are the necessary steps written down?

  9. Work in Your Mentee Groups Review the Components of the Business Plan, (30min.) Brainstorm ideas & discuss Areas you need to work on in your own plan (30 min.) Report Back to the group (30 min.)

  10. In Mentee Groups, work in pairs Review Holistic Goal – three Parts? Review Weak Links from Financial Plan Review Marketing Concepts Test a Business Planning Decision

  11. Closing Thoughts? In Pairs, Use Testing To Decide on Three New BP/Marketing Tools you would like to try this year What Weak Link will they help You address? When Will you Complete implementation of these 3 New Ideas? Report your ideas and implementation Date on index card & hand to Your Mentor, they will check in with you on your progress