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Answering the Edexcel Medicine Paper PowerPoint Presentation
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Answering the Edexcel Medicine Paper

Answering the Edexcel Medicine Paper

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Answering the Edexcel Medicine Paper

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  1. Answering the Edexcel Medicine Paper 14th June 2011

  2. Summary • There are 6 questions on the paper and you must answer 4 of them. • Question 5 will be on Public Health from the Roman period up to 1350 • Question 6 will be on Public Health from 1350 to the present day • The exam takes 75 mins (1¼ hours) • There is a total of 50 raw marks for this paper

  3. General exam techniques for History • Check that you have the correct exam paper • Read the instructions on the paper very carefully • Use a highlighter pen to identify the instruction and topic on each question that you answer – this helps you to stick to the question • Read the paper through before you start and highlight any key details provided on the sources • Ensure that you put your name where it tells you to and label each answer clearly if extra answer booklets are used • Q5 and Q6 are worth half the marks and therefore need approximately half the time (35 mins)

  4. Answering Question 1 : 4 marks • Medicine is a depth study, so Question 1 will normally ask you to focus on the change between two periods of time • To get full marks here you should make an inference about change which is supported and based on the use of both sources. (Quote if it is a written source). • An in-depth analysis of each source and use of own knowledge is not necessarily needed on this question. • Do not spend more than 5 – 6 minutes answering this question. The amount of space provided is a guide to how much you should write.

  5. Answering Question 2 : 9 marks • With this question you will be asked to choose from one of two focus points. Only write about one focus. • This question is about key ideas and specific examples. • It is important here to be analytical and to make sure that your answer is explained in light of the question. • Look for dates and other hints that might be of some importance.

  6. Answering Questions 3 & 4 : 12 marks • Indicate the choice of question in the box at the top of the answer. • These questions aim to analyse the importance of an event or incident • Your response should show understanding of the focus of the question and deploy sufficient accurate and relevant material to support the points made. Don’t just tell the story. • Use the given bullet points if they are helpful

  7. Answering Questions 5 & 6 : Marks 9 and 16 (25) • Again, indicate at the top of the answer whether you will answer Q5 or Q6. You must then answer both parts A and B. • B is worth the most marks so make sure that you give this enough time. • If a question asks how much, how far or to what extent, an answer always needs to look at both sides of the issue before a judgement is reached. • Ensure that your understanding of chronology and the sequence of events is firm here. • Remember to focus on what the question is asking you and to explain your points thoroughly. 2 explanations for each side of an argument is normally enough. More than this just wastes time. • Ensure that a conclusion is reached for part B.

  8. And finally... • Read your answers through if you have time • Make sure you have answered the question asked • Question 5b and 6b have extra marks available for exceptional SPAG, so treat this as a mini essay with paragraphs, good grammar etc • Attempt every question – you will gain more marks by starting a new answer than labouring for an extra 5 minutes on an old one!