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Snow White Final project Mikkaela Falshaw

Snow White Final project Mikkaela Falshaw. In a small town in Greece. There is a beautiful girl called Snow White.

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Snow White Final project Mikkaela Falshaw

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  1. Snow White Final projectMikkaela Falshaw

  2. In a small town in Greece. There is a beautiful girl called Snow White. She loves singing. She only sings in her garden at home as she is so shy about even though its so beautiful. When she starts to sing outside, birds and other small animals around her come over to listen to her. However, snow white is teenager that goes out drinking and parting all the time. She is never at home as she hates being there. The reason for that is her step-mother. She feels like her mother is too nice and loving too her. She hates it as her mother is always trying to try and change her life style of drinking and partying but she love it too much to change it.

  3. Violet, Snow White’s step-mother. only wants to help her have a better life. She doesn't want her getting hurt or ruining her life as, she feels like she would died if she carry's on drinking the way she does. One day, Snow white get sick of it and they have an argument. Where she storms out the house and decides to never come back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWHZQhyUT6M

  4. She was walking through the forest. She had no where to go, so all she could do was walk, until she found some where she could stay the night. The forest isn’t somewhere, she wanted to be during the night, as she didn’t know what would happen to her. All she could do was hope, that she could be able to find a place to stay. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtSx0jO8fVg

  5. After walking for almost a whole day, she come across another town. The closest house was just before the town. There was different coloured flights flashing. There was loud music. There was so much rubbish around their house. She deicides to get closer and closer to the house. To see if the person or people in the house, would let her stay for the night, as she is so tired.

  6. Sneezy Bashful Dopey The people that were living in the house, was seven bothers. Doc Sleepy She only met six of them as the seventh one was at work. She was so happy because they were going to let her stay as long as she helps out in the house and pay for her things. Grumpy

  7. She agreed to the terms that they had for her to be able to stay at their place. They started to party. After, a while they all slowly fell in love with Snow White.

  8. A few months later.

  9. Snow White couldn't sleep, so she try's to find a drink. She apple sours ,while everyone else slept. She was going to replace, it when they get more alcohol in the morning. The seven princes, only uses it when they feel, like they are in danger, as they poison it to kill anyone they think is going to hurt them. However,  Snow White doesn't know that, as they haven't told her. They don't think, she is a threat and they haven't had anyone come in that's a threat to use it on and explain to her.

  10. They all think that, she is asleep because she manage to put the apple sours back and go to bed. She dies of alcohol poisoning, from the apple sours. They all go to leave to get more alcohol, and get her drinks, as they knew that they were going to get the money back from her when they got back home.

  11. The animals knew something was wrong with Snow White. They try and find her. They found her in the princes house. Animals try and save her. The animals couldn’t save her, so the animals lowly start to die.

  12. The seventh prince finds her ,when he comes home from his travels from work. He finds all the animals around his bed that were trying to save someone and see Snow White. He instantly falls in love with her. He try's to wake her up to see, if she is just asleep and doesn't know where she is, found this empty house and was tried so she went to sleep. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNks8OqVMs4 The seventh prince sees that she isn't waking up, so he kisses her to see, if that would work and she came back to life. Everything start to have colours again and starting to live again. She comes back to life. He asks her what's happened. She tells him about her drinking the apple sours and she doesn't remember anything after going to bed. He explains to her about the poison that inside the apple sours.

  13. Also she fell instantly in love with happy, who she marries. They decided get a new place together, to change their life for the better for both of them. Snow White stopped drinking and partying. That happy pays for only his and snow white things instead of all of his brothers to they learn to do thing for themselves.

  14. She apologies to her step-mother as well. Her step-mother is very happy that she has turned her life around so now she is healthy and is happy with her prince.

  15. She comes back to life. She stops partying she learns her lesson to not drink, as she knows that she will die. Also, to ask for peoples drinks just in case there is something inside that could hurt her more than she thinks. They live a wonderful life together near her step-mother. They live happily ever after

  16. The End

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